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Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr)


View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Energy 05 (The Official Mix-Compilation) on Discogs/5(4). Feb 14,  · ENERGY MIX WALENTYNKI pres. Thomas & Hubertus - PREMIERA!!! Z wielką przyjemnością udostępniamy Wam kolejnego Energy Mixa, tym razem w specjalnej walent. Feb 14,  · Siemanko:D. Zapraszam do przesłuchania NAJNOWSZEGO SETA WALENTYNKOWEGO AUT!!! Oczywiście dziękuje bardzo wszystkim .

Johnny 14 days to go. Alright, Susan's got two weeks to her party. Glory He's got 30 - seven degrees in North Dakota. Today we got about 30 degrees Choices It's a pretty day cold and damp last night. Henry A hundred and 10 days to go, Let's see here. Hear the familiar roaring of the gas engines back was quiet for a while as Disney reconfigure the track as part of the construction of Tron.

Jackie, from Canada hello to you, Thank you for joining. Mike is a fan of the people mover meet you. How's it going. Linda hello to you welcome to the broadcast so the title of the broadcast is Tiki Room.

You might wonder why I am in Tomorrowland because I decided to take the long way around. It's always kind of fun to check out what's happening throughout the Magic Kingdom. I'm always very interested in what the standby wait time is for seven Dwarfs mine train if Tiki Room fan me too.

Troy Asked for progress on the Tron coaster, I kind of didn't take a little sideways detour to get there sorry about that. I have been following the construction, though it is still a work in progress. There's a lot to do, but it's a very big project as best I can tell it looks like the coaster track is complete. A lot of the work now is happening on enclosing the show building so great to see all of that. Charles from Austin. How's it going Jeans are tiki fan Mary says he loves the long way strolls.

Thank you for that. It's kinda fun. I also enjoy chatting with everyone. I always appreciate the comments the hearts, especially the shares so thank you for that. So this week is gonna be an exciting week for me. I am headed on Monday to the Disney Dream. One of the ships in the Disney Cruise Line gonna be a five. The Bahamas and I'll be bringing you lots of material. I broadcast. I'll be doing a broadcast on Monday late afternoon early evening at a sale away party.

We'll see what other technology I can make happen, but I will be posting at least on the website and at YouTube throughout the week. And it's Tiki Room fan me too. You know. It's relaxing. It's colorful and it's got a ton of Disney history.

So this is always fun. Seven dwarfs mine train might be a little hard to see here on the camera standby minutes that's kind of a long time. If you can snag a fast pass for seven doors, mine train, I always recommend it. Amy says have a fabulous leaf magical cruise.

Thank you so much, Wendy says. We appreciate me. I appreciate you guys too. Jim So we'd like to come and have enough time to wander around and not just dash from attraction to attraction. You know that to me is a blessing of being a password or in a local that you don't feel like you got to plan every minute and take in every item. Roberta Good morning to you.

She's a tiki room fan good to see you so many fans in the House. Robert Hello to you in Michigan. I got a family photo going on here. Gina says the mind trained rocks Stephanie from Kentucky. Barbara Virtual says ride the carousel You know I haven't done that in quite a long time, It's probably something I should do one of these days.

This Carousel is the oldest attraction in Walt Disney World. I think it's back from the early 19 hundreds. I did an article on it quite some time ago. It's got an interesting history. I think it was at a Park in New Jersey. If I remember right, maybe it was picked Pennsylvania one of those two.

Michelle says love seeing the Dapper Day folks to address up so I didn't realize it was dapper day today. I'm not so dapper, but I have seen a few who are spoken to spoke to ribbon. I met earlier you met earlier she said. Dad, I believe is in Hollywood Studios today. It's always fun to see people in their Sunday. Best Circa Very cool. Alright, another always interesting indicator on crowded levels is the standby wait time for Peter Pan's flight.

Let's see what that looks like. The lady was not happy about something 60 minutes. Well, I mean that's a long time to wait in a line, but it's not so bad for Peter Pan's flight. Tasha Good morning to you 30 - six days My glass, How cold is it by Florida standards, It's a little chilly. It is probably 60 - - three. It's only gonna get up into the mid sixties today so not not such a warm day, but it's actually a beautiful day to me. I think it's very comfortable, Braun says loves the background music Rest area over here looks good during the day looks better at night.

I love seeing all the lanterns lit up. Michelle just got back and her son proposed to his girlfriend in a Magic Kingdom. Wow, that is awesome. Alright, we're taking our long way around. Robin's got 30. Matthew in Charlotte on 90 - five headed South in Georgia Have a great time on the cruise. Thank you for that really looking forward to it. It's a merry time cruise, which I love the plan words so the cruise ship as well as castaway key are gonna be all decked out for Christmas time.

I've had one other opportunity. I think it was to see the ship at Christmas time actually a beautiful sets of decorations there and have some opportunities to interview different folks who make the cruise line run.

So I'm looking forward to bringing all that info to you. Missus Mister Toads wild ride That is a great attraction had a chance to take it in at Disneyland when I was there for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge this past May, I forgot how much fun it is. It really is a fun attraction.

