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Runaway Child, Running Wild - Temptations* - Greatest Hits II (8-Track Cartridge, Album)


rows · Watch the video for Runaway Child, Running Wild from The Temptations's Motown: The . Greatest Hits II (shown as Temptations Greatest Hits Vol. 2 on the label) is a greatest hits album for The Temptations, released by the Gordy sequel to the first Temptations greatest hits LP from , Greatest Hits II collects several of the lates hits that followed the release of the first compilation. Included here are the final collection of David Ruffin-led singles Genre: Soul/Psychedelic soul. Soul Nm! 45 The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild / Cloud Nine On Motown. $ THE TEMPTATIONS 25TH ANNIVERSARY GREATEST HITS 2X LP W/ INSERT "MY GIRL" ML2. $ $ shipping. Watch. 8-Track Cartridge Rock Music Formats. House Vinyl Records.

Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Friday 15 May Saturday 16 May Sunday 17 May Monday 18 May Tuesday 19 May Wednesday 20 May Thursday 21 May Friday 22 May Saturday 23 May Sunday 24 May Monday 25 May Tuesday 26 May Wednesday 27 May Thursday 28 May Friday 29 May Saturday 30 May Sunday 31 May Monday 1 June Tuesday 2 June Thursday 4 June Friday 5 June Saturday 6 June Sunday 7 June Monday 8 June Tuesday 9 June Monday 15 June Tuesday 16 June Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June Saturday 20 June Sunday 21 June Monday 22 June Tuesday 23 June Wednesday 24 June Thursday 25 June Friday 26 June Saturday 27 June Sunday 28 June Monday 29 June Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 1 July Thursday 2 July Friday 3 July Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July Thursday 9 July Friday 10 July Saturday 11 July Sunday 12 July Monday 13 July Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 15 July Thursday 16 July Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Tuesday 21 July Wednesday 22 July Thursday 23 July Friday 24 July Saturday 25 July Sunday 26 July Monday 27 July Tuesday 28 July Wednesday 29 July Thursday 30 July Friday 31 July Saturday 1 August Sunday 2 August Monday 3 August Tuesday 4 August Wednesday 5 August Thursday 6 August Friday 7 August Saturday 8 August Sunday 9 August Monday 10 August Tuesday 11 August Wednesday 12 August Thursday 13 August Friday 14 August Saturday 15 August Sunday 16 August Monday 17 August Tuesday 18 August Wednesday 19 August Thursday 20 August Friday 21 August Sensational rhythmic and instrumental impact is matched by a heavy helping of vocal drive to kick off this new generation side.

Flip: Part 2 Same credits. Williams give the new artist a very fine blues-pop outing with the solid sound to break into a strong sales run. Track offers the added impact of a well put together love lyric which should deliver the extra impetus to break this splended side. Could explode pop. Side could return the act to best seller lists. Story is of a sleazy location setting rocked up and packing the strenght to take off. Fine young love lyric and a pretty near- BeeGees magnetism. Solid left-field choice.

Easy going ballad with fine folk and pop instru- mental assistance to carry pop favor. Side has an impact that could bring in spotlights on the top forty circuit. Track is a softly satiric effort which could attain pop reaction. Excellent performance that could spillover. Splendid workout. Region- al action could prove strong enough for this contemporary rock ballad.

Message lyric is presented clearly and by a group that shows promise of developing solidly. No flip info. Flip: in- strumental version, same credits. Peter oldie is completely renovated with a blues orchestration that should prove the fuel that will boost the song into a blues spotlight.

Performance could catch added pop breakaways. Track is likely to see FM action enough to bring in a breakout prospect. Dramatic song from the same show. The side is a sparkler which should catch the fancy of MOR and softer spinners. No flip info available. Sweet material for easy listening with flair.

Theme is very much like a powerized rendering of Francis Lai's moviework. Could catch fire as a novelty instrumental comer. BMI — Whitfield. Edison and Oliver Berliner. Slow, lamenting ballad with a solid bit of guitarwork on top of the vocal. Flip: No info supplied. Bound to attract exposure, and a likely sales runner. Combined blues and pop power on this lid.

Track is from their LP, and comes on heavy. Side could see twin actions with pop and some FM stations. Could break into pop running as well. Team has enough impact to attract considerable attention with pop pro- grammers. Enough exposure could light a sales fuse for this outing. Strong material and a pop soul ballad per- formance could raise this track from sleeper to climber. Buffy Ste.

