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Fragment Four Love Wont Leave Me Alone - Kenneth Bager Experience, The* - Fragments From A Space Cadet (CD, Album)


Lyrics to 'Fragment Four: "Love Won't Leave Me Alone"' by Kenneth Bager. Discovered using Shazam, the music discovery app. Fragment Four: "Love Won't Leave Me Alone" Kenneth Bager. 12, Shazams. Open in. Share. OVERVIEW. LYRICS. The Kenneth Bager Experience Feat. Aloe Blacc. The Kenneth Bager Experience Feat. Aloe Blacc. Mar 04,  · Kenneth Bager ‎– Fragments From A Space Cadet Remixes Vol. 2 Label: Music For Dreams America ‎– zzzus Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ . Nov 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - The Kenneth Bager Experience - Fragment four (love won't leave me alone) [Idjut Boys Remix] - YouTube Coyote - Eve (The Kenneth Bager Experience .

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7. Clarke watches Niylah sleep with worry. The woman means something to her even if she isn't in love with her.

The blonde found her at her weakest and has saved her in more ways than the hunter can even count. She owes her the decency of still being in her bed when she wakes but Clarke can't help the worry she feels of possibly putting her life in danger if she does stay.

Rough nimble fingers slide through misshapen braids along the woman's back. Yes, Clarke cares for her. It is why she makes the decision to leave. She knows there isn't enough she can say to convey her thanks or soothe the hurt the woman is sure to feel when she wakes and Clarke isn't there but she knows this is for the best.

The* - Fragments From A Space Cadet (CD slips from the bed feeling guilty as she does. The furs shift and expose a tanned tattooed back and Clarke moves the furs back up her body to ward away the chill of the morning. She doesn't make it further than pulling her pants over her hips before Niylah is awake and looking at her with a question burning in her eyes. Her eyes shine brightly in the morning light as the hunter pulls her shirt and jacket on.

Her boots are next and she has to look away. Clarke hears her name tumble from her lips. She runs her fingertips along Niylah's jaw and brings her chin forward. Their lips brush softly. Before she leaves, the blonde grips her hand tightly. Clarke nods and gives her a small smile before squeezing her hand.

She turns and makes her way out toward the front. She grabs her supplies, looks over her shoulder one last time thinking about how much she will miss her friend, and quietly leaves.

Outside the hut she is met with a blow to the head. She staggers on her feet and falls. She groans and lifts a hand to her head, it comes away warm and coated with red.

Her vision swims as a figure steps into her line of sight. Her vision goes black. The former blonde slowly comes to and opens her eyes. She looks around and her eyes land on two figures talking in the corner of a darkened room. She has been unconscious for half the day! Time we could have spent making our way towards the capital," a voice she recognizes whispers harshly.

So much for her not getting involved, Clarke sighs to herself. Careful hands draw a cool cloth over her forehead. I waited until they left and made it to my village where a healer with experience treating gun wounds was able to remove the bullets. I stayed there to recover before setting out for our capital, Polis. Imagine my surprise when on my way I kept hearing stories of Wanheda, the great sky warrior who brought the mountain to its knees.

Even before meeting with Lexa, I knew it was you. She has tasked me with bringing you to her safely. She could see the blonde glaring at Anya. Many of my people owe you their lives and many more hail your deeds at Maun-de the Mountain. Clarke looks away and catches Anya's glare so she glares right back. She knows that Anya is probably aware of the relationship between her and Lexa, though it is nonexistent at the moment. She sighs and looks away. She will not apologize for needing the comfort of a warm body or a friend.

She feels drowsy and Niylah pulls the furs up around her shoulders. We will leave when you are feeling better," Anya says leaving no room for argument. Phindi: Wow! You and your brother have interesting taste in houses. This is huge and beautiful. Sthembiso: Thanks,let's get in before the suprise melts and I don't enjoy it Sthembiso got out of the car and they went inside.

Sthe: Welcome to my kingdom Phindi put down her bag as she was even more wowed by the inside of the house. Phindi: It's beautiful,mind showing me around. Sthe: poiting with his finger That's the kitchen, dinning room then lounge and the bedrooms are upstairs.

Phindi: I meant a proper tour Sthembiso. Sthe: Come on Phindi,take it off already Phindi: blushing Take what off? Sthe: The coat,you not a virgin right? Phindi: What if I am? Sthe: Then am gonna have to po it on some loud music and I hate noise. Phindi: I don't understand,what are you talking about? Sthe: I don't make love,I fuck and I hate a woman who makes noise during sex. Phindi: Oh wow! Sthe: Can we get to it then,please Sthembiso was already turned on as his erected penis was visible on his pants and he took off his tie Phindi: Let's go to your room then Sthe: Just take it off Phindi dropped the coat revealing his black lingerie and without wasting anymore time Sthembiso turned her around making her bend on the couch Phindi: Sthembiso wait Sthe: Shsss my love don't talk Sthembiso put the tie in Phindi's mouth and held it from behind With one hand he dropped his pants and moved Phindi's undies to one side and went in Sthe: Damn I like this suprise Phindi: bitting on the tie Mmmm Sthe: Yes baby so nice and tight Phindi: Mmmm Mmm Pulling the tie Sthembiso was pounding on Phindi's like a hungry lion, moaning from pleasure Sthe: Aaaaa fuck you so nice,oooh yes He'd spank Phindi's add as he filled her with wild fast strokes Phindi: Mmmm Mmm mmm mmm Faster and faster Fragment Four Love Wont Leave Me Alone - Kenneth Bager Experience went pulling and spanking till he let out this loud groan like he was in pain Sthe: Aaaarh fuck!