If you think about it, a toad is a bad driver aggressive driver and nutty driver hands up dying and going to the place you don't wanna go. It's amazing that that. Story for a theme Park attraction, but that's what it is very interesting. Hello to you in Wisconsin, I hope you're doing well. I shouldn't showed over here. It's screams are up here in Liberty Square.

Disney is working on getting the new seating area here for the Liberty Square Market will be nice for that opens up. Kimberly Good morning to you thanks for being here.

So Liberty Tree Tavern straight ahead Thanksgiving every day of the year. They have really hearty meals. If I'm looking forward to seeing the end of the month should be coming soon, so it's today actually that I'm making a switch over to start sending Christmas pins that Disney has some really nice Christmas designs out all the different levels. I really enjoy it. Alright, I'm gonna cut through here next to Diamond Horseshoe and then hang it right. We'll get us into adventure land on our way to Tiki Room.

Ted Good morning to you, It's got two weeks to go sounds like a Christmas time trip to good morning. This is one of my favorite little cut through Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) from Liberty Square to adventure Plan.

Pet said the crowds look like today it seemed like there were a lot of folks on Main Street for sure it was crowded there, but I think maybe the crowd levels have not distributed out into the parks yet. I think the people are gonna be out in droves. Brett is a fan of the Liberty Tree Haven. The names slip by but someone asked if it's gonna be extra crowded in the week leading up to Christmas.

Yes, you can definitely count on it the week of Christmas and the week, especially between Christmas and New Year's are two of if not the busiest times here at Disney World. Usually New Year's Eve is the busiest time it's it's in that time that you will occasionally get Park closures due to capacity so end of the year between Christmas and New Year's busiest time of the year. There's a lot of excitement of being here.

It's a fun feeling but just be prepared. You're gonna have to wait but it is a really exciting time to be in the parks. Brian says did the Tiki room a couple of months ago. He thinks it needs an update so an interesting story here at the Tiki room. It was under new management with characters from Aladdin India. Well, Well, check it out. Thank you.

Barbie says the Camel's head is turning again. It's always good to see. Alright, 10 minute Wait give or take we'll see how it goes. Diana says I'm not getting a deal today. I just heard it after the long walk.

You should do that. Troy says retro Tiki Room is the best tiki room. Jeffrey said the fire was they had a Wall fixing the Tiki room. That's funny.

Alright, I think the crowd here is pretty small, but we got some for people in front of us. That's okay. This is a chance to chat. Cheryl is voting for a dull whip float. Marcy was just watching the creation of Disney Plus, Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr). Yeah, I have been waiting to watch that actually I have got my Disney Plus subscription. I signed up for a three -year deal.

I watched I watched a couple of fixed our shorts already on Really enjoying that service so far, Mike says No one in line. I think what happened was. I just missed the last show and the next one is gonna be coming, Mike said. I can get a seat. I think that I'm in a good position to be able to dash in.

Kim is a fan of the pre show. Shane is a fan of the adult version of Whip early says I should be getting like it's fun. I've actually had the person and it's really good. I think anytime you put pineapple and and a rum sort of thing together.

It's a good thing. Ted said this is inspiration to go to the washroom. It's a really nice spot here. Stephen has not been to Tiki room in a while to be able to bring it to you. It's been a while since I've done a broadcast. Colleen has got snow in Buffalo. Jessica says when did the birds come out so they will probably in a free show. They're gonna come out. Probably in a few minutes. I suspect we just missed the last show so we'll get to see a little bit of Bird chatter here in the pre-show before we go into the main theater.

Donna says the waterfall is beautiful. Stephen shared the video. Steven Thank you for that. I really appreciate it. Judy says just go to the picky bar. Jenny the Tiki Room fan, Please say hello to you thanks for being here. Just a few minutes until it's right in your right. I actually tried the Turkey sandwich and cosmic rays.

Actually the Turkey was a very good quality. It was very moist and the sauce I think it was some sort of which I don't really know what that is the mustard I think was was really good. Don Hello to you. John says he hopes they only update the last team to care cell a progress. It's I think a tough call so they could go a couple different ways they could try to keep the last scene updated to the current version of the future, which I think is always a struggle for anyone, especially Disney so change is really fast or you could take it back to its original, which would probably be what their sixties.

I would guess my guess is it. Michael Retro and restore the Carousel progress to its original feel as opposed to having a constant battle with trying to keep up with what little future be.

But we'll see the rumors I've heard is that there's a pretty good chance. We'll see some sort of change the carousel, but I don't have any insider info.

Hello to you, I hope I got your name right from Arizona. Mary Ellen is a carousel of progress fan Dodd is watching with her granddaughter. Hey Charlotte.

Thank you for being here. Votes for the Retro Pariser progress in the last team that would be Mike Charles Astin cast members ever noticed me not that I have identified so I don't think so here we go free show. New Year's Eve Now, Welcome you all. The way we discovered this magic sunshine. The River Outrage.

It should be I. And with that said, I wouldn't mind playing Poland and other places while we're there. So hopefully we'll get some financial support to do something like that! Yes I know of your vodka and maybe Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) your good food.

