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Feeding Chain - Brain Slug - Live In Power (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Explore releases from Brain Slug at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Brain Slug at the Discogs Marketplace. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from A.J. Novello at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Brain Slug: Feeding Chain Brain Slug - Live In Power ‎ (LP) Just A Audial: JAA US: Sell This Version: Writing & Arrangement. Oct 20,  · At first listen, Brain Slug come off like a prototypical noisy hardcore band with a bent towards punk. Lots of thumping drum beats provide the backbone to heavy power chords throughout Live in Power. I wish the band leaned a bit more on the structure in “Time Has Come/Written in Blood†as the song is the best example of the bandâ 7/

Crypt of Lost Styles feat. To open up the crypt of lost styles Had to throw a boulder cross Nile Change the weather frost now Teleport Moscow I arrive I'm alive With energy to Transmit Mend the earth where lands split Write a verse in Sanskrit My style Hostile Chivalrous Meticulous Envision this as docile But notice that the rhythm is Skull boring Waking up your brain snoring Frame goring Squeeze a cloud til rain's pouring Turn a desert plain orange This warrants riptides Torment Important Message coming via fax Better hide the battle axe Get your game face on Mud mask Napalm Come and hug an A-Bomb Feel the blast, Stay strong If you call Po Imma wrap myself up in the cosmos Not close to your location Witnessing the earth's rotation Made of gases See a Album) that's wearing glasses That's me You wanna talk about milenniums?

I saw the last three Stand from ya Ban summer Disallowing seasons Betting odds or evens That's for breathing Where the Gods are eating Humble pie Even as they put the sun to sky Wonder why You think you're greater than A simple homo sapien Adjacent men in suits They rally troops for loot They think your value's moot So you're a new recruit Does that compute? Or do you need another graph Hug a bomb Feel the blast Revel in the aftermath.

Aftermath I was so disoriented after the blast I couldn't grasp Concepts They float past The aftermath is grey skies Where the fallout lies Radiation in my lungs So I radiate live Once upon a time, I had a bright idea About a cross I bear now it's not quite clear We've all got our own woes On the soles of regret With every step it gets worn But a part of you yet Unturned Unlaced Undone Wait!

I feel a ray Could it be a beam of the sun That's hope That's light That's love That's right I rose to my feet It took me all of my might Now I'm standing I'm landing on the dawning of a new age With analog thoughts On a digital page If you see me embrace We're lost in the race Our fingers on the pulse of this life Let's keep pace The pace car Was a space car It drove according to whatever your tastes are I face far Futurevision Listening to the unknown The Audiographer Oddly vivid with one tone The paint brush lush.

The Wanderer feat. Sonny James You've now entered the zone of a true rolling stone A lost wanderer Every place I go I partially know With no great detail I just keep sailing away To see another spot Another day Every location Sparks a little sensation But never makes me feel whole Hence I've gotta go The Musician with no muse Life with no rules I Travel, entertain, and amuse Then I heard a voice and saw a spiritual beauty That made these ever moving feet simply stop moving She danced with a grace And her beautiful face I went to a wedding to play; I saw Mirvet, who danced beautifully, leading the dance line.

My heart stopped beating. I married her and brought her home; I gaze at her eyes; I kiss her hand. Burning Up I cannot find my peace without you, I cannot go on without your kisses. How can I love without your love when every part of me is a part of you? The nights are cold and empty as can be Since you, beloved, are no longer by my side.

Doppio Macchiato Hump Day So we got a little budget now To make the record We had some options and we selected to live together Peter, Briget, and me Up in North Cali In a nice little crib Epicenter creativity Briget's a workaholic waking at the crack of dawn I'd see her in the morn And I'd greet her with a yawn Peter?

Oh he's still sleeping from the gig last night The homie rocks in like 4 different bands Yeah, that's right And Who me? How should I start the day? Very sorry my friend But remember we agreed that we can rock until What About Us?!

