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Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD)


Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. CDs & . Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for If It Be Not True - Bastard Noise on AllMusic - Arkansas Crank by Bastard Noise: Listen to songs by Bastard Noise on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

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Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Showing of 47 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. You can now distinguish their voices on this record and at times half way understand the lyrics. The locust are still and forever will be playing faster then anyone else, keeping hot pants in style, and ruining hardcore for fat kids.

There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. I was discussing the band with a friend of mine, and we came to the conclusion that if William S.

Burroughs started a punk band, it would be the Locust. I think that's accurate. I normally refrain from the "you just don't get it" line of attack, but unfortunately that seems appropriate here. Plague Soundscapes is not complete noise, not even close to it sheesh, listen to a Merzbow album to put things into perspective.

Contrary to the negative and puzzling reviews here read a professional critic's analysis of the album for an accurate picture of the music at handthis is an intelligent, cohesive, and overwhelmingly provocative album. The guys can play their instruments incredibly well, the music is wickedly tight and dynamic, it's not rare for a single 45 second song to plow through 10 time signature changes some excellent drumming can be heard on this record.

The guitar riffery is everywhere, ranging from razor sharp thrash cutups to primal sludge from outer space. The keyboards are insectoid and jerky. Lyrically, we've got some odd, disjointed post-post-modernist ruminations on bodily fluids, political intrigue, culture, wounded animals, the environment, body parts, war, teenage moustaches, etc. The lyrics are always absurdist, fluctuating regularly between profane and profound.

The band's got a wicked sense of humor as well, take a gander at the song titles. The music isn't for everyone, it is intense, disorienting, and violent, but for the more adventurous listeners out there, this is a compelling piece of work that's well-worth examination. The band really does transcend typical genre trappings and Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD) something new and fascinating. The Locust are punk evolved. The Locust is a Grindcore band from California out to either refine Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD), or just destroy it.

Plague Soundscapes is my personal favorite Locust CD. Even with 23 song and only around 21 minutes, it feels long enough to suite the needs of any head banger of mosh pit. The high pitched vocals separates from the usual deep growl we hear in Death Metal and other metalcore style bands.

With fast paced and heavy guitars, deafening Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD) and amazing keyboard, this band definitely stands out from the rest.

The keyboard is what mainly brings this band to life. Without it, it just wouldn't be the same and it wouldn't have the amount of energy or excitement usually heard in bands similar to the genre. Even though there are a few songs I dislike [not a lot, however] I still play through all of them to get the full effect. I'd have to say it's not a CD you can hide from parents or roommates because playing it with the volume down just ruins the whole idea and ends up sounding like a lot of noise.

Blast it at high volumes and that 21 minutes will seem long enough. I actually can't really see listening to them for an hour straight. Even if you're not a big fan of the "screamo" thing, I'd still have to recommend this album. Unlike some people have said, I'm pretty sure they know how to play their instruments There's a lot bad to be said about the locust. And they have awesome song titles. The best part about this slab of slightly organized noise? They sound exactly the same live.

Not recommended for people who need things like melody, song structure, or a chance to take a breath. Also, if you ever find your home invaded by, say, your lame girlfriend's country friends or emo friendsor you're having a party and are trying to get people to leave, play this FULL BLAST and watch the room empty, horrified looks on the faces of the victims.

I have listened to this band for years now, and I could never think of a way to describe their sound until the other day when I saw them live. Imagine a huge, psychotic bug flying around the room, spewing out vomit and screeching noise, and pausing only to bite, claw, and rip you to shreds. This band really is the sound of a locust, and it cannot be put any other way.

The only thing keeping the fifth star off is that sometimes it gets to be too much on the ears. This album is complete and utter genious.

Bottom line. No other band can keep up with the random ever-changing timing changes, key changes and structure fluctuations that The Locust make in this LP. There is a thin line between genious and complete disaster. Take the group Lightning Bolt for instance. They try to recreate what The Locust have made complete asses out of themselves on record with their droll, repetitive and all together boring albums.

Very few bands have succeeded in trying to recreate or emulate what The Locust have made and perfected. The Locust are the band that you love to hate. Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD) are too hardcore for the gay kids and too gay for the hardcore kids.

They're not punk, punk is a dead, lifeless horse carcass that kids with tight plaid pants and mowhawks just keep beating with a baseball bat trying to get every drop of life out of it. They're not hardcore, either, which is a genre becoming it's own enemy by selling out to big labels who want them to wear more mascara and black hair dye so they can fit in with the more "emo" bands that they so resemble. As far as the "Plague Soundscapes" album goes, it is without a doubt, their best work known to date.

This will be what people remember them for. For most, "Plague Soundscapes" will just sound like a nuclear bomb landed on a synthesizer shop, and the lyrics are just the screams of the innocent bystanders, but take another listen, it shouldn't take that long to do so, with 23 songs clocking in at just over 21 minutes.