How are your women? What do you do besides music? I realized you are rather social person and spend much time on FB for example. I am social but mostly on Facebook! Haha I spend time writing music and doing some graphic design stuff. I spend time with my children and work also. I am a big fan of movies, so I do spend much time watching movies. Oh yes and porn haha!

I have a very sick sense of humor, and my past bands and endeavors usually get me some haters online. I am always grouped in with hate groups. I do have a past with hate and I won't deny that, but becoming a father has shifted my moral sense to my children's well being. So, politics is not something that I hold that dear anymore. I love women. But aside from that I haven't heard much.

If I do, I really don't care, because anyone who talks shit about me, unless they are my pals, usually do it anonymously!! Will we have to wait for another album for next 15 years or so?

I can almost guarantee a couple new releases from us in ! Worst case scenario, a new album in for sure! Possibly on Iron Bonehead Records! I see you are going to change the label. Matei and Deathrune have been very supportive of us since the beginning. I have never had an issue with him or his work. I wish him well on his move to Poland and his future bands and endeavors.

I think a crucial thing is support both financial and emotional. You need a label that will go to bat for you and put percent time and effort into everything a band needs. Thanks for your time Cazz. Say goodbye nicely. Thank you for your time and cool questions! Hopefully you'll translate these to English too, on your website haha! Best to you always brother! Jaka pogoda u Was w Gliwicach? Ale o tym potem - Ad.

Priest, Motorhead itp. Tym razem w lutym 88r. Machina promocyjna? Katastrofa nr 2. Super robota! Kiedy w r. Zmieniamy temat. Dla mnie wcale. Kosa Buena Studio- co to za miejsce? Ok Bero! Tyle z mojej strony! Nothing discovering though, but black metal played the old, cold style. So one day, having drunk some beers, I decided to send Vlado some questions, just for fun, not pressing him to reply.

Well, it took the ugly bitch five months to send his reply, but I finally could read what he had to say. He appears here as a total stiff and I know that if we talked live at a bottle, he would have replied at more ease, but fuck it. Some secrets are reserved for drunken meetings only haha! Still, there you go:. Hello Vlado, you old cocksucker! How are you, how is it going? Hello Marcin, you old drunkard. It goes quite well, though it is unbelievably hot in here.

But at last I found some time to answer your questions. Today I want to ask you some geyish questions about Krolok. What the hell is Krolok? Its atmosphere has charmed me so much that I told myself that Krolok is an ideal name for my side project.

By the way, the music for this movie was composed by a Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda. If you have not seen this movie I can only recommend it to you with my best regards. How did your musical education begin? Do you remember what inspired you to reach for the guitar and what did your first lessons look like?

The beginnings were tough. But if I remember correctly then it was somewhere around years — when I invited my friend As from Malokarpatan and noticed that he has got an electric guitar.

We used to listen to Black Metal mainly at that time so I learned the riffs from bands like Burzum, Mayhem and Graveland. But you are right, the riff from Deep Purple is also connected with my beginnings. Admit — you got your first guitar from Santa. He said he had something hard and long for you, asked you to touch it and when you opened your eyes yand had a guitar in your hand yes, I know you must have felt much disappointed J.

That feeling was undescribable, but no. My first guitar was bought by my fatherI think it was in After that I could dedicate myself fully to record the first demo Helcaraxe. Before we received no no, no dirty thoughts you bastard! The first one was a split with Temnohor on a cassette. What was the response for that release? Did you sell any abroad? I think the feedback was quite good but to be honest I do not remember this that much. It was a very limited edition of MCsso it evaporated very fast.

Then there was another cassette why the fuck this media? You like it so much? Do you think those releases fulfilled your expectations, both musically and when it comes to publicity? But like usually the release of the LP was delayed. And why the MC? But I realized that many people do prefer this kind of format. I have certain memories to both releases therefore I can say that I am satisfied with them.

But with some time gone there was an interest to release it so I told to myself, why not. The fact that it came out later as an LP was a matter of coincidences and it surely was not planned in advance.

Luckily those releases have been renewed in CD format. How come? Did you insist on it or the labels contacted you with the offer? BTW could you say something more about them as they are rather little known.

If I am right and remember correctly, this release had been already sold out at their storebut it can be gathered through other labels who are distributing it. Are you completely satisfied with this recording or you would change something looking from the time distance? I am satisfied with the album. With the benefit of hindsight I would change some things but these would not be too big changes. Since it has been out — a year - it has gathered pretty good reviews which makes me feel immensely good as the author.

What other bands do you record there? Considering your two bands and the studio, and regular work… how do you find time for all that? How is your husband? Beside drums I recorded everything at home. I had enough space to record the instruments and I was not under time pressure like when you pay for the time in a studio. Thank you for mentioning my fatherhood, I appreciate it a lot!

Since I have two small kids it has been rather difficult for me to find some time for music the last year. But my female partner is a tolerant person, so I cope with that somehow. They suck to me literally haha! So, following your drives, have you ever tried drinking fresh blood?

To be honest, I have not thought about blood — drinking, ever. Maybe I should change it in the near future, haha. Bloody Mary does not count, right? Are you much into horror films as well? Watched something wort recommending recently? Or you only watch porn mostly, like me? Since there has been not much time left for me due to my parental activity, I have not seen anything interesting in the last time.

