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Down On The Corner - Various - VBS 2001: Son Creek Junction (Cassette, Album)


Clutch will perform a streamed concert titled "Live From The Doom Saloon Volume 1" on May 27th. They will be supported remotely by Crowbar, Blacktop Mojo, and Saul. This unique online concert format has been produced in conjunction with Sound Talent Group (STG), and LiveFrom Events and will use cutting-edge streaming technology to close the distance between the bands and the fans for an. (Jeff), and son-in-law Rick Peterson Smith (Holly). Born April 29, , in Mabel, Minn., to Laurance Peter->- son Sr., D.D.S., andViolet (Hellick-son), Larry had three brothers, now deceased. Graduating from Mabel High School, he was awarded attendance at the national Boy Scout Jamboree, traveling by train to Valley Forge, Pa. He received. Click "Show Songs" to see which songs were played in each episode. Each list is formatted in this way: Song - Artist - Album - Host. Songs are listed in the order that they were played. Episode - Debut Albums Show Songs.

Now, on to the good stuff. When we're not outside getting awkward sunburns, we're inside, applying aloe and looking at cool stuff online. Have a great holiday weekend! When we're not trying to get George Michael songs out of our head well, just the sax soloswe're often online looking at cool Chicago music news. Randy Michaels. While neither Q nor Merlin Media have officially announced the fate of the station, journalist Robert Feder tipped us off this morning that While we are still awaiting an official announcement, several Q DJs and employees have all but confirmed the rumors via Twitter this morning.

Q has been an alternative music institution in Chicago for the past two decades and their departure will undoubtedly leave a gaping hole in the heart of the Chicago music scene. Chicago Live!

Corgan will be interviewed along with Chicago Fire team captain Logan Pause and Trib editor Gerould Kern, and will follow the interview with a short acoustic performance. The taping will take place at the intimate Downstairs Theatre at the Chicago Theatre, which seats a mere guests.

After the show, audience members will be invited to a reception with the show's cast, crew, and guests. To snag one of these seats, head on over to Ticketmaster or the Chicago Theatre box office. The episode tapes July 21st at pm, and will air on WGN as the show's season premiere Saturday, July 23rd at pm. Let's start the week off with the announcement of another solid music festival in Chicago, shall we?

Riot Fest just announced their largest line-up to date, with headliners Weezer, Social Distortion, and Descendents, along with a special major headliner announcement on Friday June 24th. Tickets will be on sales at Ticketfly. There will also be a shuttle bus that will take fans from venue to venue. Riot Fest has really expanded fast since it kicked off in It's a great way to end the festival season, consistently offering up a solid bill and some of the best secret shows in the city I recall the secret Naked Raygun show at the AAA Warehouse a few years ago being one of the best shows of the year for me.

We'll announce the special headliner on the 24th, and then make sure you get online and grab a ticket before some of these shows sell out. There comes a time in life to eat tacos and sit outside — this weekend is one of those times. But if you're on some wifi, maybe check some of these items out:. When we're not reading Goodnight Moon to the tomato plants, we're often looking at some cool stuff about music online.

Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan tweeted this morning that his younger brother, Jesse Andersen, had been attacked and robbed this morning. Confirmed this afternoon by the Red Eyethis attack was the mugging that occurred on the red line early this morning at the Chicago station.

According to the Red Eye story, Andersen had his iPod snatched by a group of four males and one female, who punched him in the face when he tried to grab it back. Andersen, who is Billy's half-brother, suffers from cerebral palsy and Tourette syndrome, which adds an extra level of sadness to this story. We hope for a speedy recovery for Jesse.

Amazingly, Kanye West is just about the only Chicago rapper not in the news lately for stirring up trouble. In addition, to turning 34 today, Yeezy has finally unveiled the final cut of the video for his latest single, "Monster".

It's a five-minute dark, twisted fantasy full of self-indulgent close-ups, controversial imagery and visuals that can only be described as eye candy--everything you might expect from one of hip-hop's biggest livewires.

Anyone else curious as to what sort of over-the-top shenanigans Kanye has planned for his birthday? When we're not applying sunscreen liberally and regularly, we're often inside, looking at cool stuff on our laptops. The complete line-up has been announced for Dave Matthews Band Caravanthe inaugural event to be held at steel plant-turned-music venue Lakeside July 8th - 10th. Single day tickets as well as 3-day passes are available to purchase here.

Check out the full schedule below. When we're not hugging a Vet, we're often sharing our music collection with them.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! When we're not debating the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning, we're often rocking out in the basement. When we're not raising baby hummingbirdswe're listening to a lot of music, some of which is online:.

When we're not picking out a fascinator to wear to the Sox game, we're listening to a lot of wax cylinders. When we're not dodging puddles and base jumpers, we're often inside sipping on a nice mug of rootbeer, reading things online:.

When we first met Chicago nomad Netherfriends at Pitchfork Festival last year, he was working on an epic journey of 50 songs in 50 states.

The idea was simple; stop working a day job, give up your lease, tour in a van and play anywhere, and record a song in all 50 states. Well, countless miles, one broken and abandoned vanand one recovered laptop later, Netherfriends have finished their quest. And are releasing the first collection of recordings from the tour, Angry East Coastcomplete with an mini-magazine detailing some of the hijinks and adventures from the tour.

Clearly ambitious, Netherfriends will now be heading back to the East Coast to face a new challenge: bike to each show. Bicycle Tour will start and end in Philadelphia, and I'm looking forward to the reports from Shawn of the many interesting stories and thoughts that I'm sure Netherfriends will encounter on this tour. When we're not wasting spending time watching the Decorah Eagles Camwe're often rocking out while watching the Eagles Cam. In case you were just waiting for another summer music festival to blow into town, Dave Matthews has your answer: The Dave Matthews Band Caravan will be arriving for three days of rock Album) jams July In the first concert on the site, the Caravan will take place on the yet-to-be-redeveloped "Chicago's Lakeside" community which stands on the old U.

Steel South Works location, approximately located at 83rd Street and the lakefront, south of Rainbow Beach. They're also offering payment plans. Getting there is another challenge. The site is ten miles south of the Loop. The festival's site says they will also be arranging a ride-share program and long-distance shuttles my guess is that those will likely run from nearby cities like St. Louis, Milwaukee, maybe Detroit. Public transit is going to be interesting as well. The nearest CTA train stop is the Red Line's 87th street station, which is three miles from the site the fest's site says that shuttles will be in place from the station.

Metra stops much closer, but requires at least one transfer when coming from the Loop perhaps too complicated and not as timely as the CTA trains. Time will tell whether this new summer festival can sustain itself, especially in a city which already has three wildly successful summer music fests planted, as well as what remains of stellar free music offerings by the City of Chicago.

Hopes are that this new festival location might infuse the South Side with some much-deserved commerce and national attention. After attracting 48, music fans during its inaugural year, Chicago's North Coast Music Festival is back for its second year.

The festival, which showcases mostly electronica artists, MCs and jam bands, will be held in Union Park again over Labor Day weekend Sept. Tickets for this year's fest go on sale April Expect to see initial line-up announcements that day as well. Check the festival's website on the 16th for more details on how to purchase tickets. When we're not debating the merits of soft-boiled eggs on the breakfast menu, we're reading a lot of things online about local music:.

After talk of a second Jimmy Chamberlin Complex album became seemingly an empty rumor, any concrete news of a new JC project is certainly welcome. So far they've just got one song available to download on their official sitebut if you're itching to hear more from one of the greatest drummers of our time, they've got an upcoming album release in May on Dangerbird Records and are heading out on tour this spring. Local musician and record label owner Casey Meehan is offering up a nifty new treat for fans of Chicago music.