Marie and Ian Sylvia headline the Fillmore on Friday for two shows. Vanilla Fudge and the Amboy Dukes come in on Satur- day. The Association make a rare N. Smith at the Felt Forum, also on Fri. Bill Cosby at Felt Forum on Sat. Our East Side contacts tell us that copies of the set are being passed around by the Beautiful People. The quartet, E. Jim Stark has joined the Gifford- Wallace press office and will be handl- ing the Fillmore ticket requests.

Penny Ross is staying with the firm, but moving on to bigger and better things. We miss her and want to wish her the best of luck. So, best of luck, Diane. Jeff Beck at Island Gardens Mar. Bobby Scott producing three sides with Dionne Vanilla Fudge Bill Cosby Deanie Parker Charlie Morrison, an infrequent vis- itor since he started with Audio Fi- delity, took time out of his busy sked to drop up and share his excitment over the debut LP by the Sacred Mush- room, which he says is picking up air play and sales all over the country.

Scott composed the songs with lyricist Bob Kessler. Talk about devotion — Gerry Cous- ins gave birth last week to an 8 lb. Then somebody invented the wheel. And things began to roll. It included just one cut from the Weavers, in a four hour segment devoted to folk.

Still, for us, it was the most com- pelling radio show since Orson Welles and his Mercury Men landed on the plains of New Jersey. An incredible experiment for AM radio — capsulating more than a quarter of century of music in three days and two nights. But the lively copy from Pete Johnson, the most articulate pop music critic south of Ralph J.

In the end Robert W. Credit Bill Drake for conceiving the eclectic event. And low bows to all concerned. This was one weekend in L. As for the possibility of making tapes voted the 2 group in the world, second only to the Beatles, in their Valentine Day Poll Awards. Jeanne has just returned from a tour of Vietnam and is slated for an appearance at the Flamingo in Vegas. American tour.

It all started at the Fillmore East on March 1st and on to S. Mothers Of In- vention will be making a transatlantic voyage this spring — a two week tour of the continent. The rights to ' the life of Django Reinhardt have been acquired by Mickey Goldsen, president of Criterion Music, for book publication in the U.

Management re- cently instituted an after-show coffee hour for cast and audience, following each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs- day evening performance.

Lee Brooks arranged a full p. Josh White, Jr. Ed Redmond, newly appointed midwest promo manager for Elektra, was on hand for the MC-5 benefit perform- ance at the Aragon last week. Local group the P. Latter item is a big hit in England. Bubble Puppy, has dis- closed plans for the addition of sales and promotion execs and an expansion of the company from its current rock base into country and rhythm and blues areas.

The firm is also now geared, accord- cng to Rush, who cut his eye teeth in the disk business as a background sing- er with Roy Orbison and the late Buddy Holly, to handle management of its artists through its subsidiary, Artists Management Agency, as well as pub- lishing through its affiliate, Tapier Music BMI. At the conclusion of the tour. Bill Dillard.

Noble Ginther and J. Patterson, prominent Houston busi- nessmen with a -diversity of business interests, along with Rush, form the quartet of top policy-making executives for the company. Rush noted that plans also call for adding a number of young and imaginative producers to the IA staff. First of these, and already active, isMichael Barker, who is a writer, pro- ducer and promotion man. Man, a new group on the contempo- rary scene, is made up of five mem- bers: Supa lead guitar, acoustical guitar and vocalsDennis rhythm guitar, electric piano and vocalsRichie bass guitar and vocalsGil- bert organ, piano, harpsichord and fluteand Tony drums, percussion and harmonica.

The group was re- cently introduced at the Scene in New York. Grossman Manage- ment, has announced the formation of his own new management company. Fusco is going to handle much of the Publishing and production for his clients. He is currently looking for quarters for his new and exciting operation. M1 5 There are four national services n English Afrikaans and Bantu and two of these are commercial services Additionally there are three regional services Radio H.

A limited number of copies are now offered free. Pocketdisc: Report Con't from Page 7 ing machines, 47 received counter merchandisers, and three received both vending machines and counter merchandisers in order to test a side- by-side marketing approach. Since the vending machines had no requirement for electrical outlets, they could be placed anywhere in the store. They display 20 selections and were capable of stocking 75 units per selection.

The vending machines were pre-stocked with an opening in- ventory of 25 records per chute and delivered complete to the dealers. The merchan- disers were equipped with an acetate semi-circular front through which the records could be seen but only be reached through a door in the back. Marketing Problems Encountered 1. Since there was no previous ex- perience with either vending or Pocket- discs sales to draw on, equal stocks were put in both the counter merchan- diser and the vending machines.