Since the early recordings your music is strongly inspired with the 2 nd wave of Norwegian blackmetal, some claim that also Polish metal though. Anything else inspired you to start the band?

Polish scene was quite active and strong in the 90s. When I was younger I used to be possessed with it. Regarding newer brands I could mention Cultes Des Ghoules…. All the Krolok releases mentioned above were recorded with a bunch of older and younger pederasts from your area, who also participate in other projects Temnohor, Malokarpatan, Remmirath. Does it mean, that there are no other proper musicians you could complete the lineup with? Or you just have your dark secrets and everybody keeps compromising pictures of the others in their shelf?

Difficult to say because we know ourselves for many years so we know what to expect from each other and we do not need help from other people. Krolok is and always will be my own project. Recently you grew a beautiful moustache to sight of which women get their nipples hard and boys get hard in some other place. What was the reason? It is something new to me, beginnings were rather hard but I am getting used to it over time. As far as I know you will have the opportunity to see us live so then you can create your own opinion about us.

Being at Malokarpatan. As you always have some bottles of wine on stage, has it ever happened to you to play a gig being fucked up? It is basically a small ritual and wine during our live performances is a commitment!

I will not say where but this year, we maybe overblew it a little bit with the beverage which had some consequences regarding our presentation, therefore it is maybe better to finish ourselves after ending the performance.

Any plans for live shows with Krolok or will it remain a studio project forever? There was a thought that maybe this or the next year we could do a couple of live appearances. Since Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) have been active also in the band Malokarpatan, we perform live too, but I have not thought too much about that.

Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) is open and I am very much accessible to live performances.

Are you already carving upon a new material for Krolok? Let it go man. I do not think it is worth to disclose anything at this time because everything is in its beginning. Neverthless, next year, something will be released for sure - but - whether it will be an album or something smaller, has to be considered. OK, so now you can pull the dildo out of your ass and with the lowest tune possible tell me to get the fuck out to my fridge for another beer!

Cheers man and thanks a lot for your time. See you in hell! Thank you very much for your interest and no less juicy and refreshing questions.

I think we will see each other in a short time soon! P: Raz na kilka lat S. P: Dark Realm Rec. Jak wspominasz tamte czasy? Muzyka jest kopiowana i rozprzestrzeniana. Ekstremalna Metalowa scena jest tam stosunkowo silna. I was talking to D. Listen to the voice from the tomb. First of all : cheers man! This is fucking sick man!

Wine you say? What kind of? Do people in Portugal generally prefer wine to beer or vodka? Well, regular table wine, from a demarked Portuguese region called Pias. This place is located in Alentejo district, a region with high quality wines for a very cheap price.

I travelled once to Dublin for a fest, organized by Invictus Productions by the way, and I was wondering in the town and found a wine shop with a lot of varieties. There was a huge wall with wines from the entire world: Australia, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, etc, and Portuguese wines were there also, right in a corner, like the ugly duck in the lake. French and Chilean wines were fucking expensive like for some other countries, and the Portuguese wines were the cheapest.

And the truth is that, is not because of the cheap quality, but because of the relative cheap life standards in Portugal. So I was actually wondering, are the Portuguese wines that bad? Not really. As good as any other. On the other hand, beer is normal here too but there are just a few main brands, unfortunately. The good thing again is that is very cheap as well. Cheaper than a ninety-year-old whore. Fuck, that was cool, ahah. To make the story short: If you want to turn into an alcoholic badass, move in to Portugal!!

Portugal is not much metal country if it comes about the music. So how come you became interested in those ugly tunes? Was there any Portuguese band that had influence on you, recently or in the early days?

Portugal is not indeed a country known for metal bands and for any kind of scene or whatever but, truth must be said that there are some pretty good bands in Portugal, especially in some genres I follow. And there are no surprises here. I guess mostly people starts to get interested in this world from the classics Maiden, Sepultura, Metallica and so on. Anyway, I think I pretty much listened to every kind of metal.

There were some other acts I enjoyed but I believe those were the major for me at the time. But in fact, in recent years, you might be aware that Portugal became somehow noticed by black metal bands with numerous acts of infamy and an incredible putrefaction feeling. So, overall, in a way or another I get influenced by what happens here. Who infected you with it and what is your number one classic from the old days, the one that you return to regularly?

It is record I still return now and then and still enjoy it. Do you still follow those? Some of them still play similar music Deicide but at drastically low level, some others Amorphis totally changed their style. But there are still bands from the 90s that keep the face, like Napalm Death or Immolation. Has your taste as a listener evolved through the years, or would you rather call yourself an orthodox? I mean, there are cases I eventually still follow but I think there must be very few examples.

But mostly of those references for me were momentary, as what they play today has nothing to do with what they used to be. No way. And eventually my taste also evolved through the years. What is the origin of AT? I mean when did the idea of having a band first came up and who was the initiator? Was it difficult to find the right people to complete the lineup? Well, the idea was born years ago in a culmination of friendship with Deimus the drummer.