We're out of limit now, enough is enough, you're sitting on billions of dollars But what about us? One government, one world motto, "In God we trust," But what about us? I write my rap quotes on bank notes And bank statements that don't make sense Around the time it's time for me to pay rent My patience is running out, the truth is coming out; Abusive clout, CEO's using large amounts We could never dream of for leisure It's like we're in a war without a heater A broken-up casino staring at the dealer Light ya sensimilla They rush to lock you up for puffin on the stress reliever And Obama wouldn't stop 'em neither Whooped McCain, let me explain I got lost playing your game They pumped a couple of slugs in my frame We're all tax payer slayers, turn the other cheek The regulators, trust-betrayers Reagan 'n Nixon never betrayed us Poorly portray us, program us just to sway us Farmers with favors, then use em just to dominate us And now you're bent on billion just to save the children?

Y'all motherfuckers bound to make a killin'! No health-care, just enough change to ride the motherfucking bus But what about us? Our biggest mistake was giving you trust, you live in plus 'n you don't give a fuck about us One government, one world motto, "In God we trust," But what about us?

Is this in our best interest to infest the world with stress? Just so you can trespass, I guess you answer yes As we linger at the precipice just to hear from dying, hear the crying That old couple with the hopes of retiring About to pop you with the iron, trying hard not to let go The goals he set from the get-go Lost the power in the price of petrol And now they patrol and so the story goes Definitely no memorials, tutorials On this don't exist, income taxes just a myth to make the bankers richer So they can sell you half the picture Then seize ya assets quicker than you can go acquire them We have the right to fire them, then say we're co-conspiring Through silence, through science, that's social And economic, you manufacture our consent to make a profit The paper's been powerless since they left the gold standard They're using currency to rule the whole planet We're out of limit now, enough is enough, you're sitting on billions of dollars But what about us?

Guiding Light I'm deep inside a zone and I can't return I'm standing in the flame and I can't be burned The fire all around me extolled my flesh I'm blessed by the warmest caress and yes I do have strength and I'm fighting this fight The world closing in on me so I do write My pen can bend from now til then I can mix eras with a perfect blend And when you talk about it, it becomes new trend I travel round the world and I make new friend The energy from those conversations send A positive vibe that'll help you mend Create it on your own, and you make it your home No matter where you are, you know you're never alone We're right there with you on your darkest night Consider this melody your guiding light Verse 2 Where did it take you?

Did you create too? I'm hoping you'll tell me that it leads to a breakthrough When those walls come down, we arrive Empowered and alive In a place, we can thrive Did you know your light shines so brightly? The London Calling cover simultaneously pays tribute to Elvis Presley while also blowing up his version of rock n' roll. The pink-and-green title letters mimic Presley's self-titled album cover, but the King probably never smashed a bass guitar on stage.

For the cover of their mainstream breakthrough LP, Blink enlisted adult actress Janine Lindemulder to put a highly suggestive -- and literal -- spin on the album title. The most iconic grunge album cover after Nirvana's NevermindHole's Live Through This depicts a sobbing beauty queen with mascara running down her face.

This is the rare satiric album cover that still manages to be empathetic. Where to begin with this album cover? The image features the Beatles, in their Sgt.

Elvis knew what a killer combo green and neon pink were some 20 years before the Clash copped the cover style for London Calling. Johnson to draw the final design. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz in front of a derelict wax museum in Coney Island, Lauper strikes a willfully weird pose wearing a second-hand prom dress, fishnets and a mish-mash of clashing jewelry. Tellingly, her heels are kicked off to the side.

One of the most recognizable album covers of all time features an underwater naked baby reaching for a dollar bill on a string. It's a sad statement about the values our society passes on to our youth -- and oh, btw, that baby is a twenty-something man now. This simple art says so much. The light going through a prism and coming out as a rainbow was meant to convey the band's stage lighting and the album's lyrics. And, as evidenced by the number of t-shirts bearing this image today, the prism has become synonymous with Floyd itself.

Somehow the image of a burning airship erupting into flames just moments before plummeting to the ground and claiming dozens of lives is the perfect visual introduction to Led Album) debut masterpiece. Whether you see it as an indication of the explosive music within the sleeve, or a heartless shock tactic capitalizing on a real-life tragedy, this black-and-white rendering of the Hinderburg disaster has become of the most indelible images in hard rock.

The innocence of a baby-sized Biggie on the cover of his classic debut Ready to Die vastly contradicted the content contained inside. But that was the point: the album traced his life from beginning to a mournful, foreshadowing end, using the innocence of a child to illustrate how a cruel world imprints on unmolded minds.