He let go of the tie and pulled out Sthe: I love you baby Phindi stood up and looked at Sthembiso Phindi: I love you too Sthe Sthembiso kissed her cheek. Sthe: Upstairs last door on your left is the bathroom,clean up and there are pills in the cabinet. Take 1 Phindi: Pills! Why,what are they for? Sthe: Morning after pills,I couldn't help it you were just too The* - Fragments From A Space Cadet (CD. Phindi picked up her coat and made her way upstairs to the bathroom as Sthembiso dressed up and when for food then came back to his guns Phindi: I could do with such wild sex everyday,as for the pills am not taking them.

If there's one way I can guarantee Sthembiso stays with me and married me us through a baby. Royalties never abandon their kids. And damn he's a beast when it comes to sex Phindi took a shower then took one pill and flushed it just in case they were counted.

She wore Sthembiso's sweater then went back downstairs to find Sthembiso polishing his gun's. Phindi: Guns Sthembiso,like really!? Sthe: I have a rat to catch my love,don't worry Phindi: A rat with a gun?

Sthe: I just like the sound they make,when they go off especially when aimed to the head. Phindi: You like the sound of a gun going off yet not the sound of a woman moaning from pleasure. Sthe: That's me baby Phindi: So what are we doing? Sthe: You could do anything you like,am still busy. Join you later. Phindi: Can I ask you something? Sthe: Shoot Phindi: Do you love me?

Sthe: When you not whining and throwing tantrums yes I love you. Mkhize made way to the palace to announce the return of his prodical daughter, upon arrival he was stopped by the guards at the gate. Guard1: Sikusiza ngani khehla? How can we help you old man? Mkhize: Ngizobona inkosi,kunodaba oluphuthumayo. Am here to see the king,there's an urgent matter meant for his ears Guard2: Mana Lana muntu omdala,ngsayobika enkosini Wait here old man, I'll go inform the king The guard disappeared inside and after a while the guard came back.

Guard 2: Mdedele angene Let him in Guard1: Ngenza khehla You can come in old man Mkhize made his way inside the palace as one guard escorted him to the king. Mkhize: Went owaxalwa sisalibele,Nkosi yami.

King: Mkhize Ndoda yamadoda,ngavakashelwa nguwe namhlanje konakelephi? What do I owe the pleasure of your visit today? Mkhize sat down and took off his hat placing it on his knee. Mkhize: Nkosi yam ngithi angize ngizokwenda kubaba wesizwe,sekwenzeke iphutha baba. King: Awungiboni Mkhize,kwenzenjan? Mkhize: Ngithwalise ngivuka namhlanje Nkosi yami ngazithela phezu kwendodakazi yam ithwele izikhwama.

King: Yiphi yona Indodakazi,uNokubonga? Mkhize: Yona yodwa Nkosi yam,yingane ngithi angize Ngizobona ebukhosini ukuthi kubi. King: Mkhize uyakwazi udaba kwendodakazi yakho futhi nemikhuba yakhe yaziwa wuwe. Mkhize: Kunjalo ndabezitha King: Ikhohlakele kabi keyangane,futhi ngisamile emazwini ami.

Anguishing I Indodakazi yakho phakathi kwesizwe sokababa. Mkhize: Wena mlomo kawuphikiswa,Nkosi. King: Ngibonga ukuthembeka kwakho Mkhize,ngizokwenda onogada anabolic abazoqiniseka ukuthi lingakazilahli lumina namhlanje eyakho Indodakazi ayisekho kulendawo yami. Mkhize: Nkosi yami King: Ukuthembeka kwakho kuzotlomeliswa Mkhize,isizwe sakababa siyawadinga amadoda afana nawe. Mkhize stood up and two guards were assigned to go make sure that Nokubonga leaves the village before sun set.

MaMkhize saw her husband with the guards from far and she could tell that all was not well. Mkhize finally arrived at his house and Nokubonga was sitting under the tree,she got up when she saw her father. Nokubonga: How did it go father? Mkhize: The king has spoken,you have been banished and so shall it remain. Tears formed in her eyes Nokubonga: Where will I go father,my husband kicked me out.

Mother please don't let them banish me again MaMkhize: I can not go against the king's wish Nokubonga. Mkhize: The king wants you out of the village before sun set. These guards are here to ensure that you follow orders.

Nokubonga: crying Father please Mkhize: My daughter you can not sow lemons and hope to harvest tomatoes. Teary Nokubonga went inside to take her belongings as she was to be escorted out of the village,her mother followed her inside.

MaMkhize: Take this,it's R I know it's not much but it's all I have. As soon as you outside this village try finding a job people are always looking for helpers especially in town. Nokubonga: I have never worked a day in my life,where do I even begin.

MaMkhize: Start now Nokubonga, baggers can't be choosers. MaMkhize help Nokubonga with her bags as they stepped outside,the guards took the bags and Nokubonga followed behind as all the villagers looked as she was escorted outside the village. MaMkhize was saying,thou Nokubonga has done so much bad she was still her daughter and she loved her.