Unfortunately, over a decade has passed due life circumstances before we actually gathered in a rehearsal room, few years ago, in to be more precise. Ideas are discussed in a simply manner, straightforward and the processes are smooth and clean.

No bullshit. Just Death Metal. How long did it take you to complete and record the material to your debut demo? Things started moving in the right direction of Satan around and the songs to Congregations for Ancient Rituals were written and arranged since then.

The recording was fast though and the mastering too. We knew exactly how we wanted to sound like and that made our life easier I guess. It sounds obscure, heavy, cavernous and putrid.

Just the way we wanted. Fuck yeah! Great bands rehearse there regularly like Ironsword, Decayed, Corpus Christii, Ravensire, Process of Guilt, Summon, Irae, Necrobode and many others and recently has become also a reference studio for recording in Lisbon. The conditions are really cool and the owner is a very versatile guy and a good friend, so we really feel like at home. The recording sounds massive, like an album really, not a demo. In its almost 30 minutes long we believe the songs display enough diversity within what we wanted to create.

Therefore, He will give us the right inspiration to create an album when the time is due. What is your way of listening to the Lord? Do you perceive Him as a supernatural feature or is he the embodiment of your thoughts? He runs in every vein.

Good is Evil, like God. The way of listening to Beelzebul is to listen to yourself and reject the obvious, the subjugation, the moral and the weakness. You rot, you decompose into something. And those forms are taken in many ways. These ways to find Death are the false convictions and ignorance of the flocks. And my way to listen to the Lord is to observe. Observe the madness and despair of the deceivers. Why did you choose Caligari Rec? Did you contact them or they asked you to release the demo?

Are you satisfied with what they are doing for the band? Caligari is one of my favorite tape labels and since the date it was founded I came across with amazing bands I started worshipping. I really respect the work its owner makes and for me became obvious to whom to write inquiring about their interest in releasing the Archaic Tomb demo. Caligari release mostly tapes. What do you think of this medium? Do you collect tapes? I still have the tapes I used to record radio programs so I could listen to new bands later on.

I still buy tapes and to be honest is one of my favorite formats. Anyway, FUCK hipsters and fucking fashion baby-boys. The cross will come upon them. Did you also use to record radio programs? I remember spending eves and nights recording some polish programs… What were those you used to listen to?

Do you have a radio station or TV that plays that really heavy metal tunes in Portugal? Yeah I used to record radio programs, but not many though. There was 2 or 3 main radio shows in my region, but there were other cvlt radio shows. One of them was called Empacto, emitted by a cvlt personage in the Portuguese underground: Mr.

But unfortunately I just got to know the existence of this radio show few years ago, post-mortem. Death is everywhere, even for radio shows. In the TV there are no Metal shows whatsoever. What is the response to the demo? Some people like it and most people hate it. Nevertheless there have been really good reviews! We make music to ourselves, for our own joy.

Everything else is a plus. What was the first review you got to the demo? What was the feeling before you started reading it? Were you afraid of what would people think about it or you were certain it is a kick in the nuts? I believe Caligari Records had an important role on this and that has to be highlighted. Have you had any response from Poland?

I know there are some maniacs that really appreciate your tunes. I have no idea. What do you feel if people compare you to older bands? And tell me if it honors you more, Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) annoys? Comparisons are inevitable.

People do it all the time in order to have a spatial musical reference, just to know where to place X or Y band. I have no problem with that at all. Just like the reviews. Every review is personal and cannot be taken as granted to anybody else.

For example, Abiogenesis by Burial Invocation. What a monster of an album! Does that influence me?? Well, perhaps. The only common factor is definitely darkness and somber atmospheres meeting good music. What type of musician are you? Even that can be considered a trend or influence. Otherwise they would create something completely out of metal music.

If I feel that a black metal riff fits in the music so why not to use it? Is it creative? Is it different? We just follow what feels right at the moment. So, now I leave you a question: A blend of genres is a creative process or only an imitation of other bands? Which band would you call original lately then? Which of them gave you a real kick in the ass, even if their music is based on something, that had been already played?

To me they would be all those Portalish bands. Bands in the same vibe of Portal, Chthe'ilist, and the likes are impressive and stand out by their massively constructed wall sound. If not, what is your secret place where you feel inspired? Graveyards certainly inspire me. I do visit graveyards now and then, mainly for the feeling you get walkin g beside those authentic pieces of art that contains the last remains of so many damned souls.

What inspires you most while writing lyrics? The main inspiration to our lyrical content is basically the atrocities and the ways that religions endeavored in name of whatever God. We like to explore the evil side of subjects like human sacrifices, religious judgements leading to death, occult rituals to ancient gods and so on.

The way humanity always found death to be part of any cult in any part of the world is something wickedly glamorous. Punishment and suffering are conditions that always walked side by side to humanity. Pain, agony, ignorance, madness, fear, arrogance, faith and evil are only some of the weaknesses to find in our lyrics so if you identify yourself with these values, please make sure you read our message.

Well, initially this track was not meant to be part of Congregations for Ancient Rituals. The idea came up later when we thought on re-issuing the demo after being sold out in months in Caligari. So, to make a slightly different edition of the demo, CavernaAbismal Records released the demo with that extra track. Their attitude and music were perfect at the time, and this cover is nothing but a small tribute to their legacy.

