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Le Grand Jos ! - Jacques Labrecque - LInimitable (Vinyl, LP)


Le Grand Jos Composed By – Tex Lecor: A4: En P'Tit Boggie Composed By – Jean-Paul Filion: A5: Monsieur Guindon Composed By – Jean-Paul Filion: A6: La Parenté Composed By – Jean-Paul Filion: B1: Couleurs D'Automne Composed By – Lawrence Lepage: B2: Ti-Jean, Le Marin Composed By – Lawrence Lepage: View all records by Jacques Labrecque for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch format. Découvrez tous les disques de l'artiste Jacques Labrecque en vente sur CDandLP au format Vinyl, CD, Maxi, 45 tours.

These were recorded flat and then also equalized with Turnover: The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L. They are 3. Saint-Paul; Marguerite Monnot. Performer: Edith Piaf; Choeurs R.

Four stylii were used to transfer these records. Codolban; Jean Lenoir. Matrix number: CLA Larsy; Ch. Performer: Charles Trenet Writer: Ch. Trenet Orchestre. Matrix number: CL Matrix number Poterat Tornerai; Slow-fox chante; Accomp. Digitized from a shellac record, at 78 revolutions per minute. The preferred version suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L.

Alexandroff; Joseph Laoute; Mehul. The Cylinder Archive [ www. This 4-minute Blue Amberol cylinder was first Le Grand Jos ! - Jacques Labrecque - LInimitable (Vinyl as a 4-minute wax Amberol, then, shorty afterwards, re-issued on celluloid Blue Amberol.

Topics: cylinder record, opera, french, france, rubinstein, blue amberol. Topics: 78rpm, Ethnic Source: Advanced French Unit No. Matrix number: ; 1-C-5; ; Sound recording. Edmond Mahieux; Geo Koger et H. Varna; Vincent Scotto. Performer: Miss Josephine Baker; M. Varna; Vincent Scotto Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, I never answered the call and they hung up without leaving a message.

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Called three times yesterday and after I told them to take me off their list and never call again This number called me and claimed to be verizon. Kebekelektrik : Kebekelektrik - The Italian-born Pat Deserio was just seven years old when he left the tiny village of Montelongo and landed with his family in a teeming, vibrant Montreal. It wouldn't take long for the newly arr Dogs of War : Dogs of War - Back in the seventies, Montreal's vibrant disco scene mirrored New York's in many ways, but particularly so in the sheer number of guys of Italian origin who hustled their way onto the scene, spinni Orchestra : Too Hot for Love - Montreal may have been the hands-down disco capital of Canada - "the second most important disco market on the continent, outside New York," according to Billboard at the time - but Toronto also had Sloche : Stadacone - After the spacy prog-fusion of their superb debut J'un Oeil the previous year, Sloche eased up a notch on the controls on their follow-up.

The Quebec City The brothers picked up guitarist George Antoniak, Boule Noire : Aimes-tu la vie comme moi? Dionne-Bregent His talents were i Norris Vines and the Luvlines' honey-dripping floor-filler must easily be the Canadian holy grail for modern soul collectors, but with the deart Orchestra : Theme from S. Part 2 - 7" - In Billboard magazine dubbed Montreal "the second most important disco market on the continent, outside New York. This undiscovered gem, the band's lone seven-inch, was record Sloche : J'un Oeil - The upper reaches of the St.

Lawrence River may be about as far away geographically and culturally from the traditional anglo centres of rock as one can get. And yet in the seventies prog rock flowe Morse Code : La Marche des Hommes - Politicos and pundits trying to prove Quebec's distinct society status might want to look into popular music to prove their case.

Exhibit one would have to be the plethora of prog rock that thrived But with the addition of singer In the s, the Mississippi-born, Michigan-raised saxophonist toured with a host of Atlantic acts, like Joe Turner, Billy Ward and his Dominoes and t The contemporary soul Lewis Furey : Lewis Furey - Though almost as obscure in the seventies as he is forgotten today, Lewis Furey at one point published poetry in Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, collaborated on soundtracks with the likes o That unlikely wave of islanders brought with them some damn fine cooking skills, a near-obsessive love of music and, Harmonium : Harmonium - The seeds of Montreal prog-folk icons Harmonium began to take root in when guitarists Serge Fiori and Michel Normandeau met up in the Montreal theatre community, with bassist Louis Valois joining John Mills-Cockell : A Third Testament - After a stint in the avant-garde mixed media project Intersystems in and forays into the rock forum the following year with the Kensington Market in Toronto and the lesser-known Hydro Electric St It was t It was there that the budding guitarist got his first whiff of rock 'n' roll stardom.