Linda: whispering We need to find a way out of here Buzwe,if Skhumbuzo finds us here we dead. Buzwe: I have s wife and a new born baby back home and they probably worried sick. You got me into this message come up with something. Linda: Don't you dare make this my fault, Skhumbuzo is your friend and colleague. You should have told me he's a monster Buzwe: Your obsession with the man is what's git us here. Linda: Please don't act like a saint here,your greed for money and lust for his wife is why we here.

Now make a plan like a man. Sledge and the boys were playing a game of cards. Sledge: You two are making noise in there,or do you wanna fuck each other. Scar: Maybe you should,could be your last session alive. Fox: We all could do with some entertainment,it's getting boring here. Buzwe: Guys please,you need to let us out of here,the lady needs to go to hospital with proper equipment. Linda: Please guys,am willing to do anything you want. Sledge: Anything?

Linda: Whatever you want. Fox: Don't even think about it Sledge,it's not worth it. The boys went back to their game Buzwe: Guess no one is interested in getting into your pants,even for free so what now. Linda: MXM! Buzwe: Let's wait for them to sleep and maybe we can use this vaseline here to try and slip through the bars.

How are your hands? Linda: Unbearably painful,can't believe Skhumbuzo did this to me! The count for night to fall and the boys to sleep Bagan,it was a do or die moment for both Linda and Buzwe as the clock ticks closer to their end. The wedding was beautiful and the reception even more beautiful,surrounded by family and friends.

The speeches were so sweet and it was fi Liam: So Mrs Black,how are you feeling? Gogo: Still waiting for my alarm clock to go off do I can wake up,cause this right here feels like a dream. Liam: Our dream Lilly and we shall live this dream together. Gogo: The ladies from church must be green with envy by now. Liam: Am sure the church ladies are happy for you and I think it's time to say our goodbyes cause we have to be at the airport in the next hour. Gogo: The only thing they happy about is the food,as for the wedding trust me heartburn is killing them.

Liam: smiling What's causing them heartburn my love? Gogo: Jealousy Liam, jealousy. Anyway where did you say you taking me for our honeymoon?

Liam: It's a suprise my dear Gogo: Ok then Mr surprises,let me finish my food first. Guests started saying their good byes and leaving after congratulating the newly weds. Ndoni was sitting with her husband eating when the twin came to join in. Sthe: They say food tastes better when you around happy people so here I am Sthembiso sat down and started eating from his brother's plate.

Skhu: You need to unsubscribe from which ever website you subscribed to cause they lying to you. You are just lonely. Ndoni: Speaking of lonely, where's Phindi Sthembiso? Sthe: That one whines a lot, she's gonna give me wrinkles. Ndoni: I'll be inside my love,this meat needs some vinegar.

Skhu: Vinegar!? Ndoni: Yes vinegar Skhumbuzo,do you have a problem with that? Skhu: No problem my love,you can have all the vinegar you need. Ndoni: Mxm! I left the brothers to go inside the house to get my vinegar and as if I deserved this but I just had to bump into Palesa. Palesa: So this is how rich people live, impressive.

Ndoni: Thanks for coming Palesa but I can't chit chat,i have something to do. I just had to leave cause i wasn't in the mood for small talk. Palesa: Rich and arrogant! She need to be schooled on how to treat guests. Sthe: So how long will you be gone? Skhu: Two weeks max but I need you to be hands on deck on everything. The deliveries and shipments,hotels and our guests at the warehouse.

Sthe: So can I move into your house while you away? Skhu: No Sthembiso,stay in your house but move in on that skinny detective. Silence her,i hate people who snoop on my business. Sthe: Permanent? Skhu: Dead permanent! Sthe: And our guests at the warehouse? Skhu: Leave those two for me, I'll personally take care of them on my return. Just starve them a bit Sthe: Better polish my toys tonight cause tomorrow playing "catch me if you can" Skhu: Very well then,i better go check on our luggage and make sure i have some heartburn pills cause we gonna need them.

Sthe: That you will,meat and vinegar are an application for heartburn. But lucky you cause if Phindi was pregnant am sure she'll be craving a new Ferrari and a mall. Skhu: At being dramatic and reach out to the girl. If you no longer interested let her know Skhu: I love that chick I just want her to humble herself a bit and grow up. Gogo and Liam said their thank you to their guests and went upstairs to change and get ready for their honeymoon, Skhumbuzo and his wife were also doing the same thing.

Bags were loaded in and final goodbyes were said and it was off to the airport, Sthembiso was driving Skhumbuzo and his wife and Razor his parents. Hlengiwe was blazing fire Hlengiwe: Palesa get up! Am taking you home Palesa: But mom am still eating and i wanna take pictures for my Instagram page.

Hlengiwe: Now Palesa or you'll walk home. Palesa: Jeez! You need to learn how to chill mother. Hlengiwe was mumbling all the way to the car Hlengiwe: So Raymond is just gonna ignore me just like that,no Hlengiwe you look beautiful,no Hlengiwe have you eaten and he just drives off like that.