Open up the booklet with all the lyrics of the song try to put the words with the screams. I will say this now, the first couple times I listened to this album, or any Locust album for that matter, I didn't get it very well. I just knew I liked it because they were harder, louder, faster and screamed more than any other band out there. But every time I listened to them again, I got it more and more.

I've been listening to The Locust for quite some time now and I can actually sing not really sing, but scream along with the songs and actually know the tempo changes and key changes so that I can give my best effort towards dancing to it. But if you don't get it at first listen, don't worry, you'll love it in a week. Pre-order information on July 25, This 7" is limited to a strict copies. The brutality continues. This is negative hardcore!

As for the colored vinyl, Deep Six will have 35 of each available. Expected release date is September 25th, Pre-orders are up as of mid-July! Reminiscent of the Spazz and Crossed Out days of no frills just fast hardcore. With the addition of a new drummer, these Santa Cruz skate punks have recorded 8 new grinding jams.

The lyrics branch out a bit more on this one and explore things like serial killer karma, corporate waste, and eminent death. Fans of early West Coast thrash and PV will be circle pitting in their bedrooms no doubt. If you ever fancied old C.

Deep Six Records F. The song "Employee of the Month" has the best breakdown of all-time ever. Sessions one for the record books. Restored definitive sound with original session outtakes on green opaque wax. Blasts out of the gate and stays relentless to the end. Love is power! Courtesy is king! Take THAT to the bank!!!! A mix of Eyehategod with some Neanderthal being somewhat Corrupted and finishing off with a little Outlaw Order and you got a perfect Callous.

Members from Backslider. Limited to copies. On the Still LP we see the band get even heavier while still finding ways to blend new influences into their unique mix of brutal hardcore.

There is truly something for everyone on this album. Furious hardcore with elements of several different styles being showcased throughout. Abundance Of Guns originally released by S. In other words, No Comment is undoubdtedly one of the true pioneers of all PV and fastcore. This onslaught continued to expand over the next several years with 5 full length records, 9 split releases, appearances on numerous comps, and tours in U.

Manticore includes the songs Haze about pornstar Jenna HazeMg's about the use of prescription narcotics, You Hate I about being stuck in an abusive relationship, and March Madnesswhich could be about that stupid sport basket ball, or a sale at Ross or TJ Max.

Released on blood red and black swirled vinyl. Full color cover and insert. Hailing from Belfast, N. Ireland, Bleeding Rectum has core members from Pink Turds In Space bass, drums, and guitar minus Anne on vocals and a second, devastating, teenage lead guitarist, Martyplus sickeningly, evil vocalist Roy also known for his recent drumming for AmebixBleeding Rectum are the real deal in true, rogue, blitzing power, and form. They define hardcore punk with their unduplicatable musicianship and total system-hating lyrical concepts.

By todays' standards, Bleeding Rectum slays the competition with the highest levels of rebellion and musical prowess. A must listen! Tracks range in length from under one minute Idget Child to over eight minutes Infibulation M. This is the height of the early stages of M. Afgrund make an explosive mix of d-beat, punk, and grindcore that is on par with genre heavyweights Rotten SoundNasumand Napalm Death.

CD on Willowtip. This 45 rpm "weapons warehouse" slab of vinyl features two brand new exclusive songs in nearly 14 minutes of playing time. Long time friends Bastard Noise and Lack of Interest team for one of the most unforgettable split releases ever!

The Bastard Noise side of the release was conceived and brought to fruition after the unexpected departure of drummer Joel Connell in November of in just six months time. The Hoak Sessionsas they are aptly titled, are bound to pull in those seeking the ultimate in "skull power" and musical dexterity. The phenomenal Mitchell Luna formerly of blitzing grind unit Maruta makes a guest appearance and shares vocals with Artz on one track too!

Again, produced by Michael Rozon The Red ListA Culture of Monstersand SkulldozerThe Hoak Sessions were created out of the endless passion that drives "the skull" and is dedicated to our amazing and loyal followers.

This is where it all was born. With tracks like Eunuch and The ArenaCharred Remains made its presence known to the twisted underground sound world at large. This LP will be available in a t-shirt combo pack. Stay tuned for more detailed information! Only available mailorder no wholesale press only! Including all their stuff and an unreleased some live stuff from Napalm over Warsaw IV incl.

For Powerviolence fans. Split release with RSR. Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as Gallows and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old school death, grind and, doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90s and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore.

A must-have for any fan of either band or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore. This is an '05 re-recording of the '92 original recording that was lost by the studio. There are 17 tracks on the 12'' with 3 extra tracks on the CD. The CD also contains the original instrumental rough mix with bass being played by Dave Ring. Classic Drawblank procrastination at it's finest! Although they've always hinted at their brutal doom side on past releases, these seven slabs of bulldozery plunged straight into the deep end!

