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3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (CD)


3DB Australia (Bonus Track) Bumper To Bumper (Bonus Track) Grow (Bonus Track) ノート UK Digipack Reissue w/ Bonus Tracks バーコードとその他の識別子 Barcode: ; 他の Bridget St. John: Jumble Queen ‎ (CD, Album, RE, RM, Pap)4/5(2). It also features harmony vocals from Beverley Martin. This CD is now reissued in agreement with Bridget St John, and it includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in 'Bumper To Bumper' features Famous Jug Band guitarist Pete Berryman and 'Grow' has Ron Geesin on piano/5(2). Bridget St. John's final album fell somewhere between vintage British folk-rock and the kind of singer/songwriter approach used by Phoebe Snow or early Joni Mitchell.A low-key, agreeable affair of sophisticated romantic ruminations, although not compelling.6/

Open our eyes to appreciate and use the gifts of all, signs of your Spirit among us. May we be living witnesses to truth and freedom, to justice and peace, in our homes, in our workplaces and in our community? Ellen Cunningham, Sr. Tragedy: 15th of August a boat owned by Maurice Murphy sank on its way home to Tarbert from 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St.

John - Jumble Queen (CD) days outing to Clare. Seventeen young people were drowned. The inquest was held in Tarbert Courthouse.

CYCLE Race around Ireland with over riders will take in Kerry on Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th of August, a helicopter will hover over the cyclists, so it will be easy for locals to track them.

Students Helpline World Heart Day September 30th details from www. Congratulations also to Sr. Mary Aquinas O Carroll of Cahirdown, Listowel who recently celebrated her golden jubilee of her profession.

Happy retirement to Denis Holly of Moyvane who recently retired from the Guards. HEATHROW: All the people who consider themselves important are screaming about the Shannon to Heathrow route, where is their confidence why should we be so put out about a few chief executives, when we can do more for ourselves than anybody else.

Who is shouting about Failte Ireland who are to withdraw from the Self Catering approval scheme affecting over 3, businesses. Kerry London Association are looking for nominations for their Kerry Person of the Year, details from Ireland will never be free until we are able without hindrance to learn about all peoples, including William Melville. Longford, and she works as an attorney.

CENSUS for Dublin taken inis being put on line this autumn, in time it is hoped that all the country will be available. The reception was held at the Brehon Hotel. ART: Money is available for roadside art, details from infoirl indigo. Cows are being housed on several farms due to land being waterlogged, whitethorn leaves are decaying and revealing a plentiful supply of haws, only the odd blackberry is ripe so far.

WORRY: The latest edition of the North Kerry Advertiser has some advice on worry, keep two days free from worry yesterday and tomorrow and take time to work, meditate, play, read, be friendly, laugh, love and be loved.

Thank you for your generosity in the past. Collection: Parents and Friends Association collected E The Little Sisters of the Poor got donations amounting to E1, from Newtownsandes creamery suppliers.

TREE: The 27 tonne, year old chestnut tree that brought consolation to Anne Frank while she and her family were hiding from the Nazi in Amsterdam will be cut down. Michael Collins shot 22nd August Rathkeale Races Thursday August 14th September 24th edition of the Limerick Chronicle reports death in Tralee of Con Harrington who left a widow whom he was married to for 68 years.

Death took place recently of Brid Murphy nee Flavin, she was married to Denis Murphy who was a native of Church Street, Listowel, they had three children namely Patricia, Denise and Ann, Brid had eight siblings, and Jack is the last surviving member of her family. Her parents were D. PARISH Newsletter statement: Priests are appointed to serve the needs of the cluster, while remaining resident, for as long as possible, in each of the parishes. This team approach to ministry provides the possibility for priests to work together in many new and creative ways.

This helps lessen the stress of some responsibilities, while enhancing their ministry to parishioners. By sharing duty and rotating some Masses, clusters can greatly assist priests in their increasing workload.

This new approach to ministry will be phased in, and it has already begun with one cluster of parishes in All parishes are encouraged to prepare for this reality, by starting to work more closely with their neighbouring parishes. Mass on Friday at 9. Confessions on Saturday at noon in Moyvane or on request at any time. Numbers drawn were and CENSUS taken last year show that 12, extra houses were built since and that 9, houses were empty on census night, half of Kerry households do not have a computer.

SCAM emails warning you that your credit card was used in Hungry are doing the rounds. He compares you to no one else; you are one of a kind. You lack nothing that His grace can't give you. He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfil His special purpose for this generation, Anonymous; The desire of love is to give. The desire of lust is to get, Ed Cole; Praying without faith is like trying to cut with a blunt knife - much labour expended to little purpose, Anonymous.

Do by John and James McNamara. Price of butter at Cork: Country 1st quality 90s; 2nd 88s; 3rd 80s per cwt. Watson and Mahony were licensed to deal in lottery tickets, they also sell genuine medicines of the most established reputation.

Advertisement: Reward for anyone who will prosecute to conviction the villains who killed my two fat sheep at Kings Island on Monday night August 11thsigned James O Donnell. Margaret was daughter of Patrick Connor and Ellen Cahill. Quotes from Albert Einstein: I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. It is the source of all true art and science. Peter keys; Saint Zita groceries; St. Joseph - a square; St. Anthony and St. Clare- a monstrance. HISTORY: A footprint of a sandal with iron hobnails on the soles was found on the boundary wall of the ancient city of Hippos also called Sussita situated near the Sea of Galilee, the sandal was of the type worn by Roman soldiers, it is thought that Jesus may have visited the place also.

Snippets from The Kerry Evening Post of August 8th Reports alarming rumours from India, Delhi massacres, Mussulmans are to rise and kill the European infidel, the paper carries list of various atrocities committed by the rebels, more transports are preparing to sail for India to restore order.

The Mohammedans were the ruling class in India sinceand the British superseded them. Another report in the paper suspected that Russia had made a treaty with China. The Kerryman of February 16th carries more information on the Liberator and the preparations for the Centenary of Catholic Emancipation, Dan established the Catholic Association in at the first two meetings they could not find a quorum of 10 members, but on the third attempt to hold the meeting they were still short so O Connell induced two Maynooth students to fill the quorum that was necessary.