With Smith describing her look as Sinatra-like, all elements combined to create one of the greatest album covers and rock photographs ever. Does any other album cover on this list stop traffic? It's a testament to the lasting impression of this street-crossing photo that hundreds of fans re-create it every day outside Abbey Road Studios. There's even a webcam live feed of the attraction. Another notable fact: It's the first Beatles cover that doesn't feature the band's name or album title.

This iconic Andy Warhol banana picture with "peel slowly and see" instructions is a great cover on its own, but the original version actually included a peel-off sticker revealing a flesh-colored banana beneath. Getty Images 3 ; Courtesy Photo.

Bender cheats in a duel with Calculon, resulting in the loss of one of Calculon's arms and the destruction of the league's headquarters. Calculon subsequently becomes outraged at Bender and resigns from the league, relinquishing the presidency to Bender. In re-airings of the movie on Comedy Centralhe says his operating system is Windows 7. Unfortunately, food coloring is fatal to robots. Calculon decides the only way to win the award is to actually drink the food coloring and die.

After he dies, Cobb wins the award instead of him, making his death pointless. Bender and Fry decide to revive Calculon after deciding that they do not care for his replacement on All My CircuitsVaxtron. The Professor has the crew perform a series of ritualistic "scientific" tasks to put the soul of Calculon back in his body.

After Calculon is brought back to life he returns to acting. He first performs a one-man show. When the show receives poor reviews, Calculon determines that maybe he should not be acting and should have remained in hell. Leela, who opposed Calculon's return to acting, now wants to help him return to All My Circuits. She explains that he should go to an audition in disguise to play Calculon for the show. When he lands the part, Calculon returns to his former ways. Leela then makes him feel bad by saying that he has no acting skills, and that the world had forgotten he had even been alive within the first month of his death.

She then explains to Bender and Fry that it was a ploy to save his part in the show. The show crew is smitten by his down-to-earth acting skills, and he reveals himself as Calculon. As he takes a bow, once again thinking that his life is worth living, a massive lighting fixture falls, crushing him.

His life as Calculon 2. Various celebrities and historical figures are kept alive as heads in jars of liquids. The technology is crucial to Futurama ' s connection with 20th- and 21st-century culture since it allows significant figures from the past to make appearances in the series. This also allows for contemporary celebrities to make guest appearances as themselves. President is found in the "Head Museum"; the most prominent head is that of Richard Nixon who becomes the President of Earth.

He is an alien originally from what he describes as a "backwoods asteroid. Cohen explains that the script simply used the designation "hyper-chicken" to refer to the Feeding Chain - Brain Slug - Live In Power (Vinyl. He is a lawyer who has appeared both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor.

He is a terrible lawyer but despite his incompetence he sometimes manages to win his cases, and if he doesn't he usually tells his clients to plead insanity. Elzar is crass and unpleasant, and has a very high opinion of himself, LP.

He never passes up an opportunity to milk money from his customers and fans. He has also been known to steal from his own cash register on occasion. Elzar's favorite cooking implement is his Spice Weasel, a mustelid -like creature which propels a cloud of spices from its snout upon having its body squeezed. Elzar often uses the phrases "Bam! The character of Elzar is an allusion to Emeril Lagasse. The Globetrotters are a race of basketball playing humans who reside on Globetrotter Planet.

Aside from showboating basketball shenanigans, the Globetrotters are all known for their scientific prowess and have aided in saving both Earth and the Universe. The Globetrotters are commanded by Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate. Other known LP members include 'Sweet' Clyde Dixon, 'Curly' Joe, and 'Goosh', although there are several other unidentified members of the team seen throughout the series. Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate voiced by Phil LaMarr is a renowned physicist and the leader of the Globetrotters, who once randomly challenged Earth to defend its honor by playing a game of basketball for no reason.

A parody of the film Space Jamand also a reference to the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon series. Tate is one of "the finest scientific minds in the universe", according to Professor Farnsworth. He is also a senior lecturer in physics at Globetrotter University. He has appeared in many episodes with the rest of the team, but also made a solo appearance in several episodes. In "The Prisoner of Benda", he becomes a Duke.

Hattie McDoogal voiced by Tress MacNeille is an old woman who lives alone with her cats and often uses nonsense words and phrases, such as "kajigger" and "whatchacallit". She briefly serves as the landlady of Fry and Bender, and holds a single share of Planet Express, allowing her the decisive vote for its CEO. She has been married twice, surviving both of them, and often dates.