The car drove off with Hlengiwe holding back her tears,the baby was sleeping. Palesa: So your boyfriends father is white? Hlengiwe: And? Palesa: And rich right? Hlengiwe: Am in no mood for your games Palesa, not today! Palesa: All am trying to say is that if he's rich then dating him isn't such a bad idea. Hlengiwe: I said not today Palesa Palesa: Mom we need money.

Girls like oNdoni are born with silver spoons in their mouths,some of us have to hustle just to get by. The car drove off in silence while Hlengiwe was dealing with her conscious.

Two promotions have already passed me by and this is my chance to shine and get my name on the list of promotions. Mndebele walked into the station and straight to the commissioners office.

Commissioner: Wangena wedwa Mndebele,where is the suspect? Mndebele: I went there sir and asked him to come in but he blatantly refused. Commissioner: And you just left Mndebele. What did they teach you at police school? You should have threatened him,threw your weight around and made your presence felt. Mndebele: Sir I tried but those boys weren't having any of it Commissioner: So what's your plan,do you think he knows something?

Mndebele: I couldn't read him well, he's too cocky and gis twin brother as well. I think the only plan is i follow them everywhere they go. Commissioner: And what about other cases?

Mndebele: Am gonna need you to put me undercover sir,I have to crack this case and something tells me am on the right track. Commissioner: You said there's a twin,how would you know which one to follow. Mndebele: I'll figure that out sir,just let me go undercover Commissioner: I'll take to head office address get the paperwork ready.

Mndebele: Thank you sir. The detective left the commissioner's office and went to her desk to go about her days work. The line was drawn on the sand and gloves off, Mndebele was determined to put the people responsible of kidnapping the commissioners grandson behind bars.

The smell of cow dung on the floor hit my nostrils so strong i almost threw up. My body was so sore,my neck still and I was cold. Sleeping on the floor was worse than the embarrassment i suffered when Ndoni exposed me. I got up and packer my stuff away into my beg and went outside to sit by the sun,i was cold and the smell of rust and smoke in that shared was just too much.

I sat down on a log outside next to the house and there were voices coming from the house. My parents were up and clearly arguing about me. Mkhize: I don't care what you say maMkhize,I don't what that daughter The* - Fragments From A Space Cadet (CD yours in my house. MaMkhize: Kill her then Baba,angithi she's your daughter and you don't want her in your house? Kill her then Mkhize: Stop talking nonsense and get my bath watety ready,i need to get to the farm.

MaMkhize: Am not saying overlook her evil ways Baba am only asking you let her plead her case to the chiefs council.

Let her fate be in their hands. Mkhize: You allowed her to sleep in my house, without my permission. I will also be found guilty for withholding her in this house after the king ruled that she is never to set her for in this village again.

MaMkhize: Thats why i think you should heard to the palace now befor people start talking. MaMkhize took some matches and some newspapers and went to start fire for the bath water.

Nokubonga: Good morning mother MaMkhize: Morning to you too,hope you slept well. Nokubonga: How could I mother that place is uncomfortable not to mention cold. MaMkhize: Well my child that's what you get for burning all your bridges to the top,coming back down is impossible.

Nokubonga: Am sorry mother MaMkhize: Am not the one you should be apologising to Nokubonga,but to your father and the council and the villagers. Mkhize came outside and gave his daughter a death stare.

Mkhize: Get inside the house nokubonga begore the villagers come here and burn you. Nokubonga: Does that mean you have forgiven me father? Mkhize: To me you are dead Nokubonga,i Just dont want your blood on my hands. MaMkhize hurry up with that water,i need to go to the palace Nokubonga: I know I have disappointed and shamed you both but i have changed.

Mkhize weny back inside the house saying nothing else. Nokubonga: Can i go inside now mother,I need to bath after the night i had. MaMkhize: Go ahead Nokubonga took her begs and went inside leaving her mother with her fire. Nkosi: Hello Queen: Nkosi you need to do something and fast. My daughter can't be like this forever Nkosi: This is not a good time my in-law Queen: Make it a good time Nkosi,how far are you with the plan to restore my daughter's sanity?

Nkosi: My in-law please am in there middle of something,can I call you back. Queen: You better call me Nkosi or am bringing her back to stay with you. I can't stand seeing my daughter like this any longer. The call was ended and Thobile was mad as hell Thobile: In-law? So you disturbed our love making session to talk to your in-law? Nkosi: Forgive me my queen,eyes carry on please. Thobile got out of bed and 0ut on her robe Thobile: Carry on with your in-law. Nkosi: Where are you going now Thobile?

I thought we were trying for a baby. Thobile: Why not bring back your pregnant Zevile,cause clearly she's more important than I am. Thobile stormed out of the room leaving Nkosi dazzled. Nkosi: Women! A day meant for bliss,joy and happiness turned out to be hell for two parents. Trish couldn't even put baby Siya down with fright that h It was already Morning when Thulani finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, without hesitation he got out of bed and woke Trish up.

Trish was sleeping holding onto her baby like her life depended on it. Trish: Not so loud Thulani, you'll wake the baby up. Thulani: Am sorry but we need to get ready and go to the police station now.

Trish got up and sat on the bed. Trish: Thulani why, Siya and here and he's fine. Thulani: You don't understand,i think your friend is behind the disappearance of our son. Trish: Who? Linda, God forbid. She wouldn't. Thulani: Do you still remember that video you asked me edit for your friend? Trish: Yes but what's a video have to do with this? Thulani: Who was the friend?

