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Juke Box Rag - Various - Rollin Along: An Anthology of Western Swing (Vinyl, LP)


A discography of commercial sound recordings of bluegrass music, that portion of the country/folk music universe which was based largely on the string band music of Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, and others, originating in the mids. Included are singles, EPs, LPs, CDs, as well as information on the labels releasing these recordings. Various - SUN Records: Sun Country Box (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) 6-CD-Album Boxset (LP-Format) mit seitigem gebundenem Buch, Einzeltitel, Gesamtspielzeit ca. 8 Stunden 50 Minuten. 60 Jahre Sun Records, 38 Jahre Bear Family/10(14). pk - goodtimes - rollin along with goodtim - lp ampol vg+ $ pk - goodtimes - rollin along with the good - lp ampol amlp vg+ pk - john gora - tall castle polka hunters polka - 45 tmf vg+ pk - muzyka goralska - muzyka goralska polish pressing - lp .

Excellent quality sound and the 20 page booklet has informative notes by Paul Watts and full discographical info. The Chet Atkins Singles Collection, He was certainly at his best early on, so this collection spanning contains far more hits than misses.

Certainly if you are a fan of artists like Joe Maphis or Les Paul, you will enjoy Atkins' dexterous guitar stylings. This is by and large an instrumental affair, even when Hank Snow guests on a track it's for a guitar duel, so don't get your hopes up for any Country stars of the day singing along with Chet.

I think that this is first time that all of Maxine's Nomar and ABC singles have been released in one package and so this release is most welcome. Man, he was one of the coolest. Gathering up classic tracks recorded for the Apollo, Grand Prix, Singular, and Atlantic record labels, this fab collection showcases the evolution of a great artist. I had never really thought of Solomon Burke as a child prodigy, but he was only 15 years old on the earliest recordings here, although he certainly sounded like he was about 35 right from the start.

And what did it get him? A couple of hits and some of the finest soul music of the time. His OKeh sessions routinely turned out first flight songs, usually written by Butler himself, who also played guitar--as if having an incredible voice wasn't enough.

Previously available only as a bootleg, Butler's Okeh output is all here and comes with one exception from the original master tapes. Also included are a heap of previously unissued songs, although some of them are backing tracks i.

For super fans, a true stereo version of Boston Monkey has been included, since Butler's one LP on Okeh contained a reprocessed stereo version, thus slightly disappointing the 11 people fortunate enough to own that rare slice of vinyl. But the extras, as nice as they are, seem irrelevant compared to having the collected Okeh sides of such a great artist available in excellent sound and with a booklet full of session notes for good measure.

A criminally underrated and arresting musician. Carter as the legendary Carter Family, Juke Box Rag - Various - Rollin Along: An Anthology of Western Swing (Vinyl. Maybelle continued performing with her daughters on the Opry and as part of Johnny Cash's traveling show while Sara moved to California and retired from active performing though she never quit playing.

But with the Carter Family still visible and the music of the original Carter Family considered a fountainhead for bluegrass and folk artists, the interest in their music remained strong. InMaybelle recorded a solo album for Columbia with a small group of Nashville musicians backing her acoustically.

That album, which combined traditional material with more contemporary numbers was released as "Mother Maybelle Carter: A Living Legend" and paid tribute to the Carter sound of the past in places while putting it in a slightly more modern context in others.

Along with such vintage A. Shortly after that, June Carter with support from future husband and performing partner Johnny Cash, found an enthusiastic Don Law ready to produce Sara and Maybelle. The result was the LP, "An Historic Reunion", cut in with Maybelle's distinctive guitar playing and Sara's autoharp and featuring a dozen numbers, Mixing Carter standards with songs they never recorded.

Helping out was A. Carter's son Joe to re-create his father's vocal parts. The entire album was cut in 24 hours, not surprising given the duo's past experience in cutting 78s and transcriptions. Both albums are combined here on one CD, with the usual excellent Bear Family sound, the original notes to the "Historic Reunion" by Johnny Cash and new notes by Charles Wolfe, with extensive information about the origins of each number.