She once hired Kif Kroker as a male escort. Hedonismbot voiced by Maurice LaMarche is a golden robot built in a lounging position that displays the typical characteristics of hedonism and decadencesuch as constantly eating from a bowl of grapes on his stomach. He has a human servant named Djambi and he has stated that "I too have known unconventional love" with references to doomsday devices.

He enjoys having a bath of chocolate, having his nipples rubbed with industrial sandpaper and a power sanderand seeing how long he can remain entertained during an opera. The Hypnotoad is a large toad-like alien with pulsating, multicolored eyes, which emits a loud, ominous buzzing noise. It has the power to hypnotize almost any living thing at will, even mass numbers of creatures.

The Hypnotoad first appeared in " The Day the Earth Stood Stupid ", in which it hypnotized a flock of sheep to herd themselves into a pen and close the door behind them, the panel of judges to win the pet show and then the audience of the pet show to force their approval of that victory. It later acquired its own television show, Everybody Loves Hypnotoadin which it hypnotizes the audience except for Fry, due to his lack of a Delta Album) wave and the fact that he feels the show has been going downhill since its third season.

The finale of the show consists of a voiceover telling the audience that they will wake up remembering nothing and feeling refreshed, and the credits are all attributed to Hypnotoad. Mayor C. He is often depicted as a corrupt and incompetent politician. He first appeared in the season 1 episode " A Big Piece of Garbage ". Throughout the later seasons, he is seen having a rather open affair with the Queen of Yonkers. He is sometimes seen with a lightsaber -like nightstick.

The two often use excessive force in non-violent circumstances. In one episode, he claimed that he became a cop because his father owned a restaurant, and frequent dine-and-dashers kept it from going regional. Smitty retires later in Season 6 but returns a few episodes later. The two often use excessive force in peaceful situations, and make use of various features built into URL, such as a siren, megaphone and violations printer.

He also appears in the parody of Copscalled Cop Department. His catchphrase is "Aww, yeah. Petunia voiced by Tress MacNeille is an elderly woman who wears a revealing pink dress and uses a lot of make-up. She is a chain-smoker and a keen gambler. She rejects Fry after learning he does not have a body and is merely a head attached to Amy. Petunia states she can do better than a slot-player when Fry reveals he controls only one arm. She has children and used to live in a house with wheels.

Sal voiced by John DiMaggio is a surlyoverweightblue-collar worker with a thick Bronx accent. His first appearance is as a janitor on the Moon in " The Series Has Landed ", servicing the machines in the amusement park.

He has appeared many times since, always employed in a tedious job that he does not perform well. He is also seen to have a painting tattooed on his stomach in " The Cryonic Woman " and comments that he is "on loan from the Louvre ". His trademark is to add an "s" to many words that do not need it: "He's busteds.

Gets hims outta heres! I means, I gots an ideas. Cohen said in a commentary that the writers debate whether Sal frequently changes jobs or has been cloned many times. He was also featured in Bender's Game as the five-time winner of a demolition derby.

After losing the derby, he promises to "changes" his life. He speaks with an English accent and is programmed to beg, sell oil-ade, and write in cute backwards letters on signs. He is shown with the Planet Express crew on both Xmases, and appears to be friends with Dwight and Cubert.

The former vice-president voiced by himself appears as a head in a jar during most of his appearances and also appears with his body during scenes involving Fry's time period. He is First Emperor of the Moon and has "ridden the mighty moon worm".

He plays a role in Futurama: Bender's Big Score[24] where he appears in multiple scenes that take place in the past and during the space battle in the future. During one of these scenes, Gore was shown to have won the Presidential Electionbut Bender accidentally destroys the ballots in favor of Gore when hunting for Fry. During the Clinton presidency he is shown to have led the Vice Presidential Action Rangers, a group tasked by the US Constitution to preserve the space-time continuum.

The real-life Gore has said that Futurama is his favorite show. His daughter, Kristin Gorewas a writer for the show in its later seasons. Boxy is a crude robot only able to communicate by beeping. He is frequently seen in the company of Calculonand played the role of Calculon's half-brother in the All My Circuits soap opera where his objections sound like he's backing up.

