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Brainwaves/Open You! - Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette)


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These groups have been linked to various body states, such as being alert, relaxed, or sleepy. Brainwaves are not audible: they are not sound waves, and even if they were, their frequencies would fall way below our audible range. By using a stimulus at a given frequency, brainwave entrainment aims at synchronizing the brain with that frequency and inducing a given state such as drowsiness or focus.

The stimulus could be anything, e. This website uses auditory stimuli. Since the brainwave frequencies are not in the audible range, a trick is needed to convert the frequency we want to impose on our brain into something that is audible. The trick consists of selecting a frequency that we hear - we call it a carrier - then modulating this carrier with the brainwave frequency one wants to make audible.

This website offers four modulators that can be used separately or combined: amplitude modulation monaural modulationbinaural beats, stereophonic panning bilateral modulation and frequency modulation. That's it! You can start using our online brainwave tool now. Choose a particular brainwave frequency, a carrier, and then apply some modulation. Tweak the settings until you hit a sweet spot. Let it flow for a couple of minutes at moderate level. Then ask yourself how you feel.

Annoyed by the sound? That is possible too ;- Everything is possible! We allow up to five different brainwaves frequencies to be mixed together to create complex entrainment routines. If you are new to brainwave entrainment, start using a single brainwave first. The brain is an electrochemical organ. Though its electrical power is very limited, its electrical activity can be recorded using sensitive electrodes such as those used during an electroencephalogram.

Hans Berger was the first man to measure such activity, about 80 years ago. Berger's goal was Brainwaves/Open You!

- Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette) show that the electromagnetic fields of the human brain could be used for telepathy at that time, but he didn't succeed. However, during his research, Berger found prominent waves around 10 cycles per second. He named them alpha, as these were the first that were detected. Later, he found another family of waves of a higher frequency, which he called beta.

Berger discovered that alpha waves diminished during sleep, Brainwaves/Open You! - Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette) beta waves were related to mental concentration. After they were confirmed by many other scientists, these waves became the basis for detecting the different states associated with our brain.

With the progress of scientific research and technology, additional brainwaves have been isolated since then. These were categorized according to their frequencies and where they occur in the brain. Here we will only talk about the frequencies since this is of most interest for brainwave entrainment.

They occur when sleeping, mostly in the deep — dreamless — state. They are associated with drowsiness. They occur in that twilight state when we drift off to sleep, or slowly wake up, and when we are dreaming. These are the waves discovered by Berger, and are sometimes named after him Berger's waves. They are associated with the awake but relaxed state: think being at rest, with your eyes closed, but not tired or asleep. They are associated with active thinking and concentration.

They show up in the higher cortex, during working memory and learning. The descriptions made above are simplified views of what happens in reality. First, the brain does not operate on one frequency range at any given time. Second, these bands are actually overlapping.

It is impossible to put precise boundaries between them: though at 9 Hz, you are likely to be in an alpha state, it is possible you are still in theta. The frequency ranges associated with the different states also vary across studies. Lastly, every human brain is different! There is no audible sound below 20 Hz. Between 20 Hz and 40 Hz, you will need a very large loudspeaker - a subwoofer - to produce a sound you can hear.

Since brainwaves are very low in frequencies, it's not possible to play these waves as a sound, directly. Either the sound will be inaudible, or it won't come through your speaker.

The trick is to use a carrier. In most cases, the carrier is a sine wave whose frequency is reproducible by your speaker and within the audible range. The frequency of the carrier can be freely chosen, and is independent of the brainwave frequency that needs to be turned into sound. Opt for a carrier that produces a sweet tone to your ear, and that plays nicely through the speakers you use. Choose something you like listening to at low or moderate level.

Noise can be used as a carrier too. We offer both options. Turning the brainwave frequency into sound consists of modulating the carrier at a frequency equal to the brainwave. In other words, you will add some motion to the carrier that will be synchronized to the brainwave frequency of interest. The carrier is the medium. The modulation is the information to be carried to the brain. Putting the carrier into motion is achieved through the modulators, described next.

We are providing four different modulation schemes. You can use them separately, or mix them to your liking. Used on its own, it creates the so called isochronic tones, or monaural beats.

Isochronic tones produce strong beats, and are recommended when you work with a single loudspeaker. These carriers are detuned by an amount equal to the modulation rate. This detuning creates faint beating inside your head.

Most people do not have trouble achieving beta brainwaves and in fact suffer from spending too much time in beta brainwave patterns. However, those with attention deficit disorder ADD who have problems focusing their attention can benefit from learning how to achieve and remain in beta brainwave states for longer amounts of time. Beta brainwaves are associated with open eyes and are most likely to be present when a person is alert and attentive to their surroundings.