Starting Monday, Feb. Meehan vows to scour the weekly live music listings for the nearly according to Yelp Chicago venues for acts that stand out or simply shouldn't go unheard.

Then he'll compile an. Listeners are then encouraged to choose a favorite or two from the compilation and check out their live shows that week. When we're not enjoying the sound of snowpants, we're often stuck inside during blizzards, finding cool music-related things online:. Thanks to the snowpocalyptic conditions, a number of Chicago's music venues have announced cancellations for tonight and tomorrow. Here's a rundown of what we know:.

Meanwhile, some venues are proudly touting that they're staying open. And B. Today in not that shocking: The Trib's Greg Kot tells us that Wilco has abandoned the major life to create a label of its own: dBpm Records.

The Chicago group has been known over the years for doing things their own way, as evidenced in great detail in the documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart where the band is dropped by Warner only to have a subsidiary of the major label pick up their now acclaimed breakthrough album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Wilco is currently at work in its famed North Side loft on a sixth studio album. Bambaataa is the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation and currently tours dance clubs across the country spreading messages of acceptance and peace.

Most notable for his wide scope of influences including hip hop, salsa, reggae, funk, jazz and African, Bambaataa has been hospitalized and, while he is expected to make a full recovery, will be unable to appear at tomorrow night's show. Plans to reschedule the show will follow once the musician has recovered and is ready to perform again.

Ticket refunds are available through The Mid. When we're not typing with socks on our hands to stay warm, we're drinking 31 ounces of coffee in a sitting. As the weather gets colder, it gets harder to justify leaving the warmth of our homes. As part of the new, and rather self-explanatory, series "50 Free Records" the Whistler will be handing out free CDs to its first 50 patrons on Wednesdays starting on Feb.

The free discs will all be selections from the Whistler Records catalog. In the months to come "50 Free Records" will also feature exclusive releases from The Whistler's favorite local artists and labels.

The Whistler is located at N. Milwaukee Ave and opens at 5pm on Wednesdays. For more information call The Whistler at Jim DeRogatis reported earlier today that the city has laid off twenty more employees of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

However, clarifications from Peter Scales at the Office of Budget and Management seem to indicate a less-than-traumatic situation:. Therefore, the 20 city positions that currently perform those functions in the budget have been eliminated, and a commensurate amount of funding is being provided to the CTF so that CTF can hire CTF employees to perform those functions Because these functions and the commensurate funding are not being eliminated, but rather being transferred to the CTF, there will be no impact on current initiatives, including Downtown Sound, World Music Festival, Summer Dance, etc.

In fact, this shifting of personnel should go unnoticed by residents and event participants. DeRogatis and his sources fear things will not be so rosy, but it remains to be seen. However, Scales offered Gapers Block this amount of reassurance:.

The fund will be doing their own hiring for these positions. However, it is probably safe to say that should any of these folks choose to move from the City payroll to CTF that they would likely be seen as qualified to do the job they have been doing on the City side of the ledger. Earlier this week we got the sad news that Chicago based magazine Venus Zine will be ceasing print publication, and have also let their editorial staff go.

The cause of course is money, as editor-in-chief Jill Russell stated that "Despite our best efforts--and we have done AMAZINGLY well this year on the editorial side, both in print and online--it's become an issue of finances, as always in media. Some of the Transmission staff also contributed to Venusso the loss of this publication hit close to home for many of us. The magazine, their home office located in the heart of Lakeview, always gave a nod to our hometown, whether it be showcasing new local acts or using our city and places as the backdrop for photo shoots or a storyline.

Hell, we're so smitten with the magazine it even made it onto our gift guide this year before this sad news was announced. Sadly, folks who purchased tickets for the upcoming pair of shows by industrial music pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten scheduled for December 8 and 9 will have to go back for a refund.

Billionsthe company responsible for bringing Neubauten to North America, announced today on their website that, while the visas were procured, it was not done in time to procure the appropriate visits with the overseas embassies and consulates "a necessary final step in the process.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of the event, the shows will not be rescheduled, and refunds will be offered at the point of sale. Want some ways to escape the humdrum old Thanksgiving traditions this year? Here's a few ideas for how Chicago's making the holiday week sound great:. Sure there's Black Friday at the mega-stores, or you could help yourself to some local music-oriented deals. The triumphant return of Friday Quick Links is brought to you by jeggins. Fans wanting to hear the Charlatans UK this weekend can send their hopes for a speedy recovery to the band's drummer, but it's not going to make them pull into Chicago in time.

The group's long-awaited gig at the Double Door has been postponed. The venue has posted a message to showgoing hopefulls that they should hold on to their tickets as they will be honored at a yet-to-be-scheduled future date. Jon Brookes, the drummer with The Charlatans, is still in hospital in Philadelphia following his collapse on stage on Wednesday night.

Brookes has been undergoing tests and is in a comfortable condition but will remain in hospital overnight. Fans are advised to check the band's website for news on further gigs.

When we're not drooling over album tacoswe're wasting even more time online. When we're not swatting mosquitoes, we're dabbing on calamine lotion and reading things like this online:. Bad times for Chicago's Graveface Records since they were hit last month with some severe rain storms. In an effort to keep the label running, Graveface Records is holding a donation-based raffle with prizes that might provide you with an incentive to enter. By now, everyone is probably talking about that cup of urine thanks to Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu and that bass guitar designed by Mike Watt.

The Flaming Lips have also donated a secret gift. Everyone who donates will get a. For more details on the damage and the prizes, visit their page here. The past decade has been filled with a sweeping progressive change in Chicago music. The drone filled textured sound has now become synonymous with our city has gained popularity and escaped purely experimental status. Pelican can be credited to a large part of the post-rock instrumental metal movement giving not only a name, but also a place to the epic, awe inspired music they make.

The band announced that they will be playing a very special show on October 23rd at Bottom Lounge to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and also are releasing a wooden box set which incorporates the quartet's four full-length releases and three EPs. It has a limited run of copies and will be released by Germany's Viva Hate Records Yes, the same guys who did the gorgeous Agalloch set on October 19th.

For more information keep checking the band's website. Three Floyds Brewery has joined in on the love fest by announcing a yet to be named Pelican-inspired Beer. The Doppelbock, which like their music is strong and dark will be available in local bars and specialty spirit shops for a limited time. Bottom Lounge is located at W.

Lake st. When we're not hugging it outwe're checking things out online like these:. To celebrate the beginning of construction of the Old Town School of Folk Music 's new 27,square-foot building, politicians and young musicians will don hard hats and shovels to break ground in a ceremony this Thursday, August 5 at 10am.

The expanded facility, which marks the School's first new construction in its year history and its third facility in Chicago, will become the nation's largest community arts campus and expects to create jobs at the School and in Lincoln Square. When we're not rocking out with Princewe're looking at things like these:. When we're not mopping our collective brows, we're inside the air conditioner, where it's coolest, looking at things online:. When we're fighting the Triple H no, not that Triple Hwe're talking hazy, hot, and humidwe're inside, sitting in front of our computer, looking at things on the internet.

Transmission wishes to extend its sympathies and condolences to the family of Fred Anderson, who died today at age Anderson, a founding member of the AACM Association for the Advancement of Creative Musiciansowner and operator of the South-side Chicago jazz club the Velvet Loungeand a thoroughly revered and respected tenor saxophonist and bandleader.