I wish these guys could return, shit! Do you feel religious repression in your country? This music is certainly for Christians. The same for all the other religions, especially the desert religions. Every kind of Islam-Christian-Judaism religions are nothing but addle-heads fanaticism for weak minds and souls.

Satan worshipped cannot be anything else than the rebellion against all those religions and the negation to stupidity, ignorance and institutionalization of religions!

Young people cares less and less about Christ even if they say they are Christians. Like Christmas. What the fuck. Is it real?? Man, I must tell you I knew a guy who was a christian listening to metal music, and you know what?

Once he admitted, he had to confess from listening to Slayer and asked the priest if it was right? No shit! But I do believe many kids who had a Catholic education will change their minds after listening to metal. I was baptized, like most the kids in the past and I assisted masses till the age of 9, maybe. Just after that age, when you start seriously thinking by yourself and your own believes, and you have the capacity to search impartial information things get different.

And so, like me, there are certainly many fuckers out there. Listening to metal opened up my mind and changed my life drastically with all what involved, including the subjects and philosophies explored. Have you managed to play many shows in or outside of your country so far? Any plans for the future concerning live performance? We only played live once atMasmorra Fest, this summer and we felt really good. We will play next year again, and we are certainly open to play throughout Europe soon but I believe is still early for that.

We have some new releases in the pipeline, which I believe will give us some more visibility and probably call the attention to some foreigner promoters. We would love to go Poland also of course, a country I never been! Do you know any bands from Poland? Which do you value most? Come man, of course I do know bands from Poland. Just joking. Poland was always a prominent country in terms of metalov death.

Besides all the superstars: old Vader rules! Evilfeast is probably one of the most haunted black metal projects I ever heard. Ah, and Throneum of course!! Veterans as fuck! For me they are the Polish Nunslaughterahah. Another band I wish they could do something else is Abysm. I think the band has a lot potential but as the guy moved to the UK I believe things got a bit swampy. AH, and just for the record.

So much for visuals and so poor for music. Have said just my opinion! Die in Pain and live in Luxury!

Are you already working on it? Have you got any tracks completed? We do have new material recorded right now. We are just working in the layout right now. This split will be released by Blood Harvest in vinyl and cassette. Thank you so much for your time man, hope the questions were not too silly as for a drunk interviewer haha!

Hope to meet you one day on a gig in Poland. Any last words? Thanks for your time and for the killer support! Jak ty to widzisz? Co wiem o Polsce? Cultes Des Ghoules. Hail Kat and Pierogi!!! I must say, this album kicked me for good and made my day. Could you, please, introduce readers to the current line-up of the band? Hail and kill! You have started as Ethan.

I hear in your music old Kreator, Emperor. Would you agree? Are you worship the old metal? Why have you stick to these old days? Brazil, and in general, whole South America is the source of many bands which adheres old, obscure metal. How do you think — where does it come from? Our poor conditions also make us play as more obscure as possible, many people and bands take this very serious with devotion and passion!

That could answer your question why bands from this continent are so obscure, we still smell blood and death!

Is it because there were no other choices, no proposals, or you rather wanted to control everything yourself? Are you satisfied with the graphic design of the booklet? And what do you think about concept albums? Do you consider recording such album in the future? I like concept albums since their stories are very well elaborated and take you to a listen, for example Hell Symphonies of Root and Abigail of King Diamond are great ones.

One of them talks about lycanthropy. What is your opinion about this? Do you believe in transformation of a man into wolf or werewolf in different regions of the world, there are differences in this phenomenon — people are transforming into a bear or tiger.

Our song Lycanthropy talks about a force with no control inside a man acting like a wild animal in the name of the dark! Some could interpret it as a man transforming himself into a werewolf or as a man acting as violent and hungry as an angry wolf! Is it a tribute to the eastern part of hell…? Do you have other tracks about demons on your other releases? As I said before darkness always inspires us, and we have been always connected to ancient demonology, we have no longer composed any other lyric about demon, but it can happen in the future!

We just decided to compose a sound named Bael and study about this infernal entity because this song is old, it started being composed back to 93 when some members were playing in Bael, so it came naturally… This name was perfect to fit the sound and all of its history!

Text is not your authorship. Can I ask for a few words of explanation how did you get it? I am interesting in ancient myths and history. Egypt, Persia and Sumeria were the cradle of everything human developed as in terms of civilizations as in terms of devotion. Occultism, devil worshipping, cult of natural elements, moon and stars began a long time ago back to those civilizations. What other topics you cover in your lyrics? This is really nice track. Where did you get the idea to name this track in that way?

The title says it all for itself, believe it or not my friend, your worst nightmare is still coming more and more tenebrous than before! How did you started to work together? Did you used one of the work which was ready or this cover art. Was done especially for your album? Have you seen other works from this guy?

How you like them? What do you think about incorporating some folk elements into music? Sepultura did that while ago, and to be honest, I think these albums were the weakest…. I am really interested how difficult it is to start playing metal in Brazil.