When our eyes are open and we are thinking about a problem, making a judgment, analyzing a situation, or actively processing information, beta brainwaves are the result. There are differences between high over 18 hertzmid 15 to 18 hertzand low range beta states 12 to 15 hertz. Low beta states are more relaxed while still being focused, making this a good range for many daily work related tasks like balancing a checkbook, making a shopping list, or driving to a new place.

However, people with attention deficit disorder lack the mental focus for doing these types of activities, and studies have found people with ADD are often low in this range of beta brainwaves. Mid-range beta brainwaves are associated with focus on the external world and active mental problem solving, such as doing math equations. Mid-range beta waves can also be associated with agitation and anxiety. High-range beta waves are present during agitation and anxiety, but are also present in extremely focused mental problem solving.

High-range beta is associated with a general activation of physiological functions such as heart rate and blood pressure. Studies of brainwave entrainment with different frequencies of beta demonstrate its helpfulness for improving academic achievement, raising verbal and reading skills, increasing attention and focus, and reducing fatigue.

Gamma brainwaves occur above 27 to 30 hertz. These are the fastest oscillating brainwaves and the ones often found in monks, nuns, and other spiritual practitioners when they are in deep meditation and prayer, although gamma waves also occur in average people in different amounts along with other brainwaves during the day. Gamma waves are the most recently discovered brainwave, a discovery made possible by digital EEG technology.

Gamma is associated with the integration of information from different areas of the brain, and having a good memory is associated with having a certain baseline of 40 hertz gamma activity. Low gamma activity is associated with learning disabilities and poor memory. Gamma waves sweep back and forth across the brain at a rate of 40 times per second, influencing all areas of brain activity.

Gamma wave states are connected to moments where a person is at peak performance and using their entire brain to solve or integrate a problem. Gamma brainwaves occur during creative thinking and processing of memory and language and in many learning activities. These brainwaves are not present at all when a person is under anesthesia, but return as soon as the person becomes conscious again.

Multiple scientific studies have shown gamma brainwave entrainment to be helpful for reducing distractibility, improving short-term memory, improving motor coordination, and relieving migraine headaches. Sensorimotor rhythm SMR is one final type of brainwave that has been studied.

SMR, also known as low beta, is a type of brainwave, which occurs in the sensorimotor cortex, in the 12 to 15 hertz range when that area of the sensorimotor cortex is idle and immobile.

The purpose of SMR brainwaves is not well understood, but some neurofeedback practitioners report training to increase SMR brainwaves can be beneficial for people with autism, epilepsy, ADD, insomnia, drug addiction, and as an aide to better manage stress. Entrainment is a phenomenon seen is a wide variety of different natural circumstance.

In physics, entrainment is the process of two oscillating systems coming to assume the same periodic rhythm, such as is observed when two clocks slowly synchronize their ticking and tick together in harmony after some time. Pendulums also achieve this same synchronicity when swinging in close proximity to one another, a phenomenon first observed and written about in by Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch scientist.

Recent research at the University of Lisbon finally uncovered the reason for the year-old mystery, finding that the resonance of sound is the mechanism for entrainment of swinging pendulums and ticking clocks, and it seems likely that the energy transferred by sound is also responsible for other observations of entrainment, including brainwave entrainment.

In bio-musicology, entrainment is the observed phenomena of human beings spontaneously clapping, chanting, or singing in rhythm with one another. No other animal is known to have this innate musical ability, but all humans everywhere display it, supporting the biological basis and importance of phenomena involving the resonance of sound. He showed that a specific brainwave could be induced when a person heard two separate, but closely related, sound frequencies, one in each ear.

He discovered that when the frequencies heard by each ear differed by about 10 hertz, the brainwave pattern of the person hearing the sound would synchronize to the difference between the two frequencies. For example, if the person heard a hertz sound in one ear and a hertz sound in the other ear, their brainwaves would stabilize at the difference between the two, or 10 hertz.

This technique is called binaural beatsand it is a fundamental principle of brainwave entrainment methods. Since the s, brainwave entrainment has been researched and written about in the scientific literature in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

Brainwave entrainment has been found useful in the treatment of a wide range of problems, including learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, tinnitus, headaches, pain management, and sleep disturbances. When the brain is exposed to auditory and visual stimulation delivered in a steady, rhythmic pattern of a certain frequency, the brain synchronizes its electrical impulses to that same frequency in a phenomenon known as the Frequency Following Response, or FFR.