Anderson, by all accounts, was the proverbial guy about whom no one had a bad word to say, a respected pillar of the Chicago free jazz scene who acted as a mentor for many people now considered legends in their own right, including Douglas Ewart, Hamid Drake, and George Lewis, all of whom came through his ensembles. Today's Sun-Times has an obituary for Mr. Anderson, while the Sun-Times' Jazz critic Howard Reich posted an article earlier this week about the possible fate of the Velvet Lounge.

One thing everyone agrees on is that the only way to save the Velvet Lounge is to keep patronizing the Velvet Lounge.

Take a page from our early Chicago forebears: vote early and often. These are just a few of the artists announced today who will be playing those official Lollapalooza aftershows. What better way to keep the party going straight from the festival grounds late into the night? Our friends at Do are the source for all things Lolla-aftershow, and their kickoff party is tonight at Debonair N Milwaukee. Tickets for all the aftershows go on sale this Friday at 10am.

See the full list after the jump. Sonar By Night is a showcase of DJs and electronic music in a location outside of Barcelona and many of the sets are recorded and available online. No venues or acts are confirmed yet, and details are a little far off.

Chicago-based Americana band Dastardly have released a live performance video for their song, "Villain. Want to see Canada's Caribou in a more intimate setting before he lights up the sky from Millennium Park in July? Caribou is coming all the way from Dundas, Ontario.

A tiny-fraction-of-the-way-road-trip from Chicago will complete the circle. Rock Island brewing Company is located at 2nd Ave. Chicago has no shortage of summer music festivals, but that doesn't make the inaugural North Coast Music Festival any less welcome. With a lineup including The Chemical BrothersMobyDisco BiscuitsCold War Kids and Flying Lotusthe festival offers an alternative for those in the Perry's Stage crowd at Lolla who don't want to pay high ticket prices to be tucked in a corner all weekend, and they're bringing along a few indie rock kids and jam band friends for the ride.

Here's the catch: They're not letting us know where the concert is going to take place until a few hours before the performance. What we do know is The Dead Weather will be playing somewhere within city limits on the night of May 22nd, and the location of said concert will be announced on Kin's Facebook event page. Prepare to spend an entire Saturday afternoon refreshing Facebook, and I'll see you there. With a full summer of music lining up nicely, September may seem pretty far in the future.

But it's not too far to start thinking about the newest Chicago music festival to take place at Union Park. Details are not abundant at this point, but the rich history of its braintrust should be plenty to drum up pleasant expectations. And a likely rumor or two never hurts hype. In other completely speculative news, the legendary stoner metal band Sleep has confirmed a date at New York's All Tomorrow's Parties where they'll play their classic Holy Mountain.

Like all news of reunions, the rumor mill has lit up and Chicago is noted as a probable stop on an upcoming tour. Sleep may now be cited just as much for the bands it spawned High on Fire, Om as for the music it made during its initial run through the s, but there is no denying its extraordinary influence on stoner and doom metal over the last decade.

When we're not paving the way for our new space ant overlords Hail Ants! The Dead Weather yesterday announced a string of summer tour dates, including a July 30 date at the Congress Theater. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, May 8. Video of the band performing the album in its entirety can be viewed on their MySpace page. A full list of tour dates, after the jump. When we're not running down hills covered in flowers, we're inside, in the dark, looking at our computers. I was starting to think that city cutbacks were going to stretch all the way into summer music programming at Millennium Park, but luckily the schedule for this season's Edible Audible Picnic arrived in our inbox today and here we share it with you.

As you probably guessed by the name, Edible Audible Picnic is a music series that takes place at, you guessed it, lunchtime at Pritzker Pavilion. Every Monday afternoon beginning on June 7th, the "polyrhythmic music series" will present bands and DJ's spanning from around the world to right here from Chicago including Green VelvetThe Cool Kids and Orchard Lounge.

It's like a party instead of work. You can step away from your computer for an hour a week for that, right? Camping is available at four of the tours five stops sorry Milwaukee. Advance tickets are available now and about to be capped for the Monticello date. So head over to Daytrotter.

And if the cheap tickets and exclusive downloads weren't already enough, half the price of admission will go to someone in need:. Each night, half of every paid admission will go to someone who needs help. Maybe it's someone you know. We are choosing one individual or family — based on your nominations — to receive some help from the Barnstormer. So, write rsvpdaytrotter gmail.

We'll take the best five stories and do what we can to make things a bit better. Full tour schedule, links to purchase advance tickets and Daytrotter sessions from all the artists after the jump. We've just learned that Melissa Auf der Maur 's appearance at the Beat Kitchen this Saturday has been canceled as she and the band struggle to find flights into the States. The good news is Melissa's Venus Zine party and movie screening Friday night details here might still happen.

We'll update this post with news and soon as we hear anything definite. When we're not crate diving, we're listening to records. When we're not doing that, we're often online looking at things like this:. When we're not selling five copies of The Three EP's by the Beta Band, we're looking at these things on the internet:.

We've sent a lot of love, good thoughts and even money towards the members of The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir after their horrific van accident last fall, and now we have some great news to report--the group has announced their return to the stage! On Saturday, June 19th you can see them make their triumphant comeback at Subterranean W. North Ave. In other good news for the SYGC crew, "Topsy Turvy," a song from their first record, just appeared in an episode of Gossip Girlsplus they were recently featured on the cover of the Trib's Arts section for a story about the hot topic of health care and their own experience regarding the accident.

Hometown trio by way of Rockford Hey Champ has some big news to announce: After signing with new Seattle based label Townie Recordsa release date of July 13th has finally been set for their debut album, Star. Ever since we first saw the video for " Cold Dust Girl " we were hooked. The hit single could be heard everywhere last year, arguably becoming the song of summer, even landing them a spot on Lollapalooza's roster.

We've gotten a taste of what's to come on the album at live shows here and there, which has made July 13th a day we will eagerly await. For your very own taste, visit their website for a free download.

When we're not kicking ass and taking names, we're sitting quietly in front of a computer, looking at things like this:. When we're not soaking up sunbeams in Chicago! Downtown Sound is a free concert series offered by the city that takes place on Monday nights over the summer in Millennium Park.

And this year, with the likes of The Besnard Lakes, The Thermals, Wilco's Nels Cline and hometown girl Kid Sister and that's just a taste scheduled to appear, there's not a Monday night that you're not going to want to be on the Pritzker Pavillion lawn. When we're not losing the office Oscar pool, we're hunched over our laptop, ruining our posture looking at these things:.

When we're not trying to find the right cable to charge yet another portable electronic device, we're glued to our screens checking out things like these:. Toronto sandwich shop Sky Blue Sky has molded its entire menu around Wilco.

Makes sense since the shop holds the name of the Chicago-based group's sixth album. Each signature sandwich is now named after a Wilco song. See the whole track listing, I mean, menu here. It's officially March which means you've survived yet another February in Chicago.

But, as usual, snow still on the ground makes it hard to believe that you'll ever be sitting on the Pritzker lawn listening to music ever again. Well, here is a little light at the end of the tunnel. With all the cuts the city is makingfree music at Pritzker Pavilion is luckily not one of them as Millennium Park has just announced the Grant Park Music Festival taking place June August Plus, look for special appearances from guest composers and musicians, including one night featuring the world premiere tour of BBC's Planet Earth film with conductor and five-time Academy Award-winning composer George Fenton.