ROADS: Drivers are four times more likely to have a collision on a two lane road than on a dual carriageway, half of fatal crashes take place when vehicles cross the centre of the road. Road Safety strategy will concentrate on education, engineering, enforcement and evaluation, 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (CD). Rules of the road was recently delivered to all homes in the Parish, these books will end up in the dump like all the free literature, that is delivered from time to time, who can find the vitamin tablets which were sent to homes to protect against a nuclear leak across the Irish Sea.

Now that we have a government with a shade of green, it is time to charge for all government information literature and see what happens. OLD Bonded warehouse at Strand Street Tralee was torn down last week, fine pine planks were plainly visible at the site, these planks may have been brought in to Tralee by ships like the Jeanie Johnson, and it is a duty to see that the old planks which are in good condition are used again for restoration work.

Peggy Barry of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace who recently marked the 60th anniversary of her entrance to the convent, Sr. Peggy is a native of Lisselton. SCHOOL: As pupils go back to school this year they will be thinking of the past sunless summer with few opportunities to visit the seaside, parents will grumble about the cost of books and the waste of piles of useless school books, the department of education and teachers should get their act together and give a longer life to text books.

We are still waiting after several years to hear from the group who were looking into the weight of school bags. NEW Moon on Sept 11th, we are having marvellous fine weather at present, it is very welcome after the long wet spell.

Apples, plums, haws and blackberries ate nearly ripe, a big proportion of plums and blackberries are diseased and inedible. The Kerry Evening Post of Wednesday September 2ndreports that the country has never been blessed with more favourable harvest weather than the last fourth night, Hay and green crops saved in the finest condition, we hardly hear 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (CD) the potato disease. First Quality butter madeSixth Quality made September free secondary school transport started over 3, Kerry students were accommodated.

September the oldest bridge in the country in regular use was blown up in Castlemaine, it was built Mick Mackey and Princess Grace died Sept. Edel Quinn born at Kanturk on 14th Sept. The Times of Sept. The Earls left the country years ago this month and Pope Pius v received the Earls gave them a pension, the Earl of Tyrconnell diedHugh O Neill died and the old Earl of Tyrone died in Thaddaeus Clancy was martyred near Listowel on Sept.

Several priests were martyred in the storming of the Rock of Cashel by Lord Inchiquin on 15th Sept September massacres ofin a few days over 1, prisoners were killed during the French Revolution.

Food additive E has been withdrawn because of questions about its side affects. World Seafood Congress will be held at Croke from 25th to 27th of September. Veal must now be from animals less than eight months and rose veal must be from animals less than a year. The European Food Safety Authority is in existence for only five years and have compiled risk assessment reports, did anybody tell them that it is over eating, processed and idleness are the biggest dangers to heath.

CANCER: Triple testing for breast cancer will be mandatory for patients from now on, following recent disturbing revelations. Paddy Faley of Ballyhahill aged 88 years has his photo featured in the Positive Ageing exhibition which will tour the country. Changing Ireland Website is at www. UL attracts international students from 70 countries. Soaking in the rain was forgotten, by most except some students who had poor drying facilities in their flats. The Clare County Board in put a motion before Congress that the All-Ireland football final of would be played in New York as a commemoration of thethe motion was passed.

Teams travelled by Skymaster and by the ship Mauritania. The teams came home by boat to Southampton taking eight days, the plane trip over took 29 hours. The Kerryman of September gives good coverage to the event. Kerry Evening Post of September 2nd reports that there is hardly a family in Great Britain that has not a relation in India. List of Europeans who escaped to Hooshingara, account of massacres at Jhansi, Delhi people committed great atrocities against Sikh and Punjambee who happen to fall into their hands.

Punjab still tranquil, Calcutta quiet and Bombay tranquil. Cholera is raging all over the hills from Almoragh to Cashmere, along the Ganges, The Jumma etc, whole villages have been deserted in the interior, people preferring to die in the jungle. Tunnel was recently found under the City of David it was designed as drainage canal. During the Roman siege of the walled city, Jews could use it to escape to the Judean Desert. Jewish New Year of was recently celebrated by them. It empties today of its strength; I had feelings of fear about the future The devil kept on whispering, "It's all right now, but what about afterward?

You are going to be very lonely" And I turned to my God in a kind of desperation and said "Lord, what can I do? How can I go on to the end?

Amy Carmichael; We are left with 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (CD) choice: Become Christ like or gradually shrivel into superficial hypocrites: Angry people who have stopped walking with God, who blame others for our bitterness, Francis Frangipane; Anyone who is not lost on the rapturous awe at the power and glory of the mind behind the universe is as good as a burnt out candle, Einstein's.

Sharma of Nepal. HISTORY: Registry of Deeds was set up by the Irish Parliament into mark the event a conference called Registering the World will be held at Dublin Castle from 26th to 28th of September ; Lincoln Proclaimed the freedom of slaves on Sept 22nd ; French declared a republic on 22nd of Sept ; British Troops retook Delhi from the mutineers on 21st of Sept ; The Soldiers Song was written by Peadar Kearney init was published in and the Irish version was first published in ; founded by Robert Baden Powell in about million have joined the scouts since then; The Irish Times from to is expected to be available on the internet shortly, it will be free to schools and libraries; The Assembly of the League of Nations was opened by Dev in Geneva on Sept 26th ; Michael Corkery was the first Irishman in the European Commission in Sept ; Jim Kemmy laid to rest on Sept 29th ; St Theresa of Lisieux died Sept 30th Kerryman of September 6th reports joyous scenes at Cobh on Monday as the first of the Kerry football contingent left for New York, the remainder of the Kerry players and officers will leave from Rineanna on Monday, the following weeks Kerryman tells us that the GAA had a dinner at Rinanna for 70 guests, the meeting of the Kerry and Cavan players was cordial one of the officials mentioned the objection when both Kerry and Cavan were disqualified, while the teams were at the Airport, several famous people arrived including four Irishmen who were on their way to Rome to be crowned princes of the church.