A welcome package for Carter fans. The Complete Juke Box Rag - Various - Rollin Along: An Anthology of Western Swing (Vinyl, Two CDs, 45 tracks, highly recommended Seven or eight years ago, Jasmine issued a double CD with 41 tracks by the fine doo wop group, now Acrobat ups the ante with four additional tracks. This excellent double CD features most of the recordings issued between and with a few Roulette sides thrown in by this fine group that formed as teenagers in On their later sides the group was joined by female vocalist Georgianna "Pat" Spann whose lead vocals on Please Say You Want and Heavenly Father are among the highlights.

Many of their songs are originals by various group members but there are several covers including a particularly nice version of Ray Charles' Leave My Woman Alone.

Excellent sound and fine liner notes from Paul Watts. This CD is a collection of rehearsals tapes made between and '69 and only one of the songs here their duet version of bluesman Richard "Rabbit" Brown's James Alley Blues was released on any of their commercial recordings.

Unfortunately, being rehearsal tapes no though was given to preservation at the time and the sound quality is not very good - vocals are muffled and not always well balance and there is occasional distortion and tape. If you're not already a fan of their music you might you might find it rough going but if, like me, you are then the magic still comes through. It opens with a fantastic rendition of the Everly Brothers hit Bye Bye Love complete with autoharp solo which is, alone, worth the price of admission.

Sadly, their other commercial albums are no longer available. Fourteen of these tracks are also on Bo's Blues.

Second CD features a pretty funky live set fromcomplete with electric organ and horns. You don't really think of as being Bo Diddley's prime, but he was still putting on a pretty great show, and for the most part I really dug this set. The Floyd Dixon Singles Collection, This is followed by three sides by blues shouter Sonny Parker with Floyd on piano and then on to his solo recordings.

First with Modern where he performed a fine selection of sides accompanied by small groups and show a strong influence from Charles Brown though Floyd has a somewhat gritty tone.

It includes chart hits with the semi autobiographical Dallas Blues and the fine Mississippi. In he switched to Aladdin and made an extensive series of recordings Juke Box Rag - Various - Rollin Along: An Anthology of Western Swing (Vinyl the Charles Brown influence seems even stronger here - no doubt, in part due to the fact that he was accompanied on a number of tracks by Brown's former group Johnny Moore's Three Blazers and several tracks include Nat King Cole's former guitarist Oscar Moore.

From Specialty he switched to the Atlantic subsidiary Cat where he cut the catchy Hey Bartender which was not a hit at the time but brought Floyd in some well deserved royalties when it was recorded by the Blues Brothers on their album. Further excellent rockin' sides followed on Checker, Ebb, Cash, Kent Swingin', Duchess and Dodge and although this set ends in Floyd never really retired and recorded for a range of labels in the s and 70s and became a popular figure on the blues revival scene.

Sound quality is excellent and the 16 page booklet has informative notes by Paul Watts but, unfortunately, no discographical info. A most worthwhile release from Acrobat. The material here is mostly honky tonk songs - many of them written by Freddie himself who had great success as a songwriter writing songs for Carl Smith, George Jones, Porter Wagoner and many others. The later songs have a pop flavor but are eminently listenable thanks to Freddie's soulful vocal style.

After his war service he joined the National Barn Dance giving him nationwide exposure initially as a member of the Sage Riders, a western styled band, later solo. Recording contracts followed and he scored several minor hits first with RCA then with various independent labels. Dolph is a fairly smooth crooner in the Eddie Arnold style though blander and much of his repertoire is fairly forgettable though there are some nice accompaniments, particularly by steel guitarist Don White.

The Singles Collection, This double CD ups the ante by including all those plus the earlier sides recorded for Savoy and Specialty thus covering his recording career from through Earl King was a superb New Orleans singer, guitarist and songwriter who was strongly influenced by Guitar Slim but had his own individual groove.

Sound quality is excellent and there are informative notes by Paul Watts but no discographical info. Usual spectacular sound from Bear Family and 32 page booklet has notes by Rich Kienzle, some great photos and full discographical date.