See the full schedule here. And don't forget about those open rehearsals--get out of the office for an hour for lunch, or just an afternoon walk. When we're not dreaming about fresh fruit mmm, mangoes we're burning out our retinas reading things online, like this:. Local hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive is heading the charge, claiming that the "DOOMpostor" and his DJ were performing to a recording of album tracks, and holding fast to the assumption that the performer was in no way Down On The Corner - Various - VBS 2001: Son Creek Junction (Cassette Dumile.

They maintain that they have no knowledge of whether the performer was MF Doom or an impostor, and the performer's behavior - while suspicious - gave them no clues. However, they are threatening legal action for a breach of contract if it becomes clear that MF Doom sent a stand-in. Record label Jade Tree recently announced that Cap'n Jazz's surprise performance with Joan of Arc last month wasn't your last chance to catch them live.

The seminal Chicago-based emo band will be headlining a show on July 17th at the Bottom Lounge. Jade Tree also confirmed rumors that they would be pressing Cap'n Jazz's anthology Analphabetapolothology to a double LP, due June 15th. The release will come with a ton of extras, including new photos and liner notes by Tim Kinsella. It happens earlier and earlier every year, and while it's hard to think about with a foot of snow still on the ground, there is already speculation about who you will be braving the blazing heat and sun to see headline Lollapalooza in August.

Although I would love to see Gaga live, I was a lot more pumped and a little relieved to hear about the second batch of artists. What about you? What do you think of the rumored leaks so far? Who else would you like to see take the stage at Lolla this year? Word came in late last night from the Metro that the much-anticipated Kings of Convenience U. I dont know more than this at the momentbut check this space for more info today and tomorrow.

The scheduled appearance at Jimmy Fallon show on thursday will in any case most likely fall out. So instead of rolling into Chicago next weekend, they're going to wait until June 10th to play the Metro.

All tickets purchased for the February 20th show will be honoredso not to fear. If you cannot make the rescheduled date, refunds are available at your point of purchase. Speedy recovery, Erik! When we're not taking way too much time deciding which variety of orange juice to buy, we're online checking out these sites:. True to their word, our numeric-rating-centric neighbors have announced the first acts for this year's Pitchfork Music Festival.

To no one's surprise thanks to Greg Kot Stephen Malkmus will be coming back with some band who's not the Jicks. Modest Mouse will be floating through their own Friday night performance which so far has not been designated as a single-album performance, so keep your eyes peeled.

Saturday night brings none other than LCD Soundsystem and Raekwon who hopefully won't face any mixing board problems - James and the chef would be the last ones I'd want to sonically offend. On the other end, who knows what kind of production notes are given for Lightning Bolt on Sunday - suffice to say there won't be any napping going on at that point.

But fear not! The charming St. Vincentold-timey-but-not-that-old Cass McCombsand rising duo of Sleigh Bells will be around to soothe you at some point Sunday as well maybe directly after - Laughing With a Mouth of Blood could reach a whole new level with Brian Chippendale's drums tearing a cameo through it.

Friday, July 16th: Modest Mouse. Sunday, July 18th: Pavement St. Tickets go on sale today at noon, and can be purchased here. The price has gone up a bit this year, but Friday's festival will be starting at 4 pm much earlier than past years. And hey, unless you scored yourself some Golden Tickets, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than Lollapalooza. Weekend passes will not be available this year. Compare the two songs in question:.

Whether the band ever heard the song is unknown, but it'd be hard to argue that there's no similarity between the former and the latter. We'll see how far the lawsuit goes. When we're not eating too many gummi bears, we're standing right behind you! Nah, just kidding, but we are online a lot. Neko Case 's Middle Cyclone was one of my favorite albums of last year, and not just for the stunning album art, which is absolutely outstanding on its own. Kathleen Judge, long-time Hideout bartender and design artist, designed the cover and is being recognized with a Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package.

It's also pretty well known that Case, who is up for Best Contemporary Folk Album as well, once upon a time tended the Hideout bar herself.

All tickets for the January 29th show will still be valid on February 13th. If you've purchased a ticket and will not be able to make it on February 13th, a full refund will be available at your point of purchase. When we're well, really just me not getting in fistfights over the last pair of Hunter boots, we're often online.

Local venue Empty Bottle announced today that they are opening an "inn" in the Logan Square neighborhood. Not many details are available, but they say the first floor is complete and the opening is set for January 20th. You can sign up for their email list at their website. The gist? Get comfortable, and think of your bartender as your innkeeper. When we're not making slushballs and chucking them at alley rats, we're online looking at things.

Our fair city is many things to many people, and its music is no different. In electronic music, we're most renowned for being the home of house music. But Chicago has a legacy in an entirely different culture, and is known in more than a few circles worldwide as the home of legendary record label Wax Trax. Dannie Flesher, co-founder of Wax Trax, died of pneumonia this past Sunday in his family's home in Arkansas at the age of Flesher and his partner in business and life, Jim Nash who passed away inare largely credited with introducing our side of the pond to industrial, a new sound at the time in Europe combining the technology of electronic music with the aesthetics of the recent punk movement.

They opened the Wax Trax record store and affiliated label in Chicago in and with it gave a home to imports, expatriates, outcasts and a bevy of musicians who've influenced rock and electronic music all the way to the mainstream. Of course, Flesher and Nash didn't know how far their impact would reach at the time. In its heyday, Wax Trax had more in common with a family than a record label, both in relationships and in sense.

Known for backing artists no one else would, and putting out releases without much regard for cost or business practices, the company went bankrupt in and was bought by TVT Records.

But in that time Flesher and Nash's good ears for talent and unyielding support for their artists helped Wax Trax leave a lasting impression not just on Chicago, but the American music scene at large. Jerry Bryant has been a staple in my house every Wednesday night since I was a wee teenager discovering alternative music for the first time.

Between his big bushy gray beard and signature chuckle, the man was like my own personal Santa Claus bringing the gift of this world of music of which I had been completely oblivious.

I cannot even count the number of times I pestered him via email to play the latest Smashing Pumpkins video -- requests which he usually obliged until one day he responded, "Enough Smashing Pumpkins! This morning, the show has announced that former Q DJ Ryan Manno pictured above will be taking the reigns as the new host. Considering Jerry Bryant has produced and hosted over 3, episodes of the show, these are pretty lofty shoes to fill.

Never fear -- we'll still be treated with a Jerry Bryant fix via a weekly segment highlighting Jerry's archived footage from the past 25 years. Here's to an exciting new chapter in an iconic Chicago television show. Pitchfork 's festival isn't happening for roughly another half-year and the dates aren't even set yet, but it seems that there's already been a headliner subtly announced.

In the Louisville Courier-Journal 's article about Pavement's much-anticipated reunionit's noted that "Chicago's Pitchfork Festival will likely be the closest" show to Louisville. Now, the real question is in how a person reads the word "likely. If the band is walking or bicycling across the country, a mid-July date in Chicago aligns with those two just perfectly. Gosh, thanks all! In spite of his rapidly increasing pain and discomfort, he carried on with the tour, but immediately upon returning home saw an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed a Cervical Radiculopathy.

The rocker initially did not want to take the major surgery route, so the specialist recommended a series of minimally-invasive procedures. While those procedures have resulted in some improvement, Araya continues to deal with intermittent bouts of severe pain, numbness and muscle spasms. The surgical procedure that Araya will undergo, called an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, is a relatively routine practice and the recovery rate is excellent.

Booking agents for both Slayer and Megadeth are already hard at work rescheduling the tour dates; tickets already purchased for these shows will be honored at the rescheduled dates. If thought you had one of the tickets to the upcoming Lady Ga Ga shows January 8, 9, and 10,well, you don't. The shows have been moved from the Chicago Theatre to the Rosemont Theatre due to production issues.