Trish: It was for Linda. Thulani: And the guy on the video,who is he? Do you know him? Trish: Aibo Thulani! So much questions so early. What's really going on? Thulani: Do you know the person on the video Trish?

Trish: He's Linda's ex boyfriend, Skhumbuzo Zungu. The doctor Thulani: The billionaire? Trish: Yes the billionaire, Fragment Four Love Wont Leave Me Alone - Kenneth Bager Experience. Now tell me what's going on or am going back to sleep. Thulani: When they found Siyabonga there was a note and I believe Siya disappearing is only the beginning. We need to tell the police everything we know so they get to the bottom of this.

Trish: What did the note say? Thulani ignored the question and got your from the bed to go take a shower. Thulani: We leaving in the next 30mins. Thulani left the room and went to take his shower leaving Trish also getting up.

After an hour they were on their way to the police station,if you've ever seen an ambulance on fire that's how fast Thulani was driving. Thulani: Why I allowed you to drag me into your games with your friend,i ask myself. Trish: That's not fair Thulani,we not even sure if Linda is involved in this your theory. She could be a victim as well.

The car parked outside the police station and Thulani got out and unstrapped the baby and took him leaving Trish in the car. Trish: Why didn't you just leave me at the house Thulani if you just gonna pretend like am not even here! Thulani: And risk you disappearing like our son! Get out of the car and let's go. Trish got out and followed them inside the station.

The commissioner was just coming out of his office when he saw his son,he went for greetings. Commissioner: Was just about to call you,follow me to my office please.

My daughter how are you? Trish: Am fine father thank you Commissioner: How's the young man doing,hope yesterday's ordeal didn't disturb him. Trish: He was a bit restless last night but he's fine now They made their way to the office and the commissioner called for someone.

Soon a female officer came through and joined in the office. Commissioner: Son this is detective Mndebele and shell be handling your case. Detective my son Thulani and Trish mother of the boy in question. Detective: Nice to meet you,the commissioner has already briefed me on the happenings.

I am hoping you could clarify a few things thou. How well do you know the lady you left your son with? Thulani: Trish will answer that,she's her friend. But I have remembered the video mentioned on the note Commissioner: Every piece of information is crucial at this moment son,no matter how little. The officer was taking notes while Thulani spoke.

Thulani: A while back Trish asked me to help edit a video for her friend. Officer: Edit it in what way sir? Thulani: I had to instill dates and time on the video,making dates present ones. Officer: And that was it? Thulani: Yes Commissioner: Anything else son,what was the video about? Who was on it?

Thulani: It was an explicit video and Trish says the person on the video is Skhumbuzo Zungu the billionaire that's mostly in TV. The doctor. Officer: What's the connection between Mr Zungu and the lady friend you edited the video from. Trish: Linda and Skhumbuzo used to date a while back and Linda was bitter that Skhumbuzo was getting married. Officer: So she intended to use the video as blackmail?

Trish: I do not have all the details officer. Officer: Thanks this is enough to go by,I know have a starting point. Commissioner: Thanks for coming son you've helped us a lot. Thulani: That note was giving me nightmares,it sounded like the person was threatening me so if there's anything I can do to help don't hesitate to call me. Thulani and Trish said their good byes,took their baby and left. Commissioner: Mndebele I want that boy brought in for questioning,detained even I need to know what he knows about my grandsons disappearance.

Officer: I'd need a warrant for that sir and the courts are closed its the weekend. We gonna have to wait till Monday Commissioner: You are an officer of the law Mndebele bring that boy in even under false pretences. I want him here. Officer: Am on it sir. The officer left the office and the commissioner went on about his work. It was wedding o'clock and jitters and nerves were doing their normal rounds. The garden looked like spring time in Paris,it was simple, elegant and classy.

Outfits already hanging on the walls and the make up artist was already here. I was woken up by the smell of oats and honey and I knew my husband was u,I sat up straight and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands and there he stood with a tray of oats and a glass of milk,I smiled.

Skhu: Good morning sunshine Ndoni: Morning you,I didn't even hear you get in last night. Skhu: That's because you sleep like a log these days. He placed the tray on the bed and sat next to me Skhu: Breakfast for my queen. Ready for a wedding? I took my food and started eating,I was starving. Ndoni: I could do with a few more hours of sleep but,am ready.

Skhu: I also have to get going the guys are probably waiting for me and I hate to rush you but the make up artist is already downstairs. Ndoni: Flip! I need to go check on Gogo,how's the garden? Skhu: Exquisite. Skhumbuzo kissed my forehead as I was stuffing my mouth with the oats then brushed my tummy. Skhu: I have to go,see you just now. Ndoni: Right behind you,I better hit the shower. Skhu: Am just happy that you not mad at me anymore, does this mean that am forgiven?

Ndoni: For better or worse right Skhu: Forever and always. Skhu left the room and I put down the bowl and went to take my bath it was gonna be a long day. I finally got out,lotioned and wore my white lace matching underwear then put on my gown then went to Gogo's room. I knocked and mother was already in there so I walked in.