Welcome for the teams in New York is also is also covered. The object of the trip was to promote Gaelic Football. While in NY the reporter picked up on the story of Mrs Rose Altshuler aged 67 years a Russian immigrant living in NY who had just completed her elementary education and was going to continue and enter University. Flower girls were Aoife Carr and Laura Purcell.

Pageboys were Darragh and Aodhain Enright. About million litres of milk is produced by 2, Kerry producers. In this Country half a million weanlings are moved to finishing units at home and abroad from the months of August to December. Goulding Family in Knockanure Village has the best display of flowers to be seen in any Village, such dedication should receive official recognition. All were disappointed that this years Harvest Festival decorations, lights and entertainment was scaled down,everyone who complained know in their heart that they just sat back and expected others to do the volunteering.

Next year is the th anniversary of the races in Listowel. Sam was in Listowel at the races and later toured the town on Thursday night, several commented on the absence of players whom they would love to meet in person, life for All Ireland Champions is not easy with all the commitments, to training, family, celebrating and work. The lifestyles of players are a potent headline for their peers and the rising generation.

LAWYER: A diocesan lawyer in America gets paid for forked tongue advice to the church on legal matters, while at the same time funding pro abortion politicians. HISTORY: Extracts from Kerry Sentinel of October 26th ; The committee in charge of completion of Killarney Cathedral had a meeting under the chairmanship of Bishop Manganr Ashling made exhaustive examination of the foundations of the of the proposed tower; Imports of butter into Great Britain for week ended Oct 19th was 1, tons less than the corresponding week last year, Denmark sent 1.

Nolan of Newtownsandes was Auctioneer. Coursing was held in Tralee and a St Petersburg official assassinated, woman arrested. Martin Luther nailed his theses to a church door on 31st October October 30th Bernadette and 43 other novices made their religious profession. Snippets from the Kerry Sentinel of October 5thAgriculture; Ireland chief supplier of fattening poulry to the English trade, in eggs distributed to farmers in Ireland amounted to 52, dozen, in there were over Death took place of Hanora Falvey of Causeway aged years, she was hale and hearty up to the last; Mr Lane from Brosna had narrow escape when his horse went into the river, both he and his horse escaped with their lives.

Concert in Knocknagoshel report contains a big list of performers; Gaelic League held its first Aeridheacht in Bruree on Sunday last, Michl ua Conchubhair late of the Gaelic League in London is the district teacher and organiser. Report on caring for children whose parents live and work abroad, some wanted to send these children out of the country. Spanish Parliament last session closed in Valencia in October and did not meet again till February 1st ; Frank Thornton died in Chicago on 21st of Octoberhe was born at Kilbaha inwent to Chicago inin he was involved in organising Irish Musicians Association; First transatlantic flight from Shannon took place on Monday 24th October Selected quotes from her works; The purpose in promoting birth control was "to create a race of thoroughbreds," she wrote in the Birth Control Review, Nov.

The centre was officially opened by past pupil Noreen Troata Walsh, nee Finucane. HISTORY: Tom Langan who was transported to Australia in was released in ; Eamon de Valera born 14th OctFirst Day issue of his centenary commemorative stamp of 35, came out on Oct 14th ; Nation newspaper launched 15th Oct ; Marconi opened a wireless station at Clifdon on Oct 13th ; Republican element took over Sinn Fein in October ; Oct 13th the final apparition at Fatima on the same date Lenin began his march through Russia; Sophie Pierce of Newcastle West set world record when her aircraft reached 17, ft on Oct 8thtwo years later she reached 23, ftshe died aged 42 years; Mill Hill College at Freshford Co Kilkenny was opened inits first Rector was Fr John Kennelly of Listowel; Listowel Workhouse had children on Oct 9th ; Number of inmates remaining in Tralee Workhouse on August 22nd wastwenty were discharged during the week and two died, the weekly cost per pauper 1s and 3.

The Kerryman of the time carried many inspiring articles, for example the life of the great engineer James Nasmythborn who left school at age 12 years and at age 18 brought out the first of his 40 major inventions, his advice was, the eyes and fingers are the principal inlets to sound practical knowledgehe lived to be 90 years. Another article tells us about German engineers who developed a system for long range power transmission.

Dwight L Moody; It is well said in the old proverb,'a lie will go round the world while truth is putting its boots on; Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men's souls, and a beautiful image it is. O Mahony an Old IRA man that they were against one and a half million tourists invading the country, the organisation achieved much during the previous harvest and spring, our representatives were there, watching, guiding, helping and directing, they also wanted to backdate pensions for some members to ; The National Anthem was not played at a cinema in Killarney due to the lack of respect shown to it; Brigidine Convent Ceremonies; Tralee Horticultural Show; Death of Sr.

Joan was a sister of the late Mary Enright of Knockanure Village. Both Joan Ahern and Gerald Mulvihill went to the same school and died on the same day. Mercedes in Thurles. NEW Moon is on Oct 11th; The finding of the largest star known so far was announced on October 7th it is 25, light-years from Earth and was obscured from view by a dust cloud in the Milky Way; The weather here is nice and warm with many days dry, in the South Island in NZ, it is reported that thy are getting rough spring weather; plums, sloes and blackberries are diseased this year, they are plentiful but inedible; we have a bumper crop of apples and haws in perfect condition.

All the children in the school are participating in the Departments programme that encourages the eating of fresh whole food. Best Wishes to Sheila and John Ryan of Skehenerin who celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary at the Arms Hotel recently, Sheila and John ran a small shop at their home for many years. THOUGHT: The church is a servant community in which those who hunger are to be filled; the ignorant are to be taught; the homeless to receive shelter; the sick cared for; the distressed consoled; the oppressed set free - all so that men may more fully realize their human potential and more readily enjoy life with God now and eternally, Anonymous.

The Lord is with you. Allah has chosen you and purified you - chosen you above the women of all nations. But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favour with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.