Material is a varied selection of ballads and more up-tempo efforts including several written or co-written by Kirk. That was hardly Roy Lanham's entire career. He played the rich, full chord work on the Fleetwoods' Mr. Influenced by jazzman George Barnes, Lanham first gained notice leading the Whippoorwills, a vocal harmony and string jazz act that anticipated Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks by a good quarter century. The LP quickly became a collectors' item.

Lanham's guitar is tremendous throughout and comes through admirably, as does Dalton's mandolin work. What we need now, is a Whippoorwills reissue. Excellent notes by Rich Kienzle, who interviewed Lanham a decade ago, when he was still largely viewed as a member of the Pioneers. Many of the tracks are from commercial recordings made for a number of labels along with a live radio show from and a fragment of a live performance. Although considered a western swing group most of their performances are fairly tame and only a few actually swing - most notably the live radio show.

Decent sound and informative notes by Kevin Coffey. The Walter "Furry" Lewis Collection. Two CDs, 46 tracks, strongly recommended Furry Lewis was one of the giants of country blues - born in Mississippi, he settled in Memphis and his style has much in common with fellow Memphis musicians like Frank Stokes and Memphis Minnie though Furry was also master of slide guitar.

The first 21 tracks on the first disc features most of the recordings he made for Vocalion and Victor between and including such classics as Mr. When he wasn't playing blues he supported himself working for the Memphis Sanitation department which is where Sam Charters found him in Although Furry hadn't played in years and didn't have a guitar, within a short period of time he had regained much of his skill and recorded an album for Charters moct of which comprises the rest of the first disc and the first six tracks of the second.

The material includes fine remakes of some of his early recordings along with other songs popular in Memphis and blues standards and also includes a couple of fascinating interview snippets where Furry talks about his first recordings and the period he worked the medicine shows.

These recordings are somewhat marred by overuse of echo. Curiously, unlike some of the other rediscoveries Furry didn't become part of the folk club and festival circuit for another eight years, but when he did he was an immensely popular one thanks to the quality of his music and his lively on stage performances.

Sound quality is decent, but not great and the booklet has informative notes by Paul Watts. Love and Wealth - The Lost Recordings.

Two CDs 28 tracks, 71 mins, highly recommended What a delight - a collection of previously unissued recordings by Ira and Charlie Louvin. The Louvins were not only great performers but also great songwriters and much of their repertoire was self composed. This set is a collection of songwriting demos by the boys found in the archives of their publishers Acuff-Rose and appearing here for the first time.

Many of the tracks are just the duo with guitar and mandolin while several have additional instrumentation. Sound quality is superb and the 24 page booklet has informative notes by country researcher Colin Escott.

Booklet and CD are housed in a small hard cover book. The Novelty Aces were a quartet later quintet who included fine musicians and vocalists performing a wide variety of styles including hillbilly, western, novelty and more pop oriented titles, some sung solo some as a close harmony group.

This CD features some of their fine transcriptions and radio broadcasts mainly from the mid s, with the group fine multi instrumentalists themselves augmented by several important musicians including guitarists Merle Travis and Jack Rivers and fiddler and multi instrumentalist Slim Duncan.

Buck's tenure at Capitol records was just about done as well, and with the declining sales of his two previous albums, Capitol shelved this, the final album he submitted to them. Warner Brothers would sign Buck in and his career would revive a bit, but the creative and commercial heights of his Capitol years would never really be reached again. There were two singles released for this album - Country Singer's Prayer, and Buck's cover of The Battle of New Orleans, neither of which are that good and didn't gain enough traction on the charts to help the album get released.

So, this gives you the full original album as it was intended for release, plus the B sides for both of the singles. Buck Owens fans will want this mostly to fill the hole in the discography, but I don't think the casual fan will much enjoy this one. That said, Omnivore records has done an excellent job on this release with deep notes and detailed recording info. Although their performances are excellent they adhere a little too closely to the original Carter Family arrangements but, without either the vocal or instrumental depth of the originals and since the Carter Family originals are readily available I can't see why one would need a pale imitation.