Ndoni: Morning Gogo,mom I kissed them both then sat on the bed next to Gogo Noma: Could you please tell your Gogo to eat something,we don't want her fainting in the middle of her wedding vows. Ndoni: Gogo please Gogo: When have you ever heard of fighting the devil on a full stomach,am fasting for the holly ghost to be present at this wedding.

Noma: Am sure God wouldn't allow any evil here,we prayed last night before bed. Gogo: I don't know if I can swallow anything,my stomach is turning.

Noma: It's just nerves ma,it happens to the best of us. I was so nervous on my wedding day I nearly perfect on myself Ndoni: I have an idea. Let's pray We held our hands and said a short prayer then finally managed to convince Gogo to eat something. After that we all sat down for our hair and make up to be done. Gogo: Make sure I don't look like an alien please,I don't want my husband not recognising me and please leave my lashes alone.

We were laughing as Gogo made all sorts of demands. Noma: Just go with the natural look with a touch of shimmer. Gogo:: Hope that shimmer ain't those red dust Veronica puts on her cheeks,I don't wanna look like a cartoon.

Ndoni: Trust me Gogo you will look like a dream. Gogo: No please I wanna look like reality,dreams aren't there when you wake up. After a well deserved session of laughs,our make up and hair were done and Gogo was happy. Now it was time to dress up.

Noma: Gifts time Gogo: Ain't those meant for the gifts table. Noma: Every new bride needs something new, borrowed and something blue. Ndoni: Me first.

I rushed to my room and came back with a little box. Ndoni: This is something new,I'd like you to wear it on your big day. Gogo opened the boy and was almost in tears. Noma: No tears please you gonna make me cry too. Gogo: Ooh Ndoni! It's so beautiful. It's was a silver diamond neckpiece.

Ndoni: It's from me and my husband. Noma: Now for something blue My mother handed Gogo a box with a powder blue lace gutter. It's beautiful. Thank you Ndoni: Now for something borrowed. Gogo: Can I choose that myself? We laughed at Gogo's request.

Ndoni: What do you wanna borrow Gogo,it's your wedding after all. Gogo: The earrings you wore at your wedding Ndoni: Done I fetched my earrings and handed them over. Noma: And finally for something old. I give you my hairpin. It was passed onto me by my mother from her mother. You are like a mother to me so I'd like you to have it. Gogo: Thank you my queen We had a long group hug and finally it was time to dress up. Gogo: Where is Hlengiwe and Veronica?

Noma: Am sure they on their way. Gogo: I warned Nkanyiso about dating aunties,look now! She probably has aching knees due to old age. Ndoni: Calm down Gogo I'll call them and find out how far they are. Gogo: Don't call Veronica,if she doesn't come I lose nothing but Hlengiwe has to be here for Nkanyiso's sake. Back at the Sangweni house the guys were dressing up and Skhumbuzo got in just in time.

Skhu: Sorry am late gentleman,are we ready to do this? Sthe: How nice if you to finally join us, we've been ready for weeks now. Razor: Let's do this then. Langa: You still have the rings right Ray? Razor: Safe in my pocket. Sthe: But who ever decided to design white trousers for man must have been high on weed. I look gay in white trousers Skhu: This suits look ok to me Sthe: That's because you married and your wife loves you even in PJ's.

The guys were in white trousers and powder blue shirts,no ties and no blazers. The groom was in a black three piece suit, powder blue shirt and a black bow. It was all systems go,the guys were ready to accompany Liam to his lady. I was done with everything and I was just sitting there staring at that dress on the wall. It's was a long flowy powder blue dress with long lace sleeves and a detailed bodice. I was standing up for Raymond's mother at the wedding but was I really ready?

The thought of standing next to the people who killed my son and pretend like all is well was killing me. Then again what choice did I have,I had to stick it up. I got up and put on my dress,took what I was gonna need then my phone rang. Hlengiwe: Good morning Ndoni,is everything ok? Ndoni: Gogo asked me to find out how far you are? Hlengiwe: Be there in less than 30 minutes. Ndoni: Thank you I ended the call put my phone in my bag,took my car keys and went out.

I called Palesa on the way so she waits for me outside. I was in no mood to face either Khumalo or Veronica. Fortunately by the time I got to the house Palesa was already waiting outside with baby Crystal. Crystal gets beautiful each time I see her,with her big blue eyes. I helped strap in the baby and we hit the road. Palesa: I hear Ndoni lives in a mansion,is it really all that? Hlengiwe: That's what I hear too,never been to their house.

It's my first day too. Palesa: Ok. Everyone was done getting dressed,even Hlengiwe Fragment Four Love Wont Leave Me Alone - Kenneth Bager Experience arrived but Ndoni had locked herself in her room and she wasn't letting anyone in. Her mother kept knocking but nothing. Noma: Princess please at least tell me what's wrong so I can fix it please.

Ndoni was just on the bed crying and no one knew what to do. Gogo: Call her husband, he'll know what to do. Noma: Why didn't I think of that. Noma took out her phone and called Skhumbuzo. Skhu: Ma is everything ok? Noma: No Skhumbuzo everything is not ok. Your wife had locked herself in her room and won't come out. Talk to her please. Skhu: Ok thanks for calling Skhumbuzo ended the call and called his wife immediately.