The angels said: "O Mary! Allah gives you glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be? Partnership Tralee is researching the interests of immigrants from August to November this year. FAMILY Mediation Service 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (CD) 21 years in operation so far they assisted over 14, couples to negotiate the terms of their separation or divorce, more information from www. In the U. SAD day in Listowel on Saturday last to see all the items from the convent being auctioned, many books and leaflets of an inspirational nature were sold for a pittance, they would be very useful for the library.

Altar gate and church artefacts now scattered everywhere, think of all the loving care they received over the years, future generations will be deprived of visiting a very special church and of soaking in the atmosphere created by dedicated sisters since Transport is provided by Kerry Flyer, to book transport phonefor further information contactor or any committee member. Cookery Classes will start on Monday 5th Nov if enough people are interested.

Radio Kerry recorded a programme at the Centre on Wednesday last, a glimpse of activities in the parish was recorded, later in the night at a meeting in the Centre locals were advised on and suggested activities for the coming months, over E 40, debt is still to be paid and people are asked to use the fine facilities provided by the hardworking committee and contribute a small fee to cover overheads.

HAPPY retirement to Donal O Sullivan who was involved in the Listowel Community Centre for over 20 years, a special event was held recently at Seanchai to show appreciation for his great contribution as Community Centre manager, no doubt Donal will continue with his many other social activities. Donal is married to Kathleen Leahy of Knockanure. Declan Kennelly was best man and groomsman was Michael Lynch. Maire and Aine Stack were bridesmaids.

BEST Wishes to all who presented with their diplomas and degrees recently, the long struggle is over and now the real work must begin. Only one in ninety nine people in the world receive third level education. The IT students were urged by their head in Limerick to take risks, at their recent conferring ceremony. Starting at 9. Cost E Bring a packed lunch. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided. This course is open to No Name Club members and any remaining places are open to 5th and 6th year students.

We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success, George Matthew Adams; Has not God borne with you these many years?

Be ye tolerant to others, Hosea Ballou. Bridesmaids Rose Costelloe and Liz Gould. Best man was Tim Scanlon and groomsman was Anthony Maher.

The Angel 9. With You, Honey Poppies Now that the Buffalo's Gone 2. The Old Man's Lament 3. Ananias 4. Mayoo Sto Hoon 5.

Cod'ine 6. Cripple Creek 7. The Universal Soldier 8. Babe in Arms 9. He Lived Alone in Town The Incest Song Eyes of Amber It's My Way Bryan Maclean - Ifyoubelievein Bryan Maclean - Ifyoubelievein Bryan MacLean was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter, with the Los Angeles rock band Love, best known for the critically acclaimed album, Forever Changes.

Arthur Lee got the press, but Bryan MacLean was a crucial part of the Love sound, responsible for some of the group's most fragile melodies. And here's in a sense the Love record that never was-solo demos and home recordings of 14 MacLean tunes from the '60s, only three of which Orange Skies; Alone Again Orand Old Man have ever been heard. Barber John 2. Fresh Hope 3. Kathleen 4. Orange Skies 5. Strong Commitment 6. Alone Again Or 7. Tired Of Sitting 8. Blues Singer 9.

Friday's Party People Claudia If You Believe In Orange Skies second version Alone Again Or second version She Looks Good Old Man Bridget St. John - Jumblequeen John - Jumblequeen Hux reissue This album by the cult British singer-songwriter was her last recording for two decades. It's by turns searingly honest and achingly beautiful, and the production, by Ten Years After bassist Leo Lyons, gives St. John's songs plenty of room to breathe, with help from such storied contributors as the singer Beverley Martin, the guitarist Stefan Grossman, and the experimental musician Ron Geesin.

InBridget signed to Chrysalis Records and released her 4th album, Jumblequeen. It also features harmony vocals from Beverley Martin. This CD is now reissued in agreement with Bridget St John, and it includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in It was a low-key, agreeable affair of sophisticated romantic ruminations, although not compelling. Though a couple of songs came from outside sources including a cover of Elton John's "Sweet Painted Lady"most of the material was self-penned, and rather self-effacing, with assistance from backup musicians including ex-King Crimson drummer Mike Giles and noted acoustic guitarist Stefan Grossman.

Oddly, different CD reissues of the album have added different bonus tracks. The mid-'90s reissue on BGO added four tracks recorded in the U. Recorded in preparation for a future album that would never be realized, these actually show her exploring some interesting possible future directions, playing underwater-sounding guitar through a foot pedal on "3DB Australia"; using Ron Geesin most famous for his composing contribution to Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother as piano accompanist on "Grow"; and featuring Peter Berryman on accomplished picked folky guitar on "Bumper to Bumper.

Sparrowpit 2. Song For The Waterden Widow 3. Some Kind Of Beautiful 5. Last Goodnight 6. Want To Be With You 8. Jumble Queen 9. Sweet Painted Lady Long Long Time Bumper To Bumper Grow John - Thank You For Her debut session aired on 28th August and would mark the first stage in a significant friendship with the late DJ.

John was one of the first signings. She had also become a mainstay of the booming college and club circuit, and played some prestigious shows including two Royal Festival Hall concerts supporting Tom Paxton and Matthews Southern Comfort and Trees, at which she was given a standing ovation.

The start of the 70s might have seen folk rock and acoustic music blossom in the UK, but for Bridget St. John, was something of a quiet year in terms of record releases. This was in part due to distribution problems for Dandelion product. Fast-forward to and Bridget can be found singing harmonies on Kevin's highly acclaimed release Unfairground. In Songs for the Gentle Man was released, a collaboration with producer-arranger Ron Geesin that Peel once described as the Sgt Pepper of its genre.

As Kim Cooper wrote in her piece on Songs for the Gentle Man included in the book Lost in the Grooves- Scram's capricious guide to the music you missed: " Imagine a Nico of the buttercups, all sunshine, smiles and cautious optimism A small record, yet one that fills the room and lingers. By the time of the release of her third album, Thank You For Dandelion had hooked up with another major company, Polydor, though as ever it was still very difficult to find their releases in all but the hippest record stores.