Tickets to the Chicago Theatre shows which sold out in 15 minutes will not be honored by the Rosemont, so you'll need to get a refund on those. But there is an exclusive presale starting tonight at 5pm for those who had tickets originally. Details at the Chicago Theatre siteor click below to read a statement provided by the Chicago.

Update According to a Chicago Reader Early Warning email received this morning, any additional Lady Ga Ga tickets that are available after the pre-sale will go on sale Monday, January 4th at 10am. Well, you're in luck. The Empty Bottle will be releasing additional pairs of tickets over the next week to their friends on TwitterFacebook and those who get their newsletter.

That's a pretty cool Christmas present if you ask us! We've mentioned before how cool we think Spencer Tweedy teenage son of Wilco extradionare Jeff Tweedy is, and now he has something else under his belt to brag about.

Beck has been doing these one day " Record Club " sessions described as an "informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day.

The "club" has been posting a song a week to keep you wanting more I supposeand this week's release is a kickass version of "Weighted Down" video below. The track Spencer sat in on drums for isn't up yet, but keep your eyes posted to his blog for when it goes live and just to read how exciting it was to meet Beck.

All net proceeds from the album will go to them. An accompanying video featuring a conversation between artist and activist Henry Rollins and Morello can be viewed in 4 parts below. Claus themselves, personally delivering gifts and donations to families who write letters to Santa.

But this year, due to changes at the U. Post Office, the names and addresses on those letters are blacked out. The original letters and contact information are still kept and filed by the Postal Service, but now donations have to be submitted to them directly and are sent by mail.

The Postal Service cites privacy concerns in the changing of the Letters to Santa program last year. In his Whinna's own words: "Just the idea of mailing a gift, it almost makes me think the postmaster general has never been to a housing complex. If there's no human contact, it will kill the program. And here's one more piece of Smashing Pumpkins news to start off the week - the first song off their latest album, Teargarden by Kaleidyscopehas been released this morning.

The song? The song will be available to download on SmashingPumpkins. I'm happy to say the band has done the song justice with the studio version, and it is certainly a refreshing change from the somewhat emotionless fare of Zeitgeist. Teargarden by Kaleidyscope will be released for free online one song at a time over an unspecified amount of time, with a total of 44 songs.

All songs will be Album) via the Smashing Pumpkins official site. Been wondering what drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has been up to since his sudden departure from The Smashing Pumpkins last March? Well, for the past several months he's been busy conducting free drum clinics at music stores across the country.

This is the name of Jimmy's new project. No, seriously, the ever-confusing name of his band is "This," and they'll start recording their debut album come January. You can take a listen below. Hey Champ will be performing live at Lincoln Hall Dec. Tickets are still available for both shows. The Bamboozle is a 2-day music festival that has been rocking New Jersey sinceand branched out to California in Inthey're venturing out to a new location, and because Chicago is really lacking in the music festival department, they've just announced that they've decided to set up shop here.

If that sounds like your type of thing, mark your calendar for May 15th, when they'll be taking over the First Midwest Amphitheater. Philadelphia's ABC Action News is reporting that Kill Hannah 's van and trailer, which had been stolen last night in a hotel parking lot in Philadelphiahas been recovered. No arrests have been made. As much as you might not want to believe it, winter is right around the corner, but one bright spot is that Schubas' Tomorrow Never Knows festival comes with it.

And now that their new space Lincoln Hall is up and running, they're spreading the festivities across both venues. TNK is a great opportunity to check out up and coming artists that haven't broken through the industry chatter quite yet. Plus it gives you the cred to say you knew them when Single show and five-day passes go on sale Friday, November 13 at noon. Visit schubas. Read all our Tomorrow Never Knows coverage.

No doubt you've heard about the horrible van accident that The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was involved in last month on their way to a gig in Cincinnati.

While most members of the group are still pretty banged up, they remain positive--Jim DeRogatis details here how they are "on the mend. SYGC and Bloodshot Records are "so grateful for the support fans have shown so far" and want to thank those who came out to the SubT Halloween benefit, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Wondering how you can help? Bloodshot has just announced three more benefit shows plus the band's Paypal account is still open for donations.

Details after the jump. Hold onto your Biore nose strips -- the for-the-ladies music festival known as Lilith Fair is coming back in the summer of Our Holy Lady of Lilith, co-founder Sarah McLachlanplans to take the festival overseas for the first time, as well as touring extensively in the U.

No dates have been set, but Chicago is one of the cities the Lilith Fair will visit. Having played over live shows armed with only two Nintendo Game Boys and two home-brew aftermarket music programs, he has a dedicated following and has been known to ignite dance floors with his high energy live performances.

The Fake Fictions' studio rules courtesy band Flickr page. We got word yesterday that, sadly, Chicago fuzz pop band the Fake Fictions are calling it quits as of next month. We interviewed Nick and Sarah Ammerman of the band a couple of years ago when their very cool album Krakatoa came out and they had just performed on Chic-a-Go-Go. The band lasted for five years, though a studio fire, DIY experimentation with tape hiss, and attempts to make a little pop music art.

It's sad to see them go. The band's last show will be Nov. Her entry, "My Bucket Song" was inspired by how much she missed Chicago after leaving to pursue musical endeavors in San Francisco last year. She returned in June and "was elated to be back. State St. We have an update on local band The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir who were in a van roll-over accident last month.

While most of the members came out fairly unscathed, Mary Ralph and Mark Yoshizumi still remain in the hospital. The group's van was totaled in the accident and so was the majority of their gear, and now they're asking for your help. The group is holding a benefit concert at Subterranean on Halloween to help out with medical bills and purchasing new instruments.

Show starts at 9pm. We were there last time Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis performed at Congress, and one thing is for sure--you're in for one hell of a party. Photo by Tankboy. Show starts at pm. Greg Kot gave us a preview of new venue Lincoln Hall last August over on his Tribune blogand now tickets have finally been released for sale for upcoming shows at this Schubas -born venue, located at N Lincoln Ave.

According to LincolnHallChicago. The first show listed on the website is electropop duo La Roux on October 21st, but no word yet on whether that will be the official first show at the venue. Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter for further updates. All tickets are available to purchase online here. Influential Chicago group Tortoise has announced that they will be playing an in-store performance this Sunday at Reckless Records in Wicker Park in support of their new album Beacons of Ancestorship.

The album is their first in five years and this will be only their third in-store appearance. They play at 5pm sharp, but since it's FREE, we recommend arriving early as they are sure to draw a big crowd to the small shop.

Six members of Chicago band Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were injured in a rollover accident yesterday in Indiana while on their way to Cincinnati. According to Chicago Breaking News"Indiana state police said a preliminary investigation showed the band's Chevrolet van was southbound in the left lane when a tire failed on the rear passenger side, causing the van to roll over multiple times on the grassy median. We've also got word from Bloodshot Records that Ethan, Jay and Alison have been treated and released for their injuries.

Donate here. That's right, they're giving you the chance to play at the festival with the Last Banjo Standing contest. Pretty sweet, right? To enter, submit two songs here by October 1st. From October 1st thru October 15th, the polls will be open to vote on the best tracks, with a limit of one vote per email address per day. Simple enough. Local bands, get on it! The Smashing Pumpkins have just announced plans for their next album, titled Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.

The album will consist of 44 songs, released one at a time via free download, starting sometime in the next couple months. A physical EP will be released between every four songs 11 EPs totaland after all 44 songs are released, the EPs will be compiled into a deluxe box set. Read Billy Corgan's official statement here.