The result is a soundtrack to being buried in an avalanche of skulls. However, as a fastcore band, they made sure to blend their steamroller assault with the eye-watering speed for which they are known. Pre-order wax press, Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD). Pioneers of Italian grindcore slashing the masses since covering 21 classics of Italian punk, hardcore, and thrash. For years we had been planning to record a definitive full length follow up with different songs than the previous EP, but we finally made it - only16 years later.

Pre-order for the color wax, limited to ! Fresh from the remnants of A Culture of MonstersSkulldozer unleashes magnum power from start to finish. Skulldozer is the next step is progressive brutality from Bastard Noise with material locked firmly in bulldozing rock and aggressive hardcore expression.

With material ranging from minute to over minutes, this new body of work is as uncompromising as it is fresh. Again produced by Michael RozonSkulldozer will melt minds and bubble skin on contact. The addition of Artz has allowed "gas to be put on the fire" so to speak and propel "The Skull" to new heights. We hail her membership. Skulldozer is the next level in musical power. Opening track Hometown Hero sets the bar high in hurry with a pummeling combination of Discharge -esque riffs that explode into grindcore blasts beats and vocal attacks that are as poignant as ever.

Here we see singer Snyder stepping up the pace with rants that drive forward at mph, ready to blow you over with a guitar presence that is thicker than sea-shit. This is extreme music for extreme musicians and those who have an ear for detail. The awesomely thick, but not overly-engineered sounding production really puts this LP over-the-top. As someone who is inundated with new releases every week, this authenticity of sound within Worthless is immediately engaging and sustaining.

All-in-all, solid release. Snag it. Amazing artwork! A true testament to what grindcore should be.

If It Be Not True () is a Studio album by Bastard Noise. Genres: Noise, Power Electronics. Songs: Easter Sunday, Invasion of Hate, New Mexican Radiation, Grave Filler, Leeches. If It Be Not True: Bastard Noise: Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Music Go Search Best Sellers Gift Ideas Reviews: 1. Shop If It Be Not True. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.1/5(1).

Title: Artists: Label/Format: Price: 13, MILISECONDS (TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) Dave Phillips, Venetian Snares, Matmos, Crank Sturgeon, Cock Esp, Teeth Collection, Wether.

Bastard Noise's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. If It Be Not True. Arkansas Crank. If It Be Not True. Invasion of Hate. If It Be Not True. New Mexican Radiation. If It Be Not True. Escuchar canciones de Bastard Noise gratis, albums, CDs, discofrafias, el mejor top musica de Bastard Noise, descargar musica de Bastard Noise.

Various Artists - J. Prince Presents: R. N. D. S. (Realest Ni**As Down South) [screwed] music MP3 album at CD Universe, enjoy top rated service and worldwide shipping.

Noise - Industrial - Experimental - Ambient - Harsh Noise - Power Electronics. YOU GUYS ARE GODDAMNED THIEVES AND YOU SUCK. FUCKING LOGO STEALING LOSERS. FUCK YOU!!!!! FUCK YOUR U.S. TOUR - YOU SUCK MULE DICKS YOU FUCKING HUMAN MANURE [YouTube NusqCSzA] [spoiler]Sincerity time: I’m making this list because I legitimately think that Eric Wood is one of the most underrated musicians I've ever heard. Between wading through his absurdly .

Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. CDs & .


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8 Replies to “ Arkansas Crank - Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True (CD) ”

  • Bastard Noise. Underwater Plutonium Percolator feat. Bastard Noise. Undersea Life feat. Bastard Noise. Temple S.E.T.I. Hostile Transmission Received. Percy's Faith feat. Bastard Noise. New Mexican Radiation feat. If It Be Not True feat. Bastard Noise. Grave Filler feat. Bastard Noise.
  • Feb 27,  · Recorded at Brilliant Noise and John Muir Studios, to Barcode and Other Identifiers Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): XWA **VMFM 44**/5(14).
  • YOU GUYS ARE GODDAMNED THIEVES AND YOU SUCK. FUCKING LOGO STEALING LOSERS. FUCK YOU!!!!! FUCK YOUR U.S. TOUR - YOU SUCK MULE DICKS YOU FUCKING HUMAN MANURE [YouTube NusqCSzA] [spoiler]Sincerity time: I’m making this list because I legitimately think that Eric Wood is one of the most underrated musicians I've ever heard. Between wading through his absurdly .
  • Bastard Noise's Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard, Pillsbury Hardcore, Neanderthal) has spent decades perfecting his craft of total sonic dominance. He brings his.
  • Arkansas Crank by Bastard Noise: Listen to songs by Bastard Noise on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.
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