She definitely wrote and performed material that was the equal and at times even better than that of the late Nick Drake or Sandy Denny. John original. Fortunately she was soon to land a new record contract — through Jo Lustig whom she had been introduced to by Steeleye Span bass player Rick Kemp — and signed a deal with Chrysalis, home to some of the biggest rock acts of the day such as Jethro Tull and Ten Years After, the blues rock legends of the Woodstock Festival whose bass player Leo Lyons would end up producing this album, Jumblequeen.

After cutting Jumblequeen in and doing some highly enjoyable live shows with both Pete Berryman and ex-Daddylonglegs guitarist Steve Hayton, Bridget made the bold move of relocating to New York in and has lived in the heart of Greenwich Village for over 30 years.

Since the birth of her daughter, Cristy, in she has continued to write, record and perform live. In Decembershortly after the sad passing of friend and mentor John Peel, she played a fine live set at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush to great audience acclaim, which marked the beginning of a return to touring. The good news is that she has started to do live work again and is beginning to gain a new younger audience who never saw her the first time around.

Despite her slim body of work she may yet be recognised as one of the great British troubadours and take her rightful place alongside the likes of John Martyn, Sandy Denny and Donovan Leitch. Nice 2. Thank You For Lazarus 4. Goodbye Goodbye 5. Love Minus Zero, No Limit 6. Silver Coin 7. Happy Day 8. Fly High 9. To Leave Your Cover Every Day Passing Thru' There's A Place I Know Nice Live Silver Coin Live Fly High Live Lazarus Live The River Live Live Ask Me No Questions Live If You've Got Money Live Features a guest appearance by John Martyn, as does its successor.

The songs are also more playful and less melancholy than on her debut, although the same feeling of relaxed warmth prevails on 'Seagull Sunday' and 'Lady And The Gentle Man' which bring her most obvious influence- Joni Mitchell- out into the open. Elsewhere there are covers of songs by John Martyn featuring the man himself on guitar and Donovan, another artist she has been compared to: there's also an odd, harmonium-and-vocal closing track which sounds more like Nico than Nico, if one catches the drift.

John - Ask Me No Questions Good old John even produced it. The music is very gentle and poetic. She sings beautifully in a quite low register accompanied by sparse guitar playing.

Sometimes she sounds a little like Nico. John's first album was a wholly acoustic, almost wholly solo folk affair, though different from many British folk albums of the time in that it was comprised entirely of self-composed material. John sang low-key, reflective, slightly sad songs that were unsurpassed, really, in their extraordinary level of containment. There was, however, the sense of an unflappable woman whose temperature would remain unchanged by nothing short of an equatorial sun.

Her deep voice makes her sound at times rather like a Nico who can sing more in tune, without Nico's gothic or more bizarre streaks. It's music for wandering through meadows on overcast days, though a sameness to the presentation the slide guitar on "Many Happy Returns" makes for a welcome dash of urgency and a lack of excellent melodies can make it easy for one's mind to wander.

John enjoyed cult success in the U. Her final album, Jumblequeen, included support from members of Jethro Tull and King Crimson, as well as folk guitarist Stefan Grossman. She put her recording career on hold after moving to New York in To B Without A Hitch 2. Autumn Lullaby 3. Curl Your Toes 4. Like Never Before 5. The Curious Crystals Of Unusual 6.

Barefeet And Hot Pavements 7. Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy 9. Hello Again Of Course Many Happy Returns Broken Faith Ask Me No Questions Suzanne Bonus Track Brian Protheroe - Pinball 2. Brian Protheroe - Goodbye Surprise 3. Brian Protheroe - Money Love 4.

Brian Protheroe - Changing My Tune 5. Brian Protheroe - Fly Now 6. Brian Protheroe - Monkey 7. Brian Protheroe - Enjoy It 8. Brian Protheroe - Oh, Weeping Will 9. Brian Protheroe - Running Through the City Brian Protheroe - Soft Song Brian Protheroe - Pick-Up Brian Protheroe - Dancing on Black Ice Brian Protheroe - Hotel Brian Protheroe - The Face and I Brian Protheroe - Thick and Creamy Brian Protheroe - Cold Harbour Brian Protheroe - Holyoke Hotel Wie kan me nog vertellen 2.

Aeneas nu 3. Babylon 4. Heksen-sabbath Voor De Overlevenden 2. De Wilde Jager 4. Naast Jou 5. Testament 6. De Vrienden Van Vroeger 7. Zonder Vrienden Kan Ik Niet 9. Verdronken Vlinder Beneden Alle Peil Ken Je Dat Land Blowin' In The Wind 3.

It Ain't Me Babe 5. Like A Rolling Stone 6. Tambourine Man 7. Subterranean Homesick Blues 8. I Want You 9. Positively 4th Street Just Like A Woman Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde If Highway 61 Revisited played as a garage rock record, the double album Blonde on Blonde inverted that sound, blending blues, country, rock, and folk into a wild, careening, and dense sound. Replacing the fiery Michael Bloomfield with the intense, weaving guitar of Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan led a group comprised of his touring band the Hawks and session musicians through his richest set of songs.

Blonde on Blonde is an album of enormous depth, providing endless lyrical and musical revelations on each play. Leavening the edginess of Highway 61 with a sense of the absurd, Blonde on Blonde is comprised entirely of songs driven by inventive, surreal, and witty wordplay, not only on the rockers but also on winding, moving ballads like "Visions of Johanna," "Just Like a Woman," and "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.

Each title is packaged as a digipack, containing the full original artwork. On each of the titles, and on each of the layers, the remastered sound is spectacular, a considerable upgrade from the initial CD pressings. Blonde on Blonde was one of five titles that also included a 5. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited Highway 61 Revisited is a landmark — recorded induring the same tumultuous summer that had seen him plugging in his electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival, Highway 61 Revisited is Bob Dylan diving head-first into the rock and roll maelstrom, backed by the studio prowess of Al Kooper, Michael Bloomfield and others on such devastating classics as the epochal "Like A Rolling Stone.