Riot Fest is the little punk festival that could, a celebration of music only in it's fourth year, but rapidly expanding and gaining a strong presences each year in Chicago.

This year the line-up includes an impressive roster, from legendaries like Naked Raygun and Screeching Weasel to hometown heroes Alkaline Trioand everything in between. And it was with great pride to find out that our "little" festival was spreading out West.

So it's with heavy hearts to report that Riot Fest West has been postponed, and even heavier hearts to share the reason why. The mid-November festival in Los Angeles will be pushed back until Spring due to health issues challenging the founder, Riot Mike.

Very sad news, but we know Riot Fest will still be kicking Chicago's ass later next month, and have no doubt that come Spring L. Riot Mike's personal statement is after the jump. For the past five months, a certain someone has been notably absent from The Hideout. On September 1st at 9am, www. Tuten as they talk with him about schools, rock and DC. If you've ever been to a show at The Empty Bottleyou've likely asked your friends, 'what is that cat doing in here?

We're sure that he fully lived all nine of his lives rockin' and rollin' over the years--any one of them worth envying. He will be missed. Chicago-based Califone have released tour dates and a film trailer in support of their upcoming album, All My Friends Are Funeral Singersdue out October 6.

The album is a companion-piece of sorts to frontman Tim Rutill's first feature film of the same name. The majority of the tour, which kicks off October 10 and 11 at the MCAwill find them playing a live soundtrack film performance.

View the complete list of dates here. Pearl Jam 's new album, Backspacerdoesn't come out until next month September 20th to be exactbut right now you can watch a documentary on the making of the new record on MySpace Music.

The ten minute short was directed by Danny Clinch and produced by Three on the Tree. You can preview the band's current single, "The Fixer," on MySpace as well. Also, don't forget they roll through town next week with two shows at the United Center on August 23 and Photo by Danny Clinch. The title track can be heard here. They play at Logan Square Auditorium on September 8. Keep your eyes peeled on Lollapalooza. The sale will go live within the next couple days and will most likely sell out within minutes, so be prepared.

On Monday, a limited number of Lolla tickets for will be sold at the price, which I'm guessing means that they might be hiking up the ticket cost big time next year. Since the change happened so last minute, no tickets are required and the show is FREE. This is one aftershow we might actually consider hitting up now.

We talk a lot about girls rocking on Transmission, but don't think you have to be a girl to pick up this book, or a kid for that matter. If you're a musician looking to start a band, or you're already in a band trying to figure out how to book gigs, or you're just interested in buying your first guitar or drum set, this book has everything you need to know that won't find anywhere else unless, of course, your best-ie is already a successful musician The book tour resumes on August 19th in Oak Park and she will be joined by Katie Stelmanis and her 5 girl band and twin sister duo Ghost Bees.

Dates and deets after the jump. Well, that was fast! Just over 24 hours after The Beastie Boys announced they will be canceling their summer tour dates, Lollapalooza has announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be the replacement band in the Saturday night headliner spot. No word yet on whether Lolla will be offering refunds to those who purchased one-day Saturday passes with the intention of seeing the Beasties.

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch announced today that he has parotid gland cancerand the band will be canceling or postponing all upcoming concert dates -- including Lollapalooza and the show at the Congress Theater.

Their upcoming album, Hot Saucehas been pushed back as well. Here's his announcement, posted this morning on beastieboys. Chicago poet and music lover Thax Douglas died this morningaccording to a post on his Facebook profile by his dad. The post reads: "This is Thax's Dad. Thax passed away this morning at about 10am. I know he loved the many friends he had in Chicago and I ask that you pray for him this evening. A dynamic bushy-bearded figure, one always knew it was a real Chicago show if Thax moseyed up to the mic to read a poem before the band went on.

Read our interview with Thax here. More details hopefully to come. Update: Tributes are starting: Schubas has posted a Thax tributeincluding a photo from his reading last August at the music space. Update: Not dead?

Sick joke? There is some conjecture about the death of Thax being untrue. Apparently a poem was published to his MySpace page more than two hours after the Facebook post claims he died. Carcano Carbine 7. Carcano Rifle Winchester 22cal. Belgium Browning Delux Light 12 Springfield, S.

French Brevette 16ga. Swiss Ruben 7. Swiss Wafeen Fabrik Long Barrel 7. Chilean Winchester Mauser Marlin 16 ga. Pump Springfield A-3 Mosin Nagant Springfield M-1 Eddystone Rifle Hap Ariska Winchester repro Winchester Mod.

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Market Street Johnson City, Tennessee Carol Flynn Estate Auction. Partial listing-Oak side by side, Black memorabilia collection,oak curved glass china cabinet, round oak table, Fox model B 12ga.

March 1st am Hollow Timbers Rd. Gray Tennessee A nice lifetime collection of antiques, primitives, collectibles, glass, pottery,fine and country furniture, depression glass,salt-glaze, pressed glass,clocks,household,baskets,Walnut Victorian slant-top secretary, stained glass, iron patio furniture,oak telephone and churns, fine china, tools,snow blower ,mowers, good weed eaters,hand tools, and much more. This will be an all day auction with our tents set up. Winter Antique Cane Auction.

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Date: Saturday, October 18, Time: E. Sales results will be posted after all of the after auction sales have taken place. The following link is the link for a pdf. Click on the link to open it or save it to your desktop for easy viewing. Ebay quit live auctions and now all of the antique cane auctions will be carried on liveauctioneers. Be sure to go to that site before the auction and register. Do not wait until the day of the auction.

Date: Saturday, August 9, Time: E. Clifford Poland,A. Movie and still camera collection Estate auction. Movie and still camera collection Estate auction Sat. July 12th- EST Mr. Poland retired here in Johnson City.

He worked as the director of photography for 47 shows of "Flipper". He did work for Desilu and even Allen Funt. His father also was a photographer in Memphis, Tennessee. This collection is a little bit of everything and somethings we dont know, but if you are into this type of collectable you need to be here.

Antique movie camers, still camera, early paper, photos and much more. We will sell over lots by catalogue on Ebaylive and then sell another in the house for in-house bidders. Below is a link to the partial catalogue on ebay. Date: Saturday, May 24, Time: Click on the above photo to see more. Date: Saturday, May 10, Time: E. Date: Sunday, March 23, Time: Below is the link to the catalogue. We will be adding items as we get closer to the sale date.

You may call in or email us an absentee bid and we will bid for you competitively as if you were here. Email bids to kimballsterling earthlink.

Imagination, and many more. Also for in-house bidders after we finish the catalogue sale we will sell over pieces of art in house. Many known artist, early folk pieces and more Absentee, live internet and in house bidding at our gallery here in Johnson City, Tennessee Info call or email elizabethsterling earthlink.

Date: Sunday, February 17, Time: E. See the movie of the best folk-art cane sale at the following link. Be sure and see all four sections of the folk-art cane auction. Below is the link for the catalogue.

It is a 11mb pdf file and will take a few moments to load the first time. USA Ross is up to his old tricks again. A man by the name of George Powers who lives in Montreal has received messages from Mr. Ross sent him photos of things he's "selling. George's phone number is xxxx and his e- mail address is vandenbergh88 xxxx.

He can give you a lot more information. Ross is using the name Katherine this time. Katherine said she has some old things for sale and she and her brother Richard don't know what they're worth. Ross sent George several photos. I'll forward the messages and photos to you. Like I mentioned, one of the items is the same pedestal Mr. Ross "sold" me. When I originally saw the ebay listing for the pedestal, I went into Mr. Ross' other items. One of them was a round bench with dark pink upholstery.