When the albums originally came out the originals were not readily available and so their release at that time made sense and helped make people aware of the greatness of the originals but now their value is mainly historical. Ella Moore put Glinn in the charge of Hattie Burleson, a blues singer who was operating a cabaret and a taxi-dance hall, to train her in singing blues. By she was signed to a recording contract with Columbia. Burlson recorded four tracks in Dallas for Brunswick Records in October In my talk with Alan there was some discussion of songsters, a topic covered in the book and in fact there is some fascinating material on the pre-blues era.

Songsters featured on these show include Henry Thomas, L. Thomas and Geeshie Wiley and Dad Nelson. The date marks him as one of the eldest-born blues performers on record. That guitar was his ticket. The research formed the liner notes he wrote for Henry Thomas Completed Works to issued by Herwin in Geechie Wiley and Elvie L. Thomas, whose origins were long the subject of impassioned debate among 78 collectors were thought to have been from Mississippi. McCormick interviewed her at length when she was 70 years old.

She was about five or six years younger than me and we went around lots together. The fact that this is a radio show means that much of the focus has been on Texas artists who made commercial records but there are dozens and dozens of portraits of influential figures who never recorded like Peg Leg Will, Scanlin Smith and Edgar Perry to name just a few. One of the more remarkable portraits in the book is of the obscure Smith Casey.

Ask me do I know Smith Casey? You goddamn sure know I do! That son of a bitch ate my food, slept in my house, then went and kilt my brother Abe. That bandy leg bastard shoulda been hung. That bandy-leg runt went and killed Abe and I would have killed him myself If I could-a found him after he got out from the penitentiary. Posted by Jeff under Playlists No Comments. Those came in for Columbia and again in for Chess, but went unissued for decades. Inhe was back in the studio, this time for the J.

Again, several sides went unreleased, but those that did see the light of day were commercial failures likely due to lack of any wide distribution. He recorded steadily until his death in Back in though, he was at the height of his powers as demonstrated by this new collection The Blues Came Falling Down on Omnivore Records.

Having ravaged cotton fields in Mexico the boll weavil spread north, entering Texas in and doing great damage. Although it affected the livelihood of black sharecroppers, it had an even greater impact on the prosperity of white plantation owners. Some singers even took Boll Weevil for their name — the best known recorded for Vocalion under the name Sam Butler.

There are reports of Patton playing the song a early as when the boll weevil might first have shown up at Dockery plantation where he lived and there are reports of boll weevil verses as early as George W. Thomas, Jr. When George relocated to New Orleans inhe brought Beulah and Hersal with him and they began performing in nightclubs and theaters throughout LP) south. Thomas came to Chicago in along with his daughter Hociel, Beulah, and little Hersal, the child prodigy who stood the Windy City on its ear.

Armstrong and Hersal worked together on two more occasions, accompanying Hociel and Sippie during February and March The cause of his sudden death may have been food poisoning. So I carried him home. And Hersal died and he was sixteen years old and just had his first girlfriend Mary, and his first long pants.

Lopez-Nunes: Quando a te lieta E. DsqZon Blk X M. ViEDM Sig. Co D A. Heigh Hi! Strauss E. White typed lbl WOL E. Co D C. CoV2 D [fs] Ernst Wolff, acc. MB 25 E. Tosti MB E. Zu dieser Stunde? Pini-Corsi: Agnese lo zitella E Possible autographed sol E Orch: Prelude E Orch: Fantasia and Fugue Bach, arr. DsqG W Mlle. Inghilleri: Nulla! Quel spectacle enchateur dsol E. Mimi tu piu non torni E.

White handwritten lbl; spiderweb backplate MB 15 E White typed lbl E. CCCP [2 recs] M. LT GR E. Panzera: Ah, je respire enfin E. These deluxe reissues were pressed in translucent red vinyl. Each record came with its own special sleeve: a fabulous gold foil affair unlike anything. Presented here is a full set in pristine condition. Because the sleeves were so fragile, they have not held up well over the past 65 years. And since nice sleeves are much more difficult to find than the records themselves, we.