It's Dylan's first fully electric album, powered by the manic intensity of Mike Bloomfield's skull-and-crossbones blues-rock guitar leads and Al Kooper's rich organ fills. While many of the songs are presented in a traditional bar blues format, the lyrics find Dylan finally abandoning conventional linear narrative in favor of poetic abstraction, surreal imagery, and biting sarcasm.

In the rock world, there has never been a lambasting harsher or more cathartic than the excoriation of "Ballad of a Thin Man," and no challenge more bold than that offered in the iconic "Like a Rolling Stone. Eliot towards the end of the poetic epic "Desolation Row," he's not just name-dropping; he's merely delineating the company in which a work as rich and ground-breaking as HIGHWAY 61 belongs.

Dylan had not only changed his sound, but his persona, trading the folk troubadour for a streetwise, cynical hipster. Throughout the album, he embraces druggy, surreal imagery, which can either have a sense of menace or beauty, and the music reflects that, jumping between soothing melodies to hard, bluesy rock. From the epochal opening of "Like a Rolling Stone" through the absurdly apocalyptic closer, "Desolation Row," his command of surrealistic language was daring and amazing.

As a vocalist, he was rewriting the rules of the game. Jimi Hendrix made note of Mr. Z's technically suspect pitch and decided that he too was a singer. And the backing, though ragged, is precisely right. Is this the essential Dylan album? It's certainly one of them. Like A Rolling Stone 2. Tombstone Blues 3.

From A Buick 6 5. Ballad Of A Thin Man 6. Queen Jane Approximately 7. Highway 61 Revisited 8. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 9. Desolation Row Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan 1. You're No Good 2. Talkin' New York 3. In My Time Of Dyin' 4. Man Of Constant Sorrow 5. Fixin' To Die 6. Pretty Peggy-O 7.

Highway 51 Blues 8. Gospel Plow 9. House Of The Risin' Sun Freight Train Blues Song To Woody Bill Fay - Garden Song 2. Bill Fay - Narrow Way 5. Bill Fay - Gentle Willy 8.

Bill Fay - Methane River 9. Bill Fay - The Room Bill Fay - Goodnight Stan Bill Fay - Cannons Plain Bill Fay - Omega Day Bill Fay - Dust Filled Room Bill Fay - Laughing Man Bill Fay - Plan D Bill Fay - Come A Day Bill Fay - Some Good Advice Bert Jansch - Santa Barbara Honeymoon The three 70's Charisma albums L. Bert supervised the re-mastering himself as well as hand-picked the bonus material. The CD includes newly discovered material from the album sessions as well as live recordings from the Montreux Jazz Festival 4 Julyall of them previously unreleased.

Crommie on amazon. With 30 years passed I can safely say I was quite wrong in my judgement of this fine, fine album. Sure, there are some unexpected production touches that seemed jarring at the time: spacey synth on Mary and Joseph, steel drums and horns, etc. Now I can see these were very appropriate and complemented the arrangements with good result. I used to cringe at You are My Sunshine - now I find it to be a really emotionally touching song with some fine backing vocals from the other musicians.

Of course Blues Run the Game is also a marvelous song by one of his favorite songwriters, the late Jackson C. Frank - and a song he would later revisit on his live CD Downunder. The remastering is splendid on all the Charisma releases, but the real bonuses are the live tracks recorded in at Montreaux, especially the live version of When the Teardrops Fell which I personally prefer over the studio version from the album proper. I am very pleased that I had a chance to re-evaluate this recording, especially considering my early reluctance to pick it up when I saw it was going to be made available again.

Tracklist: 1. Love Anew 2. Mary and Joseph 3. Be My Friend 4. Baby Blue 5. Dance Lady Dance 6. You Are My Sunshine 7. Lons And Gone 8. Blues Run The Game 9. Build Another Band When The Teardrops Fell Dynamite Buckrabbit Build Another Band [Alternate Version] - previously unreleased When The Teardrops Fall - previously unreleased, live Lady Nothing - previously unreleased, live Dance Lady Dance - previously unreleased, live Angie - previously unreleased, live One For Jo - previously unreleased, live.

Bert Jansch - Moonshine Bert Jansch - Moonshine Even when performing with others, Bert Jansch has always continued his solo career.

Moonshine was recorded in and released inand while it gained little attention at the time, it is greatly superior to later Pentangle efforts like Reflection. The arrangements are fuller than on his earlier solo work and more varied than Pentangle's, creating a distinct folk-rock sound. There are violins, harps, harmonicas, and even electric guitar. Things get started with the traditional "Yarrow," highlighted by a lovely flute, and brought to fullness by Jansch's deep vocals and acoustic guitar.

Tony Visconti's bass work and Dave Mattacks' percussion build a sturdy bottom end that perfectly underlines the other players. Jansch is in great voice throughout this project, and sings all except one cut alone.

Her alto voice, like Jacqui McShee's, offers a perfect contrast to Jansch's deeper pipes. The arrangement is also intriguing, allowing Visconti to enter each stanza half a step behind Jansch, overlapping with the same lyrics.

Danny Thompson produced the album, lending a hand to its beautiful, dense sound. For Jansch, Pentangle, and folk-rock fans, Moonshine will be a real find. Bert Jansch - Jack Orion Bert Jansch - Jack Orion Tracklist: 1. The Waggoner's Ladd 2. Jack Orion 4. The Gardener 5. Nottamun 6. Henry Martin 7. Blackwaterside 8. Pretty Polly Bert Jansch - Birthday Blues Bert Jansch - Birthday Blues It's no accident that Jansch's album sounds like a modified version of the Pentangle.

He was a member of the great British folk-rock group at the time of this album's release, which was produced by Shel Talmy who also worked with the Pentangle. And he's backed by the group's sterling rhythm section of Danny Thompson bass and Terry Cox drumswith occasional touches of harmonica played by British blues singer Duffy Poweralto sax, and flute.