Is it difficult to get instruments, rehearsal room, and so on? Hatewolf, on a picture from the cover you have something which looks like katana if I am right. Honor, loyalty and strength were the law, I think true metal must always be powerful and antichristian and this has to be like a sword, passed from generation to generation with honor and pride….

And now for something different. In Brazil, in next years, there will be two big football events — world cup and Olympic games. There are many fans of volleyball and football in your country. What about the status of the sport stars in Brazil? I must ask about one thing which makes Brazil famous — Rio carnival. What about metalheads and Rio — do they participate? Is it true that this is mainly 4 days of pure alcohol and sex activities? If there is a metal head on carnival, this is just another poser and fool, that is not true for his beliefs!

On the other hand, this is quite interesting. People are preparing for this carnival for the entire year, so it must be really important for them. What kind of stuff you are listening? Can you give some names and albums, so we could get familiar with them?

We are pretty lazy to divulgate our stuff and mostly of our stuff we made trades. Interests and deals with positive reviews and greets came from the most obscure souls and very extreme hellbanger maniacs…. What about gigs? One of polish bands — Besatt — have been in Brazil twice. Have you had a Chance to see them? Do you consider playing some shows here, as well? Besides of being a vocalist in DCh you also have a distro. Can you tell us more about it?

What you have in your distro? Huh, I need to point out something — soap operas. This is a nightmare! Are they so popular in your country as well? Ok, time to close on this one. Please, share the plans of the band. Any new releases or so? Thank you for your time. I wish you best luck! Any final message from you? It was a pleasure for us to take a part in your zine! Any polish maniac interest in our stuff or trade, just drop us some lines! Hail Satan! Hi Willie! As you might remember, we spoke while ago regarding your other band, and how it is to live in your country.

Shall we talk? Morbid hails, Robin! Great to hear from you again as always! I always keep asking this question to bands which share their name with other ones, and when it comes to Pathogen, we talk about three. Have you had any issues or funny moments related to this name?

There used to be 4! Yeah did we did get confused with the other Pathogens especially that one from Australia-which has now disbanded, I think. That Pathogen band from the U. They also have disbanded few years ago I believe. There are various things about this all over the Internet…. People can say or think whatever they want on the internet. But… there are the same tracks on both releases. They are our 10 th year anniversary releases. How you started your cooperation? Have you been afraid, or worried, to sign the papers with such exotic for you labels…?

And throughout most of our career, Pathogen have worked with many other foreign record labels for many of our releases-mainly because there is no future for metal bands here in the Philippines. Yeah Old Temple is a good label we are very satisfied by the results regarding our third album. Willie, you play old school DM, which is great, but rather not exploratory.

But, have you considered playing something more innovatory, more explorative? Well we are a product of our influences. Whether we like it or not all the bands we listen to will tend to rub off on our material. None of us are formally educated in music.

We all learned to play music by listening to various genres of metal and punk. Also take a look at the punk and crust bands they play the same three chords over and over but they sound great! Being good at your instrument is also beneficial but ultimately music is all about self-expression and not a sport! What about your invention? I mean as long as we feel like doing this we will continue on. There are instances in life where you need to trust your gut instinct.

And our instincts are telling us to do this, create and release music. So we will go for this. Can we get it in European shops? Do you know any polish alcohol? Apparently polish vodka is quite famous all over the world, i sit also the case in your country? Thanks to globalization! That kind of home-made liquor is now being mass-produced nowadays for export in a lot of different countries. In the Negatron interview you have told that you are interested into militaries, as well that you collect them.

Do you limit yourself to collecting these items, or you are also interested in battles, military operations, trivia? Is your interests are reflected in Pathogen lyrics? I totally enjoy reading and watching documentaries about them.

Plus also I get inspired by these conflicts to write music. Yes some Pathogen lyrics are inspired by such events. Our lyrics often deals with the fear and curiosity of death and dying, but also of twisted psychological behaviors that humans have such as egotism, megalomania, lust, insanity and other such conditions. We also write about history and war. I really have an affinity with all these chaos and darkness that is happening around the world. My reality is a never ending sense of darkness from hopelessness, boredom, desperation because we live in a rather depressing part of the city where crime and drug abuse are rampant.

Nobody is encouraging you to follow your dreams and nobody believes that we can achieve anything. That is our reality! We are not rich we all came from poor working class backgrounds just struggling to get by every day.

Your country was hit by heavy rains which caused floods and casualties. There was earthquake in Iran, flood in Korea. Do you think it can be sign of the end of times? Does god whoever it is gives us signs, that he has enough of human race? If those things stopped then it means planet earth has stopped functioning and dead. Do you believe in prophecies about end of the world? Maya, Nostradamus, but also other maybe less famous people had such visions. Do you have any local fatalist in Philippines, who would says that end of the world is coming?

I believe everything in the universe has a beginning and an end. But I do not believe the world will end anytime soon! Many generations have predicted the world end for who know how long, but nothing ever became a reality! What would you like to recommend to polish maniacs? Do you want to say anything to the polish fans and maniacs?