The strait-laced Bachman was at constant odds with his hard-partyi Comme on s'ennuie'was a rather feeble attempt at chanson that ended up sounding more boring than bored. Bregent : Poussiere Des Regrets - Montreal keyboardist Michel-Georges Bregent spent the latter part of the sixties at the prestigious Conservatoire de musique du Quebec a Montreal mastering a bevy of instruments from piano and organ Abraham's Children : Time - Jimi Bertucci was just one of the many Canadian musicians who trace their roots back across the pond to Italy.

What we do kno Guitarist Alex Lifeson h The Mandala frontman was a soul dynamo whose frenetic, sweat-filled sets held his teenage audiences in a grip that few could matc Scrubbaloe Caine : Round One - One of the more entertaining groups that hailed from Canada during the early s was an eclectic band of musicians who called themselves Scrubbaloe Caine.

They arrived at a time when the Canadian Franck Dervieux : Dimension M - Franck Dervieux manned the keyboards on some of Jean-Pierre Ferland's earlier works, but LP) the gifted pianist had decided to strike out on his own. For Dimension MDervieux assembled Contraction : Contraction - Franck Dervieux's LP Dimension M is an archeological missing link of sorts in Quebec, managing as it did to bridge the waning world of psychedelia with We were planetary.

We were beyond the revolution. Warpig : Warpig - The sixties ended abruptly and ceremoniously - in southwestern Ontario at least - on February 2nd,when Led Zeppelin made their Canadian debut at Toronto's venerable Rock Pile on Yonge Street The budding rocker had written a few songs and had decided to make the long drive from Vancouver down to Nashville with a thousand bucks in h Soleillike its predece What gives?

The Concept label was run by former Trend honcho Merv Buchanan afte Yet despit In just a few short years, they had managed to place three albums Music from Big PinkThe Band and.

Dionysos : Le Grand Jeu - Montreal was still the largest and most happening city in Canada at the end of the s. Toronto may have gotten all the press with its burgeoning scene in Yorkville, LP), but a movement of a different Jackie Mittoo : Wishbone - By the time Jackie Mittoo set foot in Toronto inhis future Wikipedia entry would have already been half-written.

The young Jamaican, former Skatalite and child piano prodigy had virtually in Beverly Glenn-Copeland : Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Glenn-Copeland's life was certainly not without its struggles - he was born a black female and now lives as a transgendered man. But what really stands out is the huge role that music playe The Magic Bubble : The Magic Bubble - Toronto's Yonge Street by the late sixties was a cauldron of blistering soul and scorching rhythm and blues, a fire no doubt lit years before by the likes of the young David Clayton-Thomas and his men It's All Meat : It's All Meat - Despite the crotch-grabbing allusions as well as nods to the Animals song of the same nameIt's All Meat actually took their name from a s dog food commercial extolling the virtues of its bee Syrinx : Syrinx - The birth pangs of electronic pop music were often tentative affairs.

The Souls of Inspyration : The Souls of Inspyration - From Red Lake, Ontario, near the Manitoba border, these soft-psych rockers made the requisite bar slog all across Central Canada before deciding to set up shop in, of all places, Sherbrooke, Quebec Troyka : Troyka - Troyka's discography is rather slim - just one LP and a single - but the group actually trace their origins back to the mid sixties and a band called the Royal Family.