The effect is akin to hearing an unbalanced Pentangle, with no John Renbourn on dueling guitar or Jacqui McShee on vocals. That's not at all a bad thing — Jansch was one of the group's main motors, and can still be a compelling writer and performer on his own. All of the cuts on this LP are originals, showing the artist leaning a little more toward bluesy styles than usual, though the mood is predominantly British folk.

It's a pleasant effort, but not his best work, either as a solo performer or within a group context. Pentangle released six albums and enjoyed an unprecedented amount of success for an acoustic band. Bert Jansch is a virtuoso acoustic guitarist, famously revered by Neil Young and Jimmy Page, and John Renbourn is a virtuoso guitarist who is every bit as talented as Jansch. This album is produced in stereo - it sounds like there are really two guitarists 3DB Australia (Bonus Track) - Bridget St.

John - Jumble Queen (CD) in your room - and it is very interesting to hear how the two seperate guitar parts interplay with each other. Overall, this is a very good album, and the conver of Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" is worth the price of the album alone. When I first heard that LP I couldn't believe it. It was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing. No one in America could touch that. East Wind 2. Piano Tune 3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 4.

Soho 5. Tic-Tocative 6. Orlando 7. Red's Favourite 8. No Exit 9. Along The Way The Time Has Come Stepping Stones After The Dance Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch Recorded with a portable tape player on a borrowed guitar in the kitchen of his London flat, the impact of Bert Jansch's debut has been somewhat blunted by time, but it was a vastly influential work.

His masterful acoustic picking, which blended elements of traditional British folk, blues, and jazz, inspired not just other folk players, but rockers who frequently used acoustic guitars. Specifically, Jimmy Page and Neil Young have gone on record as noting their heavy debts to Jansch's early material. He was also a talented songwriter, and all but one of the 15 tracks on his debut was an original composition the set closes with his version of the instrumental "Angi," originally performed by fellow British folk guitarist Davy Graham, and popularized by Paul Simon.

The artist sounds quite close to early Donovan with his Scottish inflections, though he is darker and less pop-oriented; indeed, Donovan recorded a couple of early Jansch tunes, and wrote a couple of songs directly inspired by the artist "Bert's Blues" and "House of Jansch".

Jansch reflects a rambling, beatnik sort of lifestyle with his compositions on this album, which includes one of his most famous tunes, the somber "Needle of Death" about the heroin-induced death of one of his friends. Bergen White - For Women Only Inhe made his only solo album She Is Today 2. It's Your Time 3. Let Me Stay Awhile 4. Look at Me 5. Lisa Was 6. Hurt So Bad 7. On and On 8.

Gone Again 9. Second Lover's Song The Bird Song Now It's Over Now With neat long hair and carefully selected fashionable clothes they were skilfully marketed by Decca although thankfully none of the slushy songs written for them I haven't bothered to list them in this book met with much success.

In Barry Ryan went solo and Paul took to songwriting. An early result of this new partnership was Eloise, a stunning single with its melodramatic vocal style and heavily orchestrated backing. This was certainly Barry's magnum opus and he soldiered on for several years after without achieving the same heights again. Theme to Eutopia 2.

The Colour of My Love 4. Crazy Days 5. Eloise 6. My Mama 7. I Will Bring You Love 8. Love Is on the Way 9. What's That Sleeping in My Bed? Kristan Astra Bella The Hunt Sunday Theme Swallow Fly Away Sunrise in the Morning Isn't That Wild? Man Alive Makin' Eyes No Living Without Her Love Sea of Tranquility I See You Feeling Unwell Where Have You Been? Look to the Right, Look to the Left Oh for the Love of Me Eve Of Destruction 2.

She Belongs To Me 3. Sloop John B. Baby Blue 6. The Sins Of A Family 7. Try To Remember 8. You Were On My Mind Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Tracklist: 1. Alice's Restaurant Massacree 2. Chilling Of The Evening 3. Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag 4.

Now And Then 5. I'm Going Home 6. The Motorcycle Song 7. Highway In The Wind Arik Brauer - Arik Brauer Arik Brauer - Arik Brauer Tracklist: 1. Oho Halalali 2. Die Jause 3. Sie hab'n a Haus 'baut 4. Wie a Hund 5. Der Surmi Sui 9.

Der Spiritus Rostiger die feuerwehr kommt Serenade Dschiribim-Dschiribam A1-Divine Hammer 2. A2-Hoverin' 3. Labels: Alternative RockPunk. Buzzcocks - Operators Manual Buzzcocks - Operators Manual 1. Orgasm Addict 2. What Do I Get 3. I Don't Mind 4. Autonomy 5. Fast Cars 6. Get On Our Own 7. Sixteen 8. Fiction Romance 9. Love You More Noise Annoys Ever Fallen in Love Operators Manual Nostalgia Walking Distance Nothing Left ESP Promises Lipstick Everybody's Happy Nowadays Harmony in my Head I Believe Are Everything Radio Nine Buzzcocks - Love Bites Buzzcocks - Love Bites 1.

Real World 2. Operator's Manual 4. Nostalgia 5. Walking Distance 6. Just Lust 8. Love Is Lies 9. Sixteen Again Late For The Train Black Flag - Everything Went Black As a result of litigation, the band was prevented from using the Black Flag name on any records. Hence the original packaging for this album, which listed only the names of individual bandmembers on the cover this was rectified on subsequent issues.

It's a double-album on vinyl compilation of previously released material and outtakes -- though the European edition features a wholly different running order. The material, dating from tois excellent in places, average in others. However, only obsessives need track it down -- as signified by the inclusion of two versions of several songs including stalwarts "Damaged" and "Police Story".

The fourth side of the original vinyl issue also included a sequence of radio spots discussing forthcoming Black Flag gigs, which is entertaining stuff, but it's more useful as a historical document than a listening experience.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 2. I Don't Care 3. White Minority 4. No Values 5. Revenge 6. Depression 7. Clocked In 8. Police Story 9. Wasted Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Depression Police Story Clocked In My Rules Jealous Again Damaged I Louie Louie No More Room 13 Damaged II Padded Cell Crass Commercialism A devastating debut, one of the finest albums not only of the punk era, but of the s as a whole, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts was the summation of a year's worth of gigging, honing a repertoire that -- jagged, jarring, and frequently underplayed though it was -- nevertheless bristled with hits, both commercial and cultural.