Yeah, I want to give one big metal salute to all you Polish maniacs for your continued support! Metallic regards! Watch out for more Pathogen releases next year. Also, thanks again to you Robin-your support means a lot to Pathogen! Willie Desamero. Fule Sahagun street. San Pablo City, Laguna First of all I have to congratulate you a quite good debut album. Am i happy with the album? I like many aspects and at the same time dislike others.

I like all the songs and it's what we were doing at the time. I'm just not happy with the production.

Nothing was triggered, and even all the old death metal records, all Cannibal's, morbid angels, Death they all had bass drums replacements the same thing as triggering, but before it was available. Also we recorded 6 songs to do a demo and got the release deal through Hell's Headbangers, so we went back and recorded another 6 to make the full length.

Podziękowania dla gości weselnych, pierniki, lukier królewski. Jun 29,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Energy Mix Vol 48 (Track lista) - Pobierz - YouTube Energy Mix Vol. 3 FULL ( kbps) - Duration: McDrive 52, views. May 16,  · PREMIERA! ENERGY MIX vol Przedstawiamy Wam najnowszą kompilację zawartą na krążku Energy Mix. Ze względu że całość mixa mogła być blokowana przez YT daje.

May 16,  · PREMIERA! ENERGY MIX vol Przedstawiamy Wam najnowszą kompilację zawartą na krążku Energy Mix. Ze względu że całość mixa mogła być blokowana przez YT daje.

Feb 13,  · Energy Mix Vol. 40 - Special Hardstyle Edition - Duration: KubaK , views. Energy - Energy hit mix vol 22 karnaval Edition - (Część 3) - . DJ Energy ‎– Energy 00 - The Official Compilation Label: Energetic Records ‎– ER, Energetic Records ‎– ENE, Warner ‎– , Warner Music Switzerland ‎– , UCMG ‎–

Plik Energy Mix Walentynki podzielony kb na koncie użytkownika wiesiu • folder Energy Energy Mix • Data dodania: 16 lut

Mar 02,  · Tracklisty wszystkich skłądanek Energy!! - posted in Film/Muzyka: Kilka było takich zapytań więc daje - Energy - Dance Mix vol. IntroCris Cross - Jump Jump (DJ Jon remix)DJ Emy - Feel the bassAquagen - Hard to say I'm sorryStarsplash - Free - Energy - Dance Mix vol. Intro & DJ Aligator - Blow my whistle bitch View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Energy (Remixes) on Discogs.

Usually New Year's Eve is the busiest time it's it's in that time that you will occasionally get Park closures due to capacity so end of the year between Christmas and New Year's busiest time of the year. it's a great time. There's a lot of excitement of being here. there's it's just kind of an energy in the air.


Ella Fitzgerald / Oscar Peterson - Ella And Oscar (Vinyl, LP, Album), Moscowitz Terkisher - Black Ox Orkestar - Ver Tanzt? (Vinyl, LP, Album), Justo Almario - Family Time (Vinyl, LP, Album), Czas DuЕјych Przemian - O.S.T.R. x Hades (9) - HAOS (CD, Album), Ljubav Mi Svitli - Radojka Е verko - Va Dihe Mora (CD, Album), Phone Home (Extended Version) - Missing Children Ensemble - Christmas Angel (Vinyl), Now Is The Time - Various - Disco Mania (Cassette), Wontcha Come Out Tonight - The Beach Boys - M.I.U. Album (Vinyl, LP, Album), Amore A Palma De Mallorca - Marino Marini Ed Il Suo Quartetto - Amore A Palma De Mallorca / Fermati, Mi Mas Dulce Querer - Conjunto ChappottГ­n - Conjunto ChappottГ­n (CD, Album)

8 Replies to “ Caught In A Moment - Various - Energy Mix - Edycja Walentynkowa 2005 (CDr) ”

  • Feb 14,  · Siemanko:D. Zapraszam do przesłuchania NAJNOWSZEGO SETA WALENTYNKOWEGO AUT!!! Oczywiście dziękuje bardzo wszystkim .
  • Dziś przedstawiam swój mini albumik harmonijkowy, którego bazę zawsze robię sama od podstaw. Tym razem do ozdobienia użyłam papierów z kolekcji Signs of Love. Utrzymany w tonacji czerwieni, jako typowo walentynkowy drobiazg, jest jednocześnie moją inspiracją na najnowsze wyzwanie w AltairArt, na które serdecznie zapraszam!!!
  • View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Energy 05 (The Official Mix-Compilation) on Discogs/5(4).
  • Jun 29,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Energy Mix Vol 48 (Track lista) - Pobierz - YouTube Energy Mix Vol. 3 FULL ( kbps) - Duration: McDrive 52, views.
  • Listen to music from Energy Walentynki like 07 - Hoobastank - The Reason, 12 - Deobe Dena - Ten czas w tym miejscu & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Energy Walentynki
  • Feb 13,  · Energy Mix Vol. 40 - Special Hardstyle Edition - Duration: KubaK , views. Energy - Energy hit mix vol 22 karnaval Edition - (Część 3) - .
  • Pełna obsada filmu Walentynki () Valentine - Podczas walentynek nieznany napastnik zaczyna prześladować pięć kobiet.
  • Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Energy Records - Various Artists on AllMusic -

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