His noise is made by a synthesizer. Brain Slugs are small, one-eyed, vaguely sluglike aliens which attach themselves to the heads of sentient beings in order to control them. Brain slugs apparently use this as a method of trapping more "prey", since those beings under brain slug control are driven by the desire to place brain slugs on other beings.

It is hinted that the host under the brain slug's control retains awareness of their condition, which Hermes referred to as a "nightmare". The brain slug can be seen in numerous episodes, normally attached to Hermes.

For a short time, Fry had one attached, but according to the professor, it "starved to death" due to Fry's low intelligence. The Brainspawn voiced by David Herman are a race of flying telepathic brains that wish to collect all of the data in the universe and kill all other intelligent beings, because the mere act of them thinking causes them great pain. They are able to use "stupefaction fields" to render all intelligent beings on a planet too stupid to resist them.

This allows them to collect all knowledge on the planet and destroy it. Their main enemies are the Nibblonians, who send Nibbler on a mission to find Frythe only being resistant to the Brainspawn. Fry lacks the delta brainwaveso he is able to repel the Brainspawn when they attack Earth. Fry later sends the Brainspawn and their space station, the Infosphere, into another dimension with a bomb given to him by the Nibblonians.

The Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium houses a large number of orphans, including Leela during her childhood. The orphans often suffer harsh conditions and various disappointing setbacks. It is run by Mr.

Vogel, voiced by David Hermanwho takes care of the orphans and keeps all records; he is apparently a bureaucrat grade who has not been promoted since about the time Leela was born. Three orphans, Albert, Nina, and Sally, are featured most often. Sally has a third ear on her forehead which she is teased about by the other orphans. She also claims to have a tail.

Twelve of the orphans were briefly adopted and later returned by Bender—who adopted them only for the government fund checks—in " The Cyber House Rules ".

The Crushinator voiced by Maurice LaMarche is the robot daughter of a farmer on the moon. She is stereotyped as a southern belle and represents Earth's moon in the Ms. Universe Pageant. She briefly appears in the background in Into the Wild Green Yonder. Unlike her sisters, the Crushinator is more machine-like and has a masculine voice. She also has two orange tubes sticking out from her head and can transform into a car.

In Bender's Big Scorehe uses the phrases "dearly liked" instead of "dearly beloved" and "We are gathered here today before one or more gods, or fewer Flexo voiced by John DiMaggio is a bending robot who looks and sounds almost exactly like Bender with the exception of having a small triangular metal goateea reference to the Star Trek mirror universe. Flexo first meets and befriends Bender in " Lesser of Two Evils ".

Fry believes Flexo to be an "evil twin" of Bender, though it turns out that Flexo attempts to stop Bender from stealing the expensive crown from the Miss Universe pageant. Flexo is mistaken for Bender and is arrested for that crime. Critics have called Flexo's appearance in this episode one of the "Great Moments" in Futurama.

Flexo is targeted by the Robot Mafia because of this. Eventually, he reunites with Anglelyne. He makes a cameo appearance in Into The Wild Green Yonder along with Anglelyne as members of the audience seeing the Encyclopod being "born".

He makes another brief appearance in " Attack of the Killer App " in a garbage bin, where he is found by Bender and tells him that bending robots are now obsolete, though he is ignored.

His signature character trait is the way he says something, usually a mild insult, and then immediately retracts it, laughing and saying some variation of "Naw, I'm just kidding I appreciated that Naw I'm kidding.

That was quite annoying. She appears as an aged and wizened member of the Amphibosian race, appearing at and overseeing key functions throughout Amphibios 9, including Kif's birthing ceremony, Kif and Amy's wedding and Kif's funeral. She is often direct and inflexible in her ways and acts in a melodramatic fashion.

Guenter voiced by Tress MacNeille with the vocal effects provided by Frank Welker is an intelligent monkey experiment made by Professor Farnsworth. His intelligence comes from his small hat which uses sunspots to create cognitive radiation. If he is not wearing the hat, he acts like a normal monkey. His first appearance was in the episode " Mars University " in which the Professor enrolls him at the university where he becomes Fry 's roommate.

Guenter is seen in other episodes in the background, and crowds. In " Godfellas " the gypsy-bot hints that she does not actually have psychic powers; after Fry asks her a question, she replies, "What am I, psychic?