And luckily she picked up Ndoni: crying It doesn't fit Skhu: Nana are you crying? What's wrong Ndoni: My dress,it doesn't fit. It's small,am big crying Skhu: smiling Calm down nana,you not big. Ndoni: It doesn't fit Skhumbuzo,what am I gonna do. Skhu: Calm down nana. What size is your mother? Ndoni: One size over mine. Skhu: Great now swop dresses with your mother and you'll be fine.

Ndoni: Do you think it will fit? Skhu: Just try it my love and stop crying please. Ndoni: Ok. Ndoni ended the call and went to open the door. Gogo: Here I was thinking am the bride. Noma: What's wrong baby? Ndoni: I think there was a mistake with my dress,they made it a size smaller.

Gogo: Ndoniyamanzi Zungu! All this trouble just for a small dress Ndoni: Am sorry Gogo. Skhumbuzo thinks mom's would fit me better. Noma: Let's do it then,the groomsmen are already here. Ndoni and her mother exchanged dresses and got ready. Sthe: Mr Black you can still run away if you can,I can call some guys and stage a kidnapping. Skhu: Shut up Sthe,no one is running away here. Liam: Let's do this gentleman,am going to get my missing rib. The gentleman walked in and went to stand at the front,the church ladies were singing and waiting on the bride.

The music came on and in came Hlengiwe, holding her bouquet so firm and slowly she walked all the way to the front Sthe: whispering Not too bad for a grandmother Then Nomasonto walked in and Langa smiled. Like an angel came in Ndoniyamanzi and Mkhuseli and Everyone just smiled,she has such an effect on people. Then the music stopped and Everyone got up to welcome the bride. And the lady of the moment walked in with Lwandle in her arm.

In her princess white dress she looked 14 years younger, Liam was so emotional seeing his lady looking so dazzling. Lwandle handed the bride to the groom and everyone sat down. At the gate there was commotion as officer Mndebele and two other officers were trying to get in. Guard: Am afraid I can't let you in ma'am,there's a ceremony going inside and we are other strict instructions not to let anyone in unless invited.

Mndebele: If you know what's good for you you are gonna let us in there to do our job! Or am gonna have to place you under arrest to for obstruction of justice.

Guard: But ma'am my boss Mndebele: My friend open that gate or The guards finally opened and the officers walked in. Pastor: Friends, family and relatives.

It is by God's grace that we are all gathered here today to witness and celebrate love. Sthe: And eat some free food whispered to his brother Skhumbuzo just ignored Sthe cause if he answered then it was gonna be a circus.

Pastor: If for any reason whatsoever, anyone feels this two can not we'd. Please speak now Talk about bad timing cause detective Mndebele walk in followed by two other officers Mndebele: Am so sorry to disturb such a beautiful ceremony but am looking for a Mr Skhumbuzo Zungu. Everyone was whispering to one on other and people were uncomfortable. Sthe: Skhumbuzo is dead,would you like me to show you his grave?

Mndebele: This is not a joke sir,ngsemsebenzini la! Sthe: Do I look like a joke with your type? Free uniform,free gun and cheap qualifications Skhu: It's ok Ntwana. Am Skhumbuzo can we take this inside please. This is a wedding. Mndebele: After you sir Skhumbuzo, Sthe and the officers went inside and the wedding continued. Ndoni was uneasy. Skhu: What nonsense is this! You walk into my bloody house with you demeaning uniform and embarrass me in front of my family. Sthe: Talk about disrespect!

Mndebele: Am sorry sir but am just doing my job. Am gonna need you to come with me to the station for questioning. Sthe: On what grounds? Mndebele: A boy went missing yesterday and we believe you might have information Skhu: I dont.

Now excuse me I have a wedding to attend, unless you have a warrant for my arrest. Mndebele: I will get a warrant and I will be back! Sthe: Eat more next time and gain some weight. You look hungry. The police left and Skhumbuzo was mad Skhu: Damn this girl is gonna be a pest.

Take care of her Sthembiso. Sthe: I'd love to do that, haven't played with my toys in a while. They got back to the garden and the vows were already said. Sthe: Do not fear people the officers were just here for some prescriptions.

Pastor: Dearly beloved,they have said their vows before God now we seal the deal. Pastor: May what's joined together by God,let no man separate. I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss your bride Liam placed a short kiss on his wife's lips. Pastor: Friend and family Mr and Mrs Black. The guests were clapping and happy as the wedding was beautiful, Skhumbuzo held his wife. Everyone made way to the reception for food and drinks.

I got to the hotel and checked in,I couldn't think straight my heart was shattered. First it was Raymond who decided to stay behind with I got to my room,threw myself on the bed and cried my eyes out. When and where? How could Khumalo do this to me,couldnt he just been discreet about it. In my living room,on my couch.

He never even made love to me on the couch in all the years we've been married guess i was just fooling myself,the man never really loved me. I must have cried myself to sleep cause I don't remember when I slept off. Back at the house Khumalo had just finished on dinner and he went to wake Veronica up then called for Palesa Palesa came down with her head down,am not sure if she was mad or embarrassed from what she witnessed earlier.

Veronica was still freshening up before dinner. Palesa: Am not really hungry,can I go back to my room please. Khumalo: Palesa please sit,we have to talk. Palesa took a seat and her father sat down too. Khumalo: Look my baby am sorry you saw what you saw earlier,it was inappropriate and I apologise.