Lots are the original sleeves for the following records, and they are as nice as you will find. Brian and I have culled through.

Some may have minor scuffs, creases, writing or small tears, but I guarantee your satisfaction. Records or sleeves, you Juke Box Rag - Various - Rollin Along: An Anthology of Western Swing (Vinyl. I am suffocating! All of the operatic verticals in this list are center start, engraved label pressings.

We'll run paper labels in VRA CoV M [bw] P. CoV F L. DsqG K [2 recs] Mme. HMV C W. DsqG W M. No specific minimum bids have been. ViC DM [2] E. ViC DM [3] E. ViW [Can] J. ViS Revelers: Oh, Kay! Ge Wilbur D.

CoV D [bw] W. Louis Blues E. All bear pictures of the monarchs, and the Canadian and English pressings are particularly beautiful. Mutual mx [ss] Gen. Vatican Rec. Translation by Father Chas. Mullaly St. Peter's Cathedral on lbl MB 25 E. NF 19 [pl] James M. ViW Edward M. NF 15 [pl] Warren G.

NF 21 [pl] Warren G. ViW [pl] Warren G. ViS Charles A. NF 2 William G. Roosevelt: " NF 20 [pl] Franklin D. NF 13 Gen. West MB 15 E. De [dj; fs] Judy Garland: Dear Mr. SCRS E. SOL E. Jaymes F. Kaufman: Oh! Boy, What A Girl V. Musical Postcard Co. For those of you. And for a Cocktail with a twist, might I suggest Lot We sampled all of these concoctions while the recorder was running, and you can hear the recording for yourself by winning Lot Or you can listen to the Bidder Request.

I think our favorite version is still the chestnut by the Slity Stickers. The Sickly Strutters. The Slutty Strippers. Oh well, you get the idea Globe Mr. L, M-N-O Goldfish! O-S-M-R, 2. Cap Jo Stafford alias Cinderella G. MB E. TOL E ViS Rev. Rainbow Francis E. Br Rev. Br Sister O. Ro Rev.

Various Artists – Skankin' Round The World, Volume 2, LP Zoot! was first written by die-hard Ska fans harkening back to the days of 2-Tone and the late Sixties and the early Seventies. But now The Ska has leapt from the pages of fanzines like Zoot! and from small pubs and clubs into a new era. Band, The - King Harvest Has Surely Come - Anthology Vol. 1 - Capitol SN LP Band, The - Rag Mama Rag - Anthology Vol. 1 - Capitol SN LP Buffalo, Norton - Jukebox - First Press (Various Artists) - Rail LP Atlantic SD LP Edwards, Jonathan - Rollin' Along - Have A Good Time For Me - Atlantic SD LP Edwards, Jonathan. Society. From dixieland through the swing era, and on to the daring innovations of "bop" and progressive jazz, ASCAP has continued to hold its doors open to the new and the adventuresome. It has not been until relatively recent years that the regional music called Country and Western has entered the mainstream of American popular music.

4 -CD boxed set (LP-size) with page hardcover book, tracks. Playing time approx. mns. The famous Bristol Sessions, produced by Victor Records in Bristol, Tennessee are known as 'The Big Bang Of Country Music.'But don't overlook the recordings made in nearby Johnson City by Columbia Records in October and October Collectively, the Johnson City recordings are regarded.

Apr 25,  · Cover: Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents Decca DL Inch Main Series: DL - The Original Hit Performances!-The Late Thirties - Various Artists [] Sugar Blues - Clyde McCoy/The Music Goes 'Round And Around - Riley-Farley/Until The Real Thing Comes Along - Andy Kirk/Organ Grinder Swing - Jimmie Lunceford/Pennies From Heaven - Bng Crosby/Sweet . move on / rock-a-billy fever / rock cadillac / jukebox rock / rock-a-billy christmas / party. date/ out for kicks/ rock-a-billy cats/ candy doll/ skippin´ along / choo choo bop/ squeese / live it up/ jungle rock/ trading kisses/ schoolboy blues / rockabilly boys / ice cold / tough.