While originally brainwave entrainment was achieved by using pure tones of sound, it is now possible to take these tones and blend them with music, rhythms, and natural sounds, such as the sounds of flowing water, bird sounds, or waves lapping on a beach, creating extended tracts of varied and intriguing brainwave entrainment music for everyday use.

Brainwave entrainment also happens with the use of pulsating light, and visual and auditory stimuli are sometimes combined for additional effect and visual stimuli is used alone. Using brainwave entrainment techniques is safe for almost everyone, the exception being pregnant women and people who have seizure disorders who should check with their physician before using these methods. All physical, emotional, and mental activity is ultimately rooted in brainwaves.

Everything we experience with our senses results in an electrical impulse inside the brain known as a Cortical Evoked Response, or CER.

Brainwaves are the originating signals underlying everything we do, think, and feel. Given that brainwaves control and connect such a vast range of human experience from thought to feelings to actions, it is easy to see how the deliberate control of brainwaves can affect mood, behaviors, motivation, and even physical health. Brainwave entrainment is a safe, simple, and scientifically proven method for quickly guiding the brain into a beneficial brainwave frequency to facilitate healthy sleep, lower stress, heal emotional problems, and improve physical health.

When blended with musical sounds, brainwave entrainment frequencies induce specific states of mind, which are the result of those brainwaves, delivering them in pleasing and relaxing audio tracts for use with and without stereo headphones. For example, alpha and theta waves, because they exist at the borders between conscious and unconscious thought, are especially rich and useful for tapping into and stimulating subconscious processes.

Tracks that move from alpha to theta can be a perfect vehicle for transitioning from a hectic day into a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Beginning with alpha waves takes you into a light but still alert meditative mind state where the difficulties of the day can be resolved and put to rest. Later, theta waves go deeper into the unconscious, preparing you for sleep and dreams. A common element in recordings incorporating alpha and theta frequencies is a steady but barely perceptible rhythm of the frequencies themselves.

This subtle and calming pulse mixes with sounds of gentle breezes, distant bird songs, and the slow progression of deep synth notes. Underneath this, below the audible sounds at sub 16 hertz levels, other frequencies intermingle, deepening the merging of conscious and unconscious mind. These sounds in these musical tracks are presented through monaural beats, binaural beats, isochronic tones, or a mixture involving combinations of all three of these modalities, described in detail below.

Choose alpha brainwave tracks for calming anxiety and relaxing body and mind, Brainwaves/Open You! - Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette), and choose theta tracks for help in getting to sleep and for bringing hidden feelings to the surface. Some people also report out-of-body type experiences when in theta brainwave states. The use of brainwave entrainment techniques offers many benefits for overall health and well-being, including improved emotional stability, increased cognitive function, and a deepening of creative insight.

Much of this benefit derives from the hemispheric synchronization occurring as a result of entrained brainwaves. This effect happens when the electrical impulses in both hemispheres synchronized to the same frequency being delivered through the entrainment source.

The brain has two hemispheres that operate somewhat independently from one another. The two hemispheric structures of the brain are connected by a large nerve, called the corpus callosum, which sends information back and forth between the two sides of the brain.

In most people, the left hemisphere controls language, logical thinking, and analytic processes and the right side contains the centers for emotion, intuition, and non-linear creative thinking. In the average person, the activity of one brain hemisphere is dominant over the other, called brain lateralization. This hemispheric imbalance leads us to experience the world in a black and white way, perceiving separation over connectedness.

When brainwave entrainment is used to synchronize brainwave activity in both hemispheres simultaneously, a person can more easily integrate information from all parts of the brain and solve problems with greater intelligence and sensitivity. These discoveries of hemispheric synchronization were confirmed in the s when neuroscientists studied people with years of experience in meditation and found that when they were deeply in a meditative experience, the activity in both hemispheres of their brains began to synchronize.

The mechanism for this is that when your eyes or ears are exposed to a particular frequency of pulses or beats, the thalamus first distributes this information to the entire brain, including the visual and cerebral cortex where neural activity begins to synchronize to the incoming frequency, producing hemispheric synchronization and a balance of brainwave activity across the brain. Recently developed entrainment software has been designed to correct specific imbalances in hemispheric activity associated with undesirable mind-states.

For example, people suffering with depression often have more activity in the right hemisphere, and specially designed brainwave music decreases this activity while increasing activity in the left hemisphere, reducing depression.

When the electrical energy is balanced throughout the brain in this way, the following are some of the most common benefits reported:. A study by Manns, Miralles, and Adrian reported the use of isochronic tones was effective in reducing myofascial pain and pain from TMJ syndrome. Controlling brainwave states through the use of brainwave entrainment products is also associated with improved interpersonal communication and a deepening of the experience of empathy, allowing the person to improve their overall ability to function in all areas of life.