S version. Though he is headless, Agnew can still make growling noises.

Brain Slug - Distort New York 7" by Hardware Records, released 08 December 1. Gag Reflex 2. Distort New York 3. Crunch Time 4. My Rites 5. Red Circle HWR Brain Slugs are a species of space parasite that attaches its jelly-like body to a person's head and takes control of their brain. The specimen is green in color and consists of a translucent jelly-like body complete with two feelers and one large eyeball. An adult brain slug is about the size of a fist. A person who has been possessed by a brain slug is most likely to adopt a monotone voice. Brain Slug: This one is for all the Futurama Fans. The Brain Slug is made of all recycled materials anyone can make this little is made out of gumball machine containers and two rock candy sticks for antenna if you like please rate.

May 08,  · A screaming Barbara Cheeseborough (who was Essence’s first cover model) possesses the “maggot brain” in question on the cover of Parliament’s classic album .

Album:Power, Corruption and Lies Designer: Peter Saville This seminal work from Saville was part of a series of incredible cover designs. Power, Corruption and Lies was the 'keystone', with the decoder for the colour-based code found in the top-right corner, representing the title and band name, being found on the back cover of the album. LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVX) is a global digital media company dedicated to music and live entertainment. Watch live events and festivals around the world including Feelin' A-Live, Fever , Fever , Fever , Mike Einziger of Incubus, Fever , Mike Einziger of Incubus.

Brain Slugs are a species of space parasite that attaches its jelly-like body to a person's head and takes control of their brain. The specimen is green in color and consists of a translucent jelly-like body complete with two feelers and one large eyeball. An adult brain slug is about the size of a fist. A person who has been possessed by a brain slug is most likely to adopt a monotone voice.

Jan 12,  · New album 'Heart To Mouth" out now: Lost On You: Websit. Album reviews, biography and music news for Brain Slug at sputnikmusic.

LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVX) is a global digital media company dedicated to music and live entertainment. Watch live events and festivals around the world including Feelin' A-Live, Fever , Fever , Fever , Mike Einziger of Incubus, Fever , Mike Einziger of Incubus.


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  • Brain Slug: This one is for all the Futurama Fans. The Brain Slug is made of all recycled materials anyone can make this little is made out of gumball machine containers and two rock candy sticks for antenna if you like please rate.
  • Universal Music have launched a new series of special vinyl releases, including classic titles from The Rolling Stones, Simple Minds and The Police, under the ‘Half Speed Mastering’ banner Half-speed mastering is a vinyl cutting technique where the source is played back at half its normal speed while the turntable on the vinyl cutting lathe also runs at half-speed (16 2/3 to be precise).
  • Esoteric Malacology by Slugdge, released 02 March 1. War Squids 2. Crop Killer 3. The Spectral Burrows 4. Slave Goo World 5. Transilvanian Fungus 6. Putrid Fairytale 7. Salt Thrower 8. Limo Vincit Omnia Delve into the the mephitic melodies of Molluscas malodorous minions once more with Esoteric Malacology, the latest gastropodean gospel from Slugdge.
  • Explore releases from Brain Slug at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Brain Slug at the Discogs Marketplace.
  • Album:Power, Corruption and Lies Designer: Peter Saville This seminal work from Saville was part of a series of incredible cover designs. Power, Corruption and Lies was the 'keystone', with the decoder for the colour-based code found in the top-right corner, representing the title and band name, being found on the back cover of the album.
  • May 14,  · This is my smoothed version of the Brain Slug models I've found. It has a flattened base and the arms are blended into the body to make it look more organic and slug-like.
  • WELCOME TO THE NEW WEBSITE! March 31, It's fresh, clean, fully functional and best of all very easy for me to work with! Which is much more than could be said for the other version of the website!. The only sacrifice that needed to be done was the written posts that were with the old comics as well as the comments, hope you guys don't mind too much!
  • The following is a list of albums released or scheduled for release in The albums should be notable, which is defined as significant coverage from reliable sources that are independent of the subject.
  • Jul 19,  · Becky Stern is a Content Creator at Autodesk/Instructables, and part time faculty at New York’s School of Visual Arts Products of Design grad and sharing are her two biggest passions, and she's created hundreds of free online DIY tutorials and videos, mostly about technology and its intersection with crafts.

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