Part of this series was a dozen LP’s titled Anthology of the Blues, featuring a good deal of previously unissued material by Elmore James, Howlin’ Wolf, Lightnin’ Hopkins and others. These albums were updated in the early ’s by Ace and issued as five volumes under the title The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions.

This list has become much too long to scroll through. Instead of trying to browse here, it's easier to go the Title List or the Artist List, look up the song there, then click on the "Artist" link which will take you to back here for comments and lyrics. California is the main subject of some of these songs, but others simply refer to either a place in the state, such as a city or a highway. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation.

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Javi Golo & Kuki (2) - Midnight Hour (Vinyl), Tut So Gut, Travellin - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Dub Plates Vol 3 (CD), Twin Peaks Reprise, 為了你一句話 - 楊燕* - 你把愛情還給我 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Shop Around - Various - A Motown Anniversary Collection (Cassette), Prayers Of A Non-Believer - Essa (5) - The Misadventures Of A Middle Man (CDr, Album), *Work Outing 29 - Graham Preskett - Personal Glimpses (CD, Album), Chloya (Chloe) - Mickey Katz - Comin Round The Katzkills (Vinyl, LP, Album), Only One Road - Celine Dion* - The Colour Of My Love (CD, Album), Clare Fischer - Surging Ahead (Vinyl, LP, Album), Things Will Never Be The Same (Live: Zürich) - Roxette - Tourism (CD, Album)

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  • Various - SUN Records: Sun Country Box (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) 6-CD-Album Boxset (LP-Format) mit seitigem gebundenem Buch, Einzeltitel, Gesamtspielzeit ca. 8 Stunden 50 Minuten. 60 Jahre Sun Records, 38 Jahre Bear Family/10(14).
  • The Mooche - Bob Wilber And His Jazz Band* - Bob Wilber And His Jazz Band (Vinyl, Album) Brackenberry Road - Peter Knight - An Ancient Cause.
  • In Your Blue Eyes One Day, Someday The Western Sky The Eastern Sun On The Road To Love Lazy Afternoon
  • Chance Records, like Parrot, United, and Aristocrat, was an independent Chicago label that pioneered in recording the new African-American sounds that swept the city after World War II: the electrified Mississippi blues and the doowop harmony cut known sides from September through October In addition, Chance purchased or licensed at least 44 sides.
  • VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bear Family BCD The Sun Country Box, CD $ A t last, Bear Family records is reissuing on CD its legendary 10 LP box set of Sun country recordings originally issued on LP in Now issued on six newly remastered CDs with 15 additional tracks discovered since the LP release with a total playing time of.
  • Beer Parlor Jive. Western Swing , String STR () Operators' Special. 16 Red-hot Jukebox Hits from the Heyday of Weste., String STR () Rollin' Along, An Anthology of Western Swing, Tishomingo TSHO () Western Swing. Vol. 2, Historic Recordings, Old-Timey LP () Ralff, Mike Side Performer Appearance.
  • move on / rock-a-billy fever / rock cadillac / jukebox rock / rock-a-billy christmas / party. date/ out for kicks/ rock-a-billy cats/ candy doll/ skippin´ along / choo choo bop/ squeese / live it up/ jungle rock/ trading kisses/ schoolboy blues / rockabilly boys / ice cold / tough.
  • HotW Orch: Ro-Ro-Rollin' Along V++. HotW Orch: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E Same, but with later silver print lbl E Phil Spitalny's Music: Cheer Up Good Times Are Comin' E HotW Orch: Singing A Song To The Stars E HotW Orch: You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me E-.
  • Various - SUN Records: Sun Country Box (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) 6-CD Box (LP format) with page hardcover book, tracks, total playing time approx. 8 hours 50 minutes. Sun Records at 60, Bear Family at

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