Brainwave entrainment music can be used almost anywhere and anytime, making this mood and self-improvement method versatile and flexible enough to do at work, while traveling, or at other times during the day. When used in the workplace during short rest periods, brainwave entrainment techniques can enhance concentration, communication, and work productivity. Because the mind and body are a single system, changing our brainwaves and spending more time in harmonious, relaxed, and restorative mind-states also affects our physical health.

Physical health then reinforces our mental-state, and a feedback loop of either positive or negative processes becomes established. Research studies have shown beneficial effects of using brainwave entrainment for treating migraine headaches, premenstrual syndrome, and for managing physical pain.

Years of scientific study combined with the personal testimony of thousands of people establish that using brainwave entrainment techniques positively affects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in a majority of users. You can easily take advantage of these powerful methods of personal self-help and self-improvement by downloading a variety of entrainment music right now.

Methods for deliberately creating a particular brainwave frequency using sound, chanting, or drumming have been around since the earliest humans, and the ancients also noticed and recorded other observations about pulsing light and sound and how these can affect the human mind.

The Greek mathematician Ptolemy described spinning a wheel in front of the sun, the spokes producing pulses of sunlight and colors, patterns, and feeling of euphoria for Ptolemy. More recently, the psychological researcher of traumatic memory, Pierre Janet, discovered that some of his patients improved from anxiety and depression when they were exposed to flickering lights, although he did not know why this was the case.

InAdrian and Mathews discovered that the alpha waves could be induced by light as well as sound. Army electrician Sidney Schneider noticed radar operators who stared at flashing screens went into an altered and positive state of mind.

He then developed a machine for simulating this effect known as the Brainwaves Synchronizer. Another landmark study in the field of brainwave entrainment happened in when neuroscientist W. Gray Walter published studies of light stimulation on the reported mental state of test subjects.

He noted a whole brain effect during these experiments, even though the source of stimulation was only in the visual cortex. One of the earliest brainwave entrainment products was brought to the market in the s when the sale of a device called the Dream Machine, a cylindrical drum with holes in it, rotating around a glowing light bulb, producing a mesmerizing, flickering effect and brainwave entrainment for the viewer.

Brainwave entrainment techniques also entered the medical field in the s when M. Sandove first used visual entrainment stimulation for controlling the need for anesthesia during surgery.

In the s, a researcher in Japan, Tsuyoshi Inouye described how light stimulation creates synchronization of brain hemispheres. Since then, other researchers have detailed the positive effects of hemispheric synchronization including a study by researcher Dr. Gene W. Brockopp stating that hemispheric synchronization resulted in improved intellectual functioning as Brainwaves/Open You!

- Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette) as improvements in long-term memory, and these effects are cumulative over time. Robert Monroe, a radio producer and executive published a popular book called Journeys Out of the Body about his out-of-body experiences when using brainwave entrainment. He later founded an original brainwave entrainment audio company, Hemi Sync. Inthe book Mega Brain by Michael Hutchison brought brainwave entrainment information, techniques, and terminology into the popular press.

By the s, entrainment technology had merged with advancements in microelectronics technology, making it possible to develop even more sophisticated audio and visual brainwave entrainment products for the marketplace. In the last two decades, a number of scientific studies have reported brainwave entrainment as an effective remedy for ADD, academic learning problems, and improving memory and cognition.

The last two decades have also been a time of increasing number of brainwave entrainment products becoming available for purchase by average people for personal self-improvement. Binaural beats were the first method discovered for brainwave entrainment and works by delivering tones of different audible frequencies to the two ears with the difference in frequency between the two tones being the frequency of entrainment.

The difference in frequency between the two tones must be less than 30 hertz, and this resulting frequency is called a beat or the target frequency, and it is processed in a brain region called the olivary body. When listening to such tones with stereo headphones, the two hemispheres of the brain become synchronized at the target frequency. The lower frequency sound is called the carrier tone, and it is combined with a Brainwaves/Open You!

- Ars Moriendi - Гњber Leben 1 (Cassette) frequency sound known as the offset tone. Because of this, binaural beats must be listened to with stereo headphones or the effect is lost. Binaural beats create a hypnotic effect, but they are not the most effective tool for brainwave entrainment, and binaural beats are often ineffective for people with hearing loss.

There are other forms of brainwave entrainment which do not require headphones and which more successfully produce brainwave entrainment. Monaural beats have similarities to binaural beats, but the two separate frequencies are delivered through a pulse pattern and mixed before they reach the listeners ears, resulting in the advantage of being audible without stereo headphones.