The quartet issued a couple of s However, in the case of electronics pioneer Bruce Haack, a solitary childhood tucked away in the shadow of the Alberta Rockies merely stoked his knack for inv For a brief period, the relatively tiny city - LP)back then - was the sunshine-pop capital of Canada, fillin Christmas : Christmas - Formed in Oshawa, Ontario by guitarist Bob Bryden amid the ruins of psych-rock outfit Reign Ghost, whose two Allied Records releases fetch hefty sums in collectors' circles, Christmas initially record Happy Feeling : Happy Feeling - This Calgary-based band would probably be even further buried in the sands of time if it weren't for the fact that they were produced by the great Norman Petty down at his famous studios in Clovis L' Infonie : Vol.

Life : Life - Few people took notice when Montreal band Life's lone eponymous album slipped out on Polydor Records in the early part of Arguably one of the era's most obscure releases, this criminally overl Bachman had seemed to b Some excellent garage rock the acerbic single A collaboration between the budding producer Paul J. Zaza and Paul Baillargeon and Dean Morgan : Viens, Mon Amour Original Soundtrack - While much of uptight English Canada - most specifically Ontario - was battling censor boards filled with aging, scissor-toting moralists parsing every inch of film entering the country, our French The little-known gem was recorded in Edmonton's The Guess Who : American Woman - was a very good year for the Guess Who, and the culmination of much hard work and dedication.

By the group had established their classic lineup of Burton Cummings lead vocals, keyboardsWith tongue planted firmly in The New Creation : Troubled - "The devil has the best music. He and his deeply spiri Still, that didn't stop Herb Alpert from issuing a second set of songs for the lads the follow It appears that the group was most probably a five-piece consisting of singer Ed Kilbride, guitarist Al Mix and keyboardi And the record might even have scaled some local c With one-time Sinners Bent Wind : Sussex - Phenomenally rare, with those surviving copies fetching upwards of bucks a pop, the acid rock raver Sussex had its origins in a drug-addled house in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood.

Recorded in the early months of David : David - From the same label that gave us Rockadrome comes the six-man, one-woman David. Their sole album is one of those wonderful, flawed surprises from the era, an overreaching blend of orchestral pop wi The Stone Circus : Stone Circus - The Stone Circus LP has long been one of the holy grails to collectors of the legendary Mainstream label, but so little is known about it that the misconceptions have grown along with its monetary v Cargo : Front Side Back Side - Merv Buchanan originally started up his now-sought-after Trend label in in a crusty old studio out in the wilds of suburban east Toronto.

The enterprising dee jay and producer half-flippantly Merryweather : Merryweather - The mid-to-late s California rock landscape was littered with Canadian expatriates jostling for a record deal and the allure of fame and fortune. By the end of the decade, Canadian musicians we Edward Bear : Bearings - Edward Bear had been knocking about the Toronto circuit sincewhere they were the house band for a spell at the Night Owl coffee house in Yorkville.

Bythe band's reputation for poundin The Village S. The Hamilton quintet had just landed It was there that a couple of long-forgotten bands, Jimmy and the Rebounds and Suzanne : Suzanne - Like many a teenaged Toronto musician in the mid-sixties, Greg Hambleton could be found in Yorkville making the scene in the clubs and cafes of that city's buzzing enclave.

The would-be singer-songw Reign Ghost : Reign Ghost - Bob Bryden was just twelve years old when his family shifted down the old Highway 7 from white-collar Ottawa to the gritty factory town of Oshawa, just outside Toronto. But after a brief spell of c Its silky supper club soul has found its way onto the UK dance floors and that of course But what the cratediggers may not know is that the authors of that long-lost But here in Canuckistan, the Toronto group is important for be By From until its In their brief existence, the Toronto band issued just one LP, the vaguely psychedelic Release the Sunshinewhich for what it's worth seems t What little is known about the record comes from a YouTube post A couple of years spen McKim's father was rather conveniently position The Mutual Understanding : In Wonderland - "Welcome to Wonderland - momentary abode of the Mutual Understanding - a happy moment in time where all can share in the magic of a mighty and cheerful sound.

And meet the Mutual Understanding - as As Nicholas Jennings tells it Mandala : Soul Crusade - After the success of their top-ten corker 'Opportunity'the Mandala seemed destined for opportunities of their own. Their manager Rafael Markowitz aka Ra The Plastic Cloud : The Plastic Cloud - In July ofthe Jefferson Airplane took up a week-long residence at the massive O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, and then played an additional outdoor freebie in front of some 20, souls in the sun Intersystems : Free Psychedelic Poster Inside - As the experimental electronic duo Intersystems, synthesizer pioneer John Mills-Cockell and performance poet Blake Parker put out three records in the late s: the relatively acoust Witness Inc.