This proved wrong. Twenty five re- cords per selection in the counter merchandisers, on the other hand, proved too heavy except on the top five numbers. The market was opened three weeks later than planned and some inventory was already stale.

Steps taken in the tenth week have apparently solved most of this problem. With the unexpected sales res- ponse from the vending machines, the problem of setting up routes that would keep the machines adequately- stocked proved a difficult problem from the beginning with part-time route girls. The difficulty of maintain- ing adequate reports and efficient ser- vice led to some dealer dissatisfaction.

It eventually became clear that the procedures of stock replenishment used by vending operators permitting twice as many calls per day by experience must be adopted. A difference in sales patterns on Pocketdiscs vs. While the same selections proved popular in both configurations, the sales curve in Pocketdiscs probably due to the buying age group — see customer pro- file tapered off more slowly. As a result of continuing sales, selections were maintained too long in the vend- ing machines, leading to customer complaints about not having enough new numbers to choose from.

Current plans call for vending of 40 selections rather than the 20 offered in Seattle. Not until the week before Christmas, almost three months after the test began, were any of these players shipped to dealers.

Teenagers seemed to have no problem in knowing whether their equipment would play Pocketdiscs. For those manual players which had smooth plastic turntables or raised centers, a small rubber mat was made available for dealer distribution. This seemed to solve any playing difficulty.

If the machines are allowed to deteri- orate in stock or appearance, the space they occupy and the inventory they tie up become a problem. Certain features in the vending machines are already changed in new models to be delivered in April.

Coin chutes, design, cabinetry, and service convenience changes have been made among others. Outlets preferred vending equipment to counter displays and research has led to the development of a vending counter unit to be tested this spring. The maintenance of a continuing program, after the excitement of the launching, is even more of a problem.

In the case of Pocketdiscs the situation is made more complicated by the suc- cess of vending which to the record industry is a whole new ball game. The new skills that must be acquired are: 1. Setting proper discounts 2. Choosing locations 3. Placement of machines within the location 4. Setting routes 5. Acquiring and training route per- sonnel. Summary of Results Immediately after Christmas, a con- sumer survey was done to determine consumer reactions.

Radio was determined to be the most effective form of advertising, running substantially ahead of both word of mouth and in-store display. With a rather substantial return of questionnaires distributed through the vending equipmentit was deter- mined that in the first 90 days, the average respondent had already bought six Pocketdiscs and intended to buy over thirteen Pocketdiscs in the next six months.

The average age of the respondents was Arthur D. Little and Company was retained to prepare an in-depth con- sumer, retailer and distributor re- search report as well as to define the market characteristics. The group is produced by Norman Smith. Kole Is Stax Merch.

Making the announcement was A1 Bell, executive vice president of the label. Kole comes to Stax after a. Prior to that he was assistant to Moe Handleman of the Handleman rack-jobbing organization based in Detroit, later spending two years as Handleman branch manager in Camden, New Jersey. Kole broke into the music business in as Chicago branch manager for King Records. Shaw covers electronic, raga and psychedelic rock, rockabilly, folk rock and the British rock groups.

He also examines the psychological, aesthetic and social implications of rock and its relationships to religion, the theatre, the youth rebellion and the Negro ci- vil rights movement. The Foundation renewed its commitment to C. Its primary emphasis is an attempt to influence curricular thought in music teaching at all levels through the identification and support of exceptionally imagina- tive, capable individual teachers, and through the dissemination of materials pertaining to their work; as well as by such complementary activities as summer workshops.

In the present C. Distinguished experts from various disciplines are represented on the Committee. A follow-up LP titled after the hit lid is scheduled on Colum- bia Records. Johnson, president of the pubben Displaying their gold disks are 1. Sherman co-writer with Robert B. The cassettes, all taken from best- selling Capitol and Angel LP's, will be backed with a campaign that in- cludes a national contest and tie-in with Thom McAn Shoes, Norelco and top 40 radio stations in 50 markets across the country.

The browser fixture will be offered to dealers as part of the program. Shareholders also approved an increase in the authoriza- tion of common stock to 12, shares with no par value, and a four- for-one split of all outstanding shares. Shareholders also approved the creat- ion of a preferred stock for use in future acquisitions. The stock split will be effective March All four of the resolutions passed by GRT shareholders are con- tingent on the approval of the state Commissioner of Corporations.