However, using stereo headphones intensifies the effectiveness of monaural beats and is recommended for the best effect. Have you ever been at a club or concert and heard the pulse of electronic music that resonated so powerfully you could feel it in your whole body, making movement irresistible?

If you have, you have likely felt the powerful effects of isochronic tones. At its most basic, an isochronic tone is a sound that rapidly oscillates between on and off, creating a steady pulse.

Most people consider it the most reliable entrainment method, producing audible, even sounds combined with a rapid pulse. Because they use only a single tone delivered in pulses, headphones are not required. The brain also processes isochronic tones faster because there is only a single sound to process.

Isochronic tones also work independently on each hemisphere of the brain, leading more quickly to hemispheric synchronization.

In the creation of isochronic tones, virtually every facet of the beat can be manipulated, creating a square waveform, a sine wave, or another type of waveform. These tones can be mixed together to create chords, the intensity or depth of the wave can be modulated, and harsh effects found with other entrainment methods are eliminated. Most isochronic tone music tracts can be enjoyed without the use of headphones, although there are some that use different sounds in each ear and these do require headphones, and headphones improve the effect.

Harmonic box entrainment, invented by James Mann, uses a layering of binaural and monaural tones that alternate between ears, requiring headphones. Sound modulation and filtering, amplitude modulation, and pitch panning use diverse sounds to create rhythmic pulses matched to the desired brainwave frequency.

Brainwave entrainment is not only achieved through sounds: It can also be induced with visual stimuli. The human brain is highly developed for the visual sense, and a large number of brain cells are involved in visual processing. This makes visual brainwave entrainment methods stronger and potentially more intense than auditory stimulation alone. Known as audio-visual brainwave entrainment, or AVE, this method involves the simultaneous flashing of light and audible, rhythmic tones using specialized equipment such as the Mind Machine.

Also known as the Dream Machine or psycho-Walkman, this lightweight headset lets you experience a wide selection of audio and visual entrainment tracks while having complete mobility. AudioStrobe is another simple technology - a method of making LED glasses compatible with brainwave entrainment software to add a visual effect to audio tracks. While visual entrainment is more powerful than audio alone for inducing desired brainwave states, more caution is needed when using visual methods.

Between 0. People with epilepsy have a greater chance of having a seizure from exposure to flickering light stimulation. If you take a prescription for a psychotropic medication, talk to your health care provider first.

Do not use any form of brainwave entrainment while operating a vehicle or machinery. There are many studies supporting the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment for improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

A few important and noteworthy ones not already mentioned are:.

The Brainwaves video anthology is produced and filmed by Bob Greenberg. Here you will meet the thinkers, dreamers and innovators; some of the brightest minds. Brainwaves Escape Rooms are for everyone. Couples, friends, family, corporate groups. and any other grouping you can think of. We do, however, have a recommended minimum age of 14 years old, and players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) while playing the rooms. We specialize in the production of television, music, graphic design, photography, editing and communication design. We love combining creativity with strategic thinking and we are passionate about beautiful pictures and stories.

Brain Waves Instruction is all about celebrating teachers, providing top-quality resources for students, and reveling in the pursuit of making teaching more fun and a whole lot easier! Recent Blog Posts. Free Lesson Plans Right In Your Inbox! Yes Please! Follow Us On Social Media.

I have no formal training in the arts, as you can probably tell. ;-) My passion for dyeing golf discs grew out of my love for the sport and has turned into a way of life for me. Thank you . While the physiological and psychological processes being uncovered by brain science in the study of brainwaves is sometimes complex and still being investigated, certain basic principles are well-established, easily understood, and helpful for achieving the most effectively use of brainwave entrainment when seeking relaxation, improved sleep, lowering of anxiety, or other goals.

While the physiological and psychological processes being uncovered by brain science in the study of brainwaves is sometimes complex and still being investigated, certain basic principles are well-established, easily understood, and helpful for achieving the most effectively use of brainwave entrainment when seeking relaxation, improved sleep, lowering of anxiety, or other goals.

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  • We specialize in the production of television, music, graphic design, photography, editing and communication design. We love combining creativity with strategic thinking and we are passionate about beautiful pictures and stories.
  • How You Feel. Uncover our huge library of brainwave audios! Activate any state of mind, just by listening. Created by experts. Includes 1-year guarantee. Get Started. Chakra Shot – Only $6 Realign your chakras and restore your body's equilibrium. Offer Ends in: Grab This Deal».
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