That bench is also in one of the photos. I talked to George on the phone last night. He told me Mr. Ross has opened a new ebay account.

After contacting him and looking over the small claims court website I decided not to try and recover my money. If I do, I could just end up losing a lot more money, and I couldn't deal with the thought of losing any more money on the account of that waste of a human life.

The small claims website says that I can ask for expenses incurred in suing Ross. First, I would have to win the case and be awarded the money I spent suing him. I would have to travel to Winnipeg for the trial. They will only garnish his wages for a year. If I don't get all my money back, I would have to go back to court to get his wages garnished again.

They can put a lien on his property, but I doubt if he has any. I think he lives in his parent's house. Mandy Ambrose can't give me any help at all, not even advice.

She's just told me that if I want to take Ross to court, I need to file the suit very soon. She can't tell me anything about the other victims. She said I would have to hire a lawyer to do that. I don't know why lawyers can be given that information, but I can't. The Canadian legal system is just as screwed up as ours is. Anyway, I got a brochure in the mail yesterday about mail fraud.

Apparently it's becoming a major problem. They will investigate crimes that are committed using the US Postal Service. Their website is postalinspectors. I filed a complaint. It probably won't amount to anything, but I'm hoping he gets charged with mail fraud in this country, Album). The more crimes he gets convicted of, the better.

I sent Mr. In addition to the charges he's facing in Canada, he should also be charged with mail fraud in the U. I don't know how his other victims paid him.

The crimes should be investigated to see if others mailed payments through the U. The prosecuting attorney should be able to give you that information. Her name is Mandy Ambrose. Her e- mail address is mandy. I don't know that all 7 of the victims are Americans, but I think most of them probably are. I know that one of them lives in Kentucky. His name is Dan Sutherland. I do know that none of the victims are Canada. Carlton Bruce Ross also known as Charles Griffin has been arrested and charged with seven counts of Fraud.

Court is set for June 9, at the Winnipeg Provincial court office. Someone will catch him soon. This man is a liar and a thief. Sterling president of Kimball M. Two time winner of the "Best of Show" award from the National Auctioneers Association and an Internationally known auctioneer for the past years.

Nikita took his listing off of ebay before the auction ended and I sent him a message asking him why he did that. Then I bought the pedestal from him outside of ebay. Ebay is always cautioning people not to do that. It sounds like Dan didn't use paypal. He paid for the things he bought with a bank transfer. For several months now, ebay won't let people sell things unless they accept payment by paypal. I think Nikita is getting people to buy things outside of ebay and with payment methods that are insecure.

When I talked to him on the phone, he told me I could send him a money transfer. That's the least secure payment method. Nikita's using ebay to advertise his things if they really are his, and they probably aren't and then screwing people by getting them to do things that ebay cautions against. That's probably why they didn't care when Dan contacted them.

I fell victim to Nikita because the thing he advertised on ebay was the coolest piece of antique furniture I've ever seen. I just really wanted it and was willing to take the chance. I should have told him I would drive to Montreal and pick it up and pay him when I picked it up.

It's too late for that now. Oh well. Have a good day. And thanks for being so proactive in trying to put a stop to this idiot's scams. It was good to hear that someone read your website and it prevented him from buying that clock that Nikita advertised. You're a good man. What address did you use for the Canadian Police?

I would be interested in working with you on this. Maybe this would be of greater interest for the RCMP? I was told to contact the FBI fine arts fraud division and the internet fraud division and they would work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. If you have any more contacts or information I would appreciate knowing.

Again I certainly appreciate you getting with me and one day this thief will have to recon with the legal authorities. What really made me mad was that e-bay did nothing to help me and he even filed a complaint against me saying I did not pay him!

Of course the bank transfer was sent to Charles Alexander Griffin his alias. The person who sends the responses signs his name Phil. I just wanted to let you know that for your own records, in case he tries to bid with you again. Thanks a lot for posting the deadbeat's information on line; it was super helpful. I like to avoid potential problems before the hammer falls He owes us for a purchase. About Auctioneers be aware of this guy. Please blacklist this bidder.

Call us at and we will tell you more. We are in the process of filling a suit against him under the UCC. He will not know it but someday when he shows his passport at customs he will have a surprise here in the United States. In my opinion you should not believe a word he says.

This notice is posted September! Any notice posted anywhere else after this date from this deadbeat bidder should be one of his lies. We have been in business for 20 years and have never had a person like this bid at any of our auctions.

Sterling Here is another deadbeat bidder: He bought and refused to honor the terms of the auction. Thomas Gain This man purchase over In our opinion you should not trust him to pay and do not approve his to bid in any auction Username: thomasgain thomasg att. She is a barrister in Sidney.

She has been blocked to bid with us. After i worked very hard to get her the items she will not even acknowledge my emails. Julie Orsini email- ltlbearlaw iprimus. Date: Tuesday, January 1, Time: Click on the above photo to see more.

Phone ,absentee, and in-house bidding This will be one of the finest antique cane collection auctions of the Century. Make your plans to attend this event here in Tennessee. Please visit the link below to view the catalog. Please remember, in order to bid online for this auction you must be a registered user on ebay. You may also place absentee and phone bids for this auction by contacting Elizabeth Sterling at or email: elizabethsterling earthlink.

We will also be adding items to the catalogue for the next 10 days and replacing some photos. Come back Often!!!!!!!!!! Included in this sale is a large Midwest collection, West Coast Collection, Blueridge collection and more. Plus many more artists. Preview till on Friday and am morning of the sale. Phone absentee, internetand in-house bidding.

After we finish the catalogue sale we will auction over pieces in house to the in-house bidders. This sale will be carried on EBay Live and also in our gallery here in Tennessee. Expert in charge: Elizabeth Sterling elizabethsterling earthlink. Fall Antique Cane Auction Number Date: Saturday, October 20, Time: Click on the above photo to see more. Date: Saturday, September 22, Time: and Click on the above photo to see more. Date: Monday, September 3, Time: a. Date: Saturday, July 7, Time: E.

Live internet, Phone and absentee bidding. Terms- Cash or check. Mastercard or Visa. Preview- Friday before the auction Noon until and morning of the auction at Also by appointment any time before the auction. Johnson City,Tn Phone Date: Saturday, April 14, Time: Click on the above photo to see more.

Outsider art Auction. Date: Saturday, January 27, Time: Click on the above photo to see more. Sign up for Auction Emails. All Rights Reserved. Off Plantation drive in Greenwood Dr. Sonja was a very well know real estate broker for many years and this area. Her home is packed full of nice antiques, collectibles, and upscale used furniture which is all in very fine condition. If you are looking for quality and condition this is your sale to attend Partial listing- Two very nice curved glass oak china cabinets, Victorian marble top table.

Walnut high gentleman's chest, oak dressers and wash stands, depression glass and fine,china,exception antique safe,Mission style contemporary furniture, leather den furniture, depression bedroom and dinning suite, slag glass lamp, Album) parlor furniture, books, fancy stick and ball walnut Victorian Cheval mirror on stand,two Wolfe Brothers two drawer stands, ships model, good trunks, large group of vintage hats, needlepoint chairs, mahogany corner cupboard and desk, library table, collection of purple glass and Victorian glass, Victrola, oak sewing machine, nice Provincial sofa and center table, plus a large lot of Holiday decorations and box lots.