Kole will be headquar- tered in New York City. Prior to joining Ampex, Kole was with Atlantic Records as co-ordinator of rack sales. He and his family live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Norelco will supply 3, cassette players and Capitol 15, cassette cartridges for giveaway to consumers through Thom McAn Shoe stores across the country. Consumers can win a library of cas- settes plus a player which will be gi- ven away through the radio stations.

Entry blanks will list the complete Capitol cassette catalog. An additional six spots will also be made available to Album) stations as part of the pro- gram. Shown above 1. Handy has just been named corp- orate director of industrial relations for General Recorded Tape, Inc. Handy was salary administrator for Bechtel Corp. As a nationally known leader in our industry, we offer untold benefits and opportunities. Explosive growth at Ampex has created this opportunity tor an individual with proven ability to manage high volume order processing and warehouse operations.

This responsible position requires heavy systems and data processing experience in the recording industry. Relocation paid to the pleasant suburb of Elk Grove Village — well known for its outstanding schools and community facilities, only a short freeway drive from all the cultural and recreational attractions of metropolitan Chicago.

You'll receive an excellent salary plus a complete fringe benefit package Send your resume or letter in confidence to: Mr. Jerry Butler has that unusual com- bination of suavity, soul, personality and professionalism that can make him a major nightclub attraction in a short time.

Also on the bill was Esther Marrow, a newcomer to the soul singing scene, who provided a pleasing opening act. More than a sideshow, his fa- miliar falsetto within a muscular frame- work is employed not to elicit bravos, but to strike more meaning into his songs.

Gary is also a very attractive on-stage performer, warm and winning. His impersonations — smoothly and humorously integrated into his act — of John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck and Richard Burton are worthy of a comic who does this sort of thing for his supper. The RCA Records singing star offers much more than fine artistry. He gives fully of himself — and it's a very human self. After catching the last of four shows at Fillmore East last weekend, we can only hope that speedy return to New York is in the offing.

The Mothers are not really a group, but a 10 piece rock orchestra, with Zappa the maniacal conductor, jump- ing up and down, waving arms, giving cryptic signals. One long number at the Fillmore set was improvised around a girl that Zappa had just met backstage.

While the girl slight- ly unsure of herself sang a four line poem in a shrill voice, Zappa ran around the stage giving instructions to the band and weaved a perfect pattern of horns, drums, guitars and voices. None of the material, except the encore, was familiar to us. The entire horn section has been replaced with a collection of ex-Memphis Soul veterans, there is a new organ player, but the driv- ing force, the powerful Miles engine, remains the same. In providing a solid soul experience, easily acceptable by a white audience, the Express excels.

Their music, nymph sounds from the woods, includes small bits of calyp- so and jazz, mixed into the folksy quality of their lyrical ballads. Jacqui McShee, the lovely female with a voice somewhere between Judy Collins and honey-covered cotton candy, is in it- self a joy to listen to. Terry Cox on drums is the first druni- mer since Ginger Baker with a sin- gular personality. His drumming has a series of brush-hit-cymbal-hitting, that does wonderful things when backing up such fragile lyrics.

Grown up quite a bit, with a mous- tache and a whole new bag of goodies, is stand up comedian Richard Pryor. He does funny bits about winos and hot-shot soul-brothers.

As he suggested, there must have been a multi-obscenties fan club in the audience, because every time he speweo forth formidable four-letter words, he received a rousing round of applause. Then we started counting. Not to mention 13 out of the top I Twenty-foOr of therp carry stars. The thing is, none of them carry NA in the 4- track column. The hits are available. Are your cartridges getting shipped? Transcontinental owns Transcontin- ental Music Corp. It also owns a number of music pro- ducing and publishing companies which are among the leaders in the produc- tion of contemporary music, and the development of the groups perform- ing such music in person, on records and in motion pictures.

It also has interests in the banking and finance fields. Hurok Concerts is best known not only for its importation of such stellar troupes as the Bolshoi and Royal Bal- lets, but also for its roster artists. In addition, it packages television shows and presents theatrical productions and motion pictures.

Hurok said that there were more than 2, concert dates performed by Hurok artists last year, who played to almost 5 million Americans, in ad- dition to numerous international tours. We are already plan- ning to vastly widen our nationwide network of local, civic cultural organi- zations which sponsor great performing art in their hometowns.