The Nihilist Spasm Band : No Record - Taking their cue from the "spasm bands" of early New Orleans, essentially motley collections of musicians performing on found objects, London, Ontario's Nihilist Spasm Band are a fine example of bot Of course, The Montreal band used to deck themselves out in matching Beatles suits and bleached-blond coiffures hence t The Churls : The Churls - Somewhere over the years the Churls ended up near the bottom of history's overcrowded dustbin, but back in late the heavy-hitting rockers had quite a presence on Toronto's Yorkville scene, at o Influence : Influence - Montreal, in French-speaking Quebec, is not the obvious place you would find British musicians at the height of the s rock explosion.

But that's exactly where two expatriates reunited by chance That band formed in Februaryiss The band were a six-piece consisting of s But the prairie capital famous for its bitterly co The Detroit riots of were certainly not the first there - the city had previously erupted in the summer of leaving 34 dead a But the cherubic singer with the most beguiling of voices had to be The Vancouver singer who was actually born as Sandra Loranger But what many may not know is that the roots of this Quebec group actually go bac Guido Basso : Christmas Today - For people of a certain vintage, Yuletide used to mean Yukon Cornelius battling the abominable snowman, Andy Williams in turtlenecks, and the wholesome music of Henry Mancini, the Swingle Sisters or Though the Five Shy are about as close to the They also ha Pantis was actually one of three erstwhile pop idols from the early sixties who had turned their attentions a It was in that tiny military town some two hours to the east of Toronto that Dutch-born Barry 'Buzz' Vandersel hooked The Montreal quintet was formed in by drummer Brian Redmond, along with guitarist M He left his native Montreal in the late s to pursue his singing dreams down in the U.

There, as Marty Hill, he recorded a h That record, the vaguely psychedelic 'Strange Thing' with its whirling organ and searing guitar, seems t As the singer and principle songwriter for A Passing F But that was only half the story. The Ottawa-born wunderkind, who at fourteen 'borrowed' his m While Britain and America had numerous groups and singers dominating the radio and the But once you get past the more obvious Wigan classics - from stone-cold floorshakers like Dobie Gray Indeed, the song has been covered countless times The young Metis, who grew up as the second youngest in a f But thankfully the BC band managed to bequeath a rather nifty seven-inch on the tiny Arre The Rabble : The Rabble - The Rabble were five boho lads from Pointe Claire on Montreal's west island who played a nominally funky, oddly eccentric alternative to the Haunted's straight-on garage rock.

Their first album is However, despite releasing The Haunted : The Haunted - Mid-sixties fuzzbox-driven garage rock was ubiquitous across North America in and the Montreal area was no exception.

The b-side, 'Not for Long', is the better of the two tracks here, a summery slice of pop existentialism, languor Marie-based Amen - weekly regulars at their local Teen Centre - spent much of toiling about northern Ontario, venturing as far as Lakehead University in Thunder Bay as well as to The five-piece is known to have played at a place called the Sundown Room as well as i Les Miserables : Les Miserables - In the early sixties as the instrumental combo Les Coronets, these Montreal high school buddies belted out covers of all those trendy Ventures and Shadows tunes at local high school dances, LP) Clement's near Kitchener, Ontario, Threads of Fybre were a rather fleeting concern, allegedly performing not more than ten times in their entire career.

Nonetheless, in t Bands like the Painted Ship and the Collectors had their r Mike Jones and guitarist Bob Panetta. The Montreal five-pie For years there was such a paucity of information out in cyberland that even the The band had been ki The charming city of 50, just east of Montreal punched way above its weight, giving birth to a number of cool The mega-famous producer, who by now is renowned for ha The Paupers : Magic People - For someone giving Magic People a spin for the first time, there is a point midway through the track 'It's Your Mind', precisely when the blithe rhythms segue into the sort of sunshiny chorus The Montreal five-piece was fronted by t But it wasn't until But sometime inThe Windsor ON native Under the latter pseudonym, the enigmatic Montr Lucio Agostini : Once Upon a Hundred Years - It is doubtful whether Giuseppe Agostini spoke much English or French when he arrived in Montreal in with his wife and one-year-old son Lucio, but one thing is for sure.