All of this and much more. Rain or shine our tents will be up. Covad Policy- Chairs will be social distanced under the tent and all people must wear mask to enter the house for preview. Social distancing is required, Please wear a mask when you cannot distance. Chairs will be placed at a social distance. This is a large collection of super items. Plan to attend this auction. We will add photos as we get to different areas of the home.

Reece had been an avid collector of just about anything good throughout his life and a very active trader. His collection will include over pocket knives, Clinchfield and other RR locks over watches, cuckoo clocks, antique clockslocal potteryBlue Ridge and Cash Family, Swords, some furniture, BB guns, Zippos,musical instruments, vintage travel and alarm,clocks, coins,silver, local collectibles, some furniture, watch making toolssome antique pistols, ammo, and much more.

Sales tax will not be charged. Covid notice- We are members of the Tennessee Covid Pledge. Antique Canes Date: Sunday, June 28, Time: Various closing Click on the above photo to see more This will be a timed auction which will last 9 days. Terms, conditions, and catalogue at the following link. This is a nine day auction. Items must be removed by Sunday at West Elk Av. Pie safe, large French wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, National brass cash register, all types of glass and china,about 8 primitive cupboards, Massive plantation gold leaf mirror, best country store counter ever, many antique filling cabinets, Gas pump with globe, great country store display cabinets, Seeburg play juke box, oak bank tellers counter, Oak post office,vintage working refrigerators, primitives, Flang Stamp sign, nice architectural items, Oak display cabinets, Tin signs, quilts, vintage ridding toys, Original hanging wall cupboard with great paint, half circle booth with table,depression glass, kitchen collectibles, upscale Christmas items such as a collection of blow molds, silver-plate, collection of counter scales, store coffee grinder, and much more.

Country baskets and barrels,country benches, collection of snow sleds including a 6 person wood early toboggan, trunks, We will add to this listing week of sale and add many more photos. By appointment only before the auction. An Internet catalogue will appear on this site about 10 days before the auction. Our provider for this auction will be bidsquare.

There is an absentee and phone bidding form on the main page of our website auctionauction. If you would like to phone bid or leave an absentee bid please fill out the form and email it or fax it to or give us a call at that number is also good for text Harry Powell Living Estate Date: Saturday, May 2, Time: Click on the above photo to see more Virus Rules for this auction.

We have taken the Tennessee Pledge to help protect both the bidders and our employees. If you can't remember these please print them out.

If you break a rules you will be warned but the second time you will be told to leave. As we all know this virus is serious. No one will be admitted to the house unless you have a mouth covering or mask.

We will have surgical mask available for 2. If you have been around anyone who has been sick or you have a temperature over You may call us with absentee bids or email kimballsterling earthlink.

After the war, his son Al, opened up a gas station on that Northwest corner. His other sons, Claude and Phil, opened up the Ludway bar in The original house, built out of Dade County pine, still resides on Ludlam, just north of Coral Way on the west side (just north of the old bar). Jul 12,  · 6 The Mission Record Thursday, July 12, OPINION. Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at Mission at First Ave., V2V 1G2. BCTF and employers will be back at it next year. Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook.

The following is a list of rock instrumentals, including live performances and drum sioprovcabradeperfscormarcodenmenssol.coy, there are tables of music which has charted; then there are longer lists, organized primarily by artist name, then chronologically through the artist's discography.

Oct 10,  · The space was later occupied by 'Round the Corner, a burger and sandwich place similar to Red Robin. You saw a concert at Compton Terrace when it was attached to Legend City. Your dad subscribed to the Phoenix Gazette (afternoon newspaper) and the Arizona Republic on Sunday. son Administration Center in South Venice. The committee was estab-lished in and provides commissioners and staff input regarding the plan. Of the 30 projects in the plan, 25 are complete or under way, such as the installation of central water in Nokomis, the comple-tion of Colonia Lane improve-ments and U.S. 41 landscap-ing. The plan.

36 Sets of PR69 Ultra Cameo Ultra Cameo NGC State Quarters. (18) Sets, (14) Sets, (2) Sets, and (2) Sets. total PF69 UC NGC State Quarters making up 36 complete sets. 36 Sets of PR69 Ultra Cameo Ultra Cameo NGC State Quarters. (18) Sets, (6) Sets, and (12) .

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. This synth driven song was a memorable one from the In Through The Out Door album. It’s not your usual love song. It’s about Robert Plant’s son Karac who died in from a stomach virus when he was 5 years old. Robert has said “It was paying tribute to the joy that he gave us as a family.” Some Zeppelin fans didn’t like this album.

The buzzer I am referring to is the one that goes off when an emergency exit is opened. I apologize for not making that clear. Many buses have several different buzzers and beepers for various things like an air pressure low alarm, starter interlock alarm, etc. It's easy to confuse them. Thank you Drew19 and Thomas Ford for clearing that up.


Various - Songs From Aladdin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Allemande - Johann Sebastian Bach - Englische Und Französische Suiten (Vinyl, LP), Extrañandote - Pablo Molina - Dejando Huellas (Vinyl, LP, Album), Out Of The Weekend - The Acoustic, Andy Lloyd (2) - Cruising Collection (CD, Album), Tiger Man - Link Wray - Walking Down A Street Called Love (CD, Album), Hey You - Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The All Time Greatest Hits Live (CD, Album), Clair De Lune - Sally Whitwell - The Good, The Bad And The Awkward (CD, Album), Bird - Cymande - The Message (CD), Tony Orlando & Dawn - Knock Three Times & Candida (Vinyl, LP), Bobby Brown - Girlfriend (Vinyl), Exhibit - Leon Bolier - Pictures (CD, Album)

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  • Clutch will perform a streamed concert titled "Live From The Doom Saloon Volume 1" on May 27th. They will be supported remotely by Crowbar, Blacktop Mojo, and Saul. This unique online concert format has been produced in conjunction with Sound Talent Group (STG), and LiveFrom Events and will use cutting-edge streaming technology to close the distance between the bands and the fans for an.
  • Click "Show Songs" to see which songs were played in each episode. Each list is formatted in this way: Song - Artist - Album - Host. Songs are listed in the order that they were played. Episode - Debut Albums Show Songs.
  • Jul 12,  · 6 The Mission Record Thursday, July 12, OPINION. Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at Mission at First Ave., V2V 1G2. BCTF and employers will be back at it next year.
  • Mar 31,  · The album begins with people talking as if they’re on a street corner and rapping about everything that’s going on around them. Then the groove comes in and we hear “What’s Going On”. I love that backbeat sound; it’s not just a snare drum. But wait, there’s so much more to love about this tune that’s become an R&B pop standard.
  • (Jeff), and son-in-law Rick Peterson Smith (Holly). Born April 29, , in Mabel, Minn., to Laurance Peter->- son Sr., D.D.S., andViolet (Hellick-son), Larry had three brothers, now deceased. Graduating from Mabel High School, he was awarded attendance at the national Boy Scout Jamboree, traveling by train to Valley Forge, Pa. He received.
  • A funny thing happened when I searched Amazon for the soundtrack to Marvel's upcoming superhero blockbuster, Captain Marvel. The first match is, of course, "Captain Marvel Soundtrack" -- but it's by someone named Roguey, selling a second song with the title "Captain Marvel Soundtrack."And that second song is also the only song on a one-song album -- which Roguey has also named "Captain.
  • Apr 04,  · Times Leader - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader
  • It stopped along the creek down from the house a ways. All us kids wanted to go see who it was but mom said we had plenty to do around home so leave em be. Early Saturday morning Pop and the boys.

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