The band's original vision saw a rerecording of "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," a Top 20 hit during summerincluded on the album -- it was dropped for space considerations at the last minute. Several early '80s reissues of the album attempted to rectify the omission by appending the single version to side two of the LP, but it was before the rerecording itself made it out, as a minor U.

One Chord Wonders 2. Bored Teenagers 3. New Church 4. On The Roof 5. Newboys 6. Gary Gilmore's Eyes 7. Bobmbsite Boy 8. No Time To Be 21 9. Safety In Numbers New Day Dawns Drowning Men On Wheels Great British Mistake One Chord Wonders Quickstep

Bridget St. John - Jumblequeen - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. CDs & 5/5(1). This CD is now reissued in agreement with Bridget St John, and it includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in 'Bumper to Bumper' features Famous Jug Band guitarist Pete Berryman and 'Grow' has Ron Geesin on piano. Aug 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Bridget St John - Jumblequeen () YouTube Dave Brubeck live 64'/66' - Jazz Icons DVD - Duration: Terminal Passage Recommended for you.

Aug 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Bridget St John - Jumblequeen () YouTube Dave Brubeck live 64'/66' - Jazz Icons DVD - Duration: Terminal Passage Recommended for you.

Bridget St John originally signed to John Peels "Dandelion " record label but after that folded in she was without a label and subsequent flirtations with Virgin and Rocket came to sioprovcabradeperfscormarcodenmenssol.coately, as so often happens, it was a contact who helped her land a deal with Chrysalis and soon she was back in the studio(Morgan Studios in London where they had problems with traffic noise /5(3). Oddly, different CD reissues of the album have added different bonus tracks. The mid-'90s reissue on BGO added four tracks recorded in the U.S. in ; however, the three bonus tracks added on the reissue on Hux were entirely different, slightly lo-fi ones done in .

ABC Radio - listen live online or listen whenever it suits you. From ABC RN to triple j to ABC Classic, all your favourite shows are in one place, making it quick and easy to find just what you"re looking for and discover great new shows to listen to.

There's also about ten bonus tracks on this CD alone, eight of which are taken from a concert in Montreaux, where her French language skills are as impeccable as the performance - and the CD of solo BBC recordings are of a similar standard. This is a great value package for buying most of the very best of Bridget St. John and comprises the /5(15). Apr 01,  · UK folky Bridget St. John made three albums for John Peel's Dandelion Records while only in her early twenties with one further record on Chrysalis in ("Jumble Queen"). This gorgeous little 5" square box set from Cherry Red of the UK offers up those the three Dandelion albums - "Ask Me No Questions" (), "Songs For The Gentle Man" (

3DB Australia (Bonus Track) Bumper To Bumper (Bonus Track) Grow (Bonus Track) ノート UK Digipack Reissue w/ Bonus Tracks バーコードとその他の識別子 Barcode: ; 他の Bridget St. John: Jumble Queen ‎ (CD, Album, RE, RM, Pap)4/5(2).


Levens-lied - Nico Denhoorn - Boven Je Hoofd (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jazz! - Götz Alsmann - Herrenabend (CD, Album), Dont Fight It - Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour (Vinyl, LP, Album), Long Piece N°3 (Parts 2,3,4 live 1971) - Egg (2) - Saturn (Vinyl, LP), Spark Plug - Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup (CD, Album), Accordion To The Accordion - Pikelet - Not So Still (CD), The Mountain - Rick Wakeman - The Private Collection (CD, Album), Mochipet - My Gucci Chainsaw Ass Clap Attack (File), Retrenchment - Sidetracked (2) - Final Curtain (CD), Bend Me, Shape Me - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 68 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Le Funambule - Gérard Lenorman - Olympia 1975 (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  • Bridget St. John's final album fell somewhere between vintage British folk-rock and the kind of singer/songwriter approach used by Phoebe Snow or early Joni Mitchell.A low-key, agreeable affair of sophisticated romantic ruminations, although not compelling.6/
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  • Triple J - Australia's Youth Radio Network. Unearthed is all about giving young, undiscovered bands and artists a chance to be heard making new Australian music exploring different parts of.
  • Apr 01,  · UK folky Bridget St. John made three albums for John Peel's Dandelion Records while only in her early twenties with one further record on Chrysalis in ("Jumble Queen"). This gorgeous little 5" square box set from Cherry Red of the UK offers up those the three Dandelion albums - "Ask Me No Questions" (), "Songs For The Gentle Man" (
  • There's also about ten bonus tracks on this CD alone, eight of which are taken from a concert in Montreaux, where her French language skills are as impeccable as the performance - and the CD of solo BBC recordings are of a similar standard. This is a great value package for buying most of the very best of Bridget St. John and comprises the /5(15).
  • It also features harmony vocals from Beverley Martin. This CD is now reissued in agreement with Bridget St John, and it includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in 'Bumper To Bumper' features Famous Jug Band guitarist Pete Berryman and 'Grow' has Ron Geesin on piano/5(2).
  • Oddly, different CD reissues of the album have added different bonus tracks. The mid-'90s reissue on BGO added four tracks recorded in the U.S. in ; however, the three bonus tracks added on the reissue on Hux were entirely different, slightly lo-fi ones done in .
  • This CD is now reissued in agreement with Bridget St John, and it includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded in 'Bumper to Bumper' features Famous Jug Band guitarist Pete Berryman and 'Grow' has Ron Geesin on piano.
  • Bridget St John originally signed to John Peels "Dandelion " record label but after that folded in she was without a label and subsequent flirtations with Virgin and Rocket came to sioprovcabradeperfscormarcodenmenssol.coately, as so often happens, it was a contact who helped her land a deal with Chrysalis and soon she was back in the studio(Morgan Studios in London where they had problems with traffic noise /5(3).

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