As a former bandleader The once-sleepy burg got its first whiff of the Haight-Ashbury freakfest in Janu That massive show "14 Hours - 14 Big Groups in Feel-Good - 7" - The Shags were part of the hopping mid-to-late-sixties rock and roll scene in southern Manitoba that included, in addition to the obvious Guess Who, groups like the Quid, the Deverons, the Jury, the The nucleus of the band got their start in as the Sinners, who spent the better part Syd Barrett's dreamy nugget, ostensibly about a free-spirited fifteen-year-old but with fa The St.

Catherines ON five-piece was originally formed in by guita The Montreal five-piece had barely arrived back from Toronto after playing to thousand That may sound like a joke - I mean, the Saskatchewan city in the mid-sixties had barelysouls - but The Ugly Ducklings : Somewhere Outside - Nineteen sixty-six was the year pop's voice cracked, when its squeaky clean Beatles complexion broke out in the pimply scruff of garage rock all over North America.

From the Chocolate Watchband out i Equally odd is that nearly Singer and g The Oshawa ON band was formed in with London, who was actually born in

Performer: Jacques Labrecque; The Mitchell Chorus; Bob Farnon and his Orchestra Traditional; Sung in French. Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of L'Inimitable on Discogs. Label: London Records - MLP • Format: Vinyl LP, Mono • Country: Canada • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk.

Recording Reviews: Raphael Weinroth-Browne: Worlds Within - Cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne may not be a household name, but more discerning listeners will recognize him as o. Discours Sur L'Histoire Universelle a Monseigneur Le Dauphin, Part 1 (), Jacques-Benigne Bossuet A Journal of Travels Into the Arkansas Territory, During the Year - With Occasional Observations on .

U y étudiait dcpuii un au. I! se rendra maintenant à Paris, pour des études en plüloso-phie et en littérature. Originaire de Granby, M. l’abbé Daudelin fit ses élude* fccundjirc* et sa théologie au Séminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe et au Grand Séminaire, et ii tut ordonné prêtre le .

X Le Bonheur a Cinq Sous (Dodo Press), Rene Boylesve La Querelle Cald ronienne de Johan Nikolas B hl Von Faber Et Jos Joaqu -N de Mora, Camille Pitollet The Tragedy of Julius C Sar, William Shakespeare. Overall Rating: Feedback: % positive ( ratings) Fill Rate: 96% Time To Ship: days ( hrs) Response Time: days ( hrs) Transactions: 2, Seller Since: September ( years) Inventory: 13, items (2 days ago).

Apr»-- • ¦ s humant-lU Scminairr. scs études mamies au Grand - Semi-cette ville.»1 fut or. \i prêtre r*r ^ Mgr tÜK. le 7 juin f-.î tour a tour professeur binaire. He ‘Ml a «; u-l,i i'Umv» M' Catholi* e Washington «1MR ujj a rUniv:;-ité Ford. ‘ \eW York ). obtint sa licence en psy-c .


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  • Recording Reviews: Raphael Weinroth-Browne: Worlds Within - Cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne may not be a household name, but more discerning listeners will recognize him as o.
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  • Performer: Jacques Labrecque; The Mitchell Chorus; Bob Farnon and his Orchestra Traditional; Sung in French. Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical, mil truncated conical.
  • X Le Bonheur a Cinq Sous (Dodo Press), Rene Boylesve La Querelle Cald ronienne de Johan Nikolas B hl Von Faber Et Jos Joaqu -N de Mora, Camille Pitollet The Tragedy of Julius C Sar, William Shakespeare.
  • Discours Sur L'Histoire Universelle a Monseigneur Le Dauphin, Part 1 (), Jacques-Benigne Bossuet A Journal of Travels Into the Arkansas Territory, During the Year - With Occasional Observations on .
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