Palesa: Why daddy? I thought you and mother were gonna get over this madness and get back together. Khumalo: Pali your mother and i are not getting back together,I tried begging her to stay but she didn't wanna be here anymore. Palesa: So this is it,what was left of our family?

Khumalo: I know this is not easy but we will find a way to make this new life work. I love you and will always put you first Veronica joined in and sat on the table too. Veronica: Hope am not disturbing,the food smells amazing. Khumalo: As V this is my daughter Palesa.

My angel this is Veronica she'll be moving in with us for a while. Palesa: As what daddy, mom's replacement or a maid. Veronica: Anything you want me to be my baby,your mom your friend even your mentor just not s maid dear.

Fragment Four: Love Won't Leave Me Alone. Short, Music | Video Add a Plot» Stars: Lykkie May, Nacho Vidal. Added to Watchlist. Add to Watchlist. View production, box office, & company info What's Streaming Now on Netflix? We're watching "Tiger King" on Netflix for sure. Our. Fragment Four: Love Won't Leave Me Alone (Video ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The twisted and erotic FRAGMENTS OF LOVE follows perfectionist composer Rodrigo's new obsession with the mysterious and alluring Susana. Cocooned in her home, the two enter a torrid love affair as Category: Drama.

The twisted and erotic FRAGMENTS OF LOVE follows perfectionist composer Rodrigo's new obsession with the mysterious and alluring Susana. Cocooned in her home, the two enter a torrid love affair as Category: Drama.

Directed by Skye Blue, Skye Blue. With A.J. Applegate, Aaron Wilcox, Ryan McLane, Mia Malkova. After a painful breakup, Cally and Rob turn to hypnosis to try and erase their memories of each other. But while their minds may be clear, their hearts and bodies never forget. Will a night of rediscovered passion be enough to put together their fragments of love? Fragment Four: Love Won't Leave Me Alone ( Video) Release Info. Showing all 0 items Jump to: Release Dates (0) Also Known As (AKA) (0) Release Dates It looks like we don't have any release dates for this title yet. Be the first to contribute!.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Lost Without Your Love on Discogs. Label: Elektra - HKS (LS) • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Gatefold • Country: Spain • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock.

Mar 28,  · The twisted and erotic FRAGMENTS OF LOVE follows perfectionist composer Rodrigo's new obsession with the mysterious and alluring Susana. Cocooned in her home, the two enter a torrid love affair as Susanna opens up and tells Rodrigo stories of sexual encounters with her past sioprovcabradeperfscormarcodenmenssol.cos: 6. Fragment 1 - And I Kept Hearing (EP #1), an album by Kenneth Bager on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, Listen to Fragment 1 - And I Kept Hearing (EP #1) now.

Nov 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - The Kenneth Bager Experience - Fragment four (love won't leave me alone) [Idjut Boys Remix] - YouTube Coyote - Eve (The Kenneth Bager Experience .


Its Morning (And I Still Love You) - Jessi Colter - Jessi (Cassette), Because - The Beatles - The Essential Hits Disk Two (CD), Too Young To Die - National Fire Theory - Ending With White Lights (CD), Fantasia On Greensleaves - Pure Calm - The Ultimate Relaxation Album (CD), Listless And Satisfied - Tumbleweed - Galactaphonic (Vinyl, LP), Moribund Town - Kellermensch - Kellermensch (CD, Album), Its Over - Glen Campbell - Live (Cassette, Album), YouRe The One - Mister Moonlight - If / YouRe The One (Vinyl), Swan Song, Heart Of Stone - Mischief (12) - Im In A Whirl (Vinyl)

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  • Directed by Skye Blue, Skye Blue. With A.J. Applegate, Aaron Wilcox, Ryan McLane, Mia Malkova. After a painful breakup, Cally and Rob turn to hypnosis to try and erase their memories of each other. But while their minds may be clear, their hearts and bodies never forget. Will a night of rediscovered passion be enough to put together their fragments of love?
  • 3 PARTICIPLE PHRASE FRAGMENTS A participle phrase usually begins with an ing or ed word. In the case of irregular verbs, an irregular past participle, like burnt or spoken, will begin the phrase. Here is a participle phrase pretending to be a complete sentence: Aunt Olivia always wears a motorcycle helmet.
  • Fragment 1 - And I Kept Hearing (EP #1), an album by Kenneth Bager on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, Listen to Fragment 1 - And I Kept Hearing (EP #1) now.
  • Feb 27,  · "There's beggary in love that can be reckoned" If you beg for a blow job, you won't get one. "I pray you, do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine" If you drink too much wine, you will beg for a blow job and the chick won't love you.
  • Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson - I Lost My Love (In A Beggar's Dream) at Discogs. Complete your Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson collection.
  • Fragments Lyrics: Fragments on the sea / Birds of prey above / All that lies beneath / No longer what it was, it changed / Why can't we relate / Shadows from the deep / Your thoughts were afraid of.
  • These Clues About Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda Will Leave You Running to the Book Store New York Times bestselling author of All the Missing Girls Megan Miranda knows a thing or two about keeping her readers in suspense, and her latest psychological mystery Fragments of .

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