Generally, the audiences are separated into two groups: one which enjoys the great concert hall works while the other plays and listens to jazz and rock music.

Campana will be responsible to Wyn- shaw for promoting and maintaining good relations with Columbia artists and their representatives. He will be maintaining liaison with national tele- vision, motion picture and radio pro- ducers in order to promote artist ap- pearances and will also be developing relations with non-Columbia artists to encourage possible future association with the label.

Campana has been with Columbia Records since He has also held various national and regional promotion positions with Columbia Records. He attended Fordham University and New York University, majoring in business administration and studying advertis- ing and marketing. He first started in the music business as a singer. Frank Campana two are interweaving to become the musical forms of tomorrow.

Hurok first brought Benny Goodman to Carnegie Hall, knowing that the public enjoys music in any medium as long as it is played masterfully. In his dual post, Petralia will be responsible for initiating radio, TV and in-store promotions and coordinat- ing them with sales programs for the 20 new album releases Skye has pro- jected Album) By combining them we will be able to immediately measure the effectiveness of our promotions in terms of sales, and move accordingly.

Nesmith is now scouting a group of performers to encompass a wide spec- trum of musical tastes in the rock field. Vice president Russ Regan is directing the tour from Holly- wood. Additionally, Regan has announced the promotion of Michael C. Berns to the post of executive of artists af- fairs. Also, Berns will be scouting for and signing new artists for Uni-Revue and will be assisting Norman Ratner in the administration of its music publishing wings, High- wood Music and Cavalcade Music.

Berns also will produce for the label, as well as sign new writers to pub- lishing pacts. Buddy Howe assumes title of chair- man of both the parent company and the agency and David Begelman that of vice chairman.

Freddie Fields was elected president and chief executive officer of the par- ent company which is the same posi- tion and title he holds in the agency. Other officers elected to Dositions paralleling those they hold in the agency are Herman Rush, executive vice pres- ident, Sam Cohn, executive vice pres- ident, and Richard Shepherd, execu- tive vice president. Alvin Rush, a senior vice president of CMA Agency, was elected a vice president and secretary of the parent firm.

Larry Lewis was re-elected treasurer of the parent firm. Fields and Howe assume the execu- tive and operational titles and positions previously held by Aaron Heine, who retired his position and titles last month at the age of This directive from the board puts into alignment the officer structure of the parent and the agency, thereby making the top management team of GAC and CMA the same.

Creative management associates is the surviv- ing agency of the merger between creative management associates and general artists corporation of last July. Their 2. Jeannie C. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly revolving list presented in alphabetical order. It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section. A modified country sound is the backbone of the album and the natural feel could result in good underground FM ex- posure.

Blues master Albert King is currently scoring on the singles front with another old track. The album is unexpurgated, and presents Bruce at his controversial, fulminating best.

Much of his material deals with what he felt were the inequities and hypocrisies of the American legal system. He employs corrosive wit and fierce imagery to make his points. Naturally, there will be those who will find this set of- fensive, but there are many others in some circles, Bruce has attained the status of a martyr who w ill be riveted by his message.

Neil Young could generate a good deal of listener enthusiasm with this offering. A rich variety of music, all the more remarkable because it is produced by a single instrument, is contained in these works. Szeryng is obviously aware of this, and he plays the sonatas and partitas as though he were conducting an ensemble. Ex- cellent package. Now Bond goes it alone he plays all instruments on the session ex- cept drums on this produced-in-the-U. Deserves heavy play. Group member Larry Goshom lead guitar, vocals wrote five of the tunes and co- penned another.

Lots of solid blues here. This excellent album should catch the fancy of a large jazz listenership. Pictured at Paramount Studios, following the finalization of the agree- ment, are 1. In St. Louis, NMC is presently ne- gotiating a lease for approximately 20, square feet of warehousing space.

Missouri operations will be supervised by a new corporate appointee, Edward Ockel. Ross, however, will continue to serve Decca as a consultant. She was ab- sent from the road for seven months for the birth of her second child.

On June 5th she opens a three week tour of Japan. Previous commitments to be filled sometime during this year include, two weeks at the Three Rivers Inn, Syracuse; four weeks at Harold's Club, Reno; two weeks at the Cave in Vancouver; two weeks at the Plan- tation in Greensboro and a three week tour of Germany. An upcoming Inperformance singles release will include the American de- but of a British underground group, The Fruit Machine and the Music Combination. Guarino is a music business vet who previously headed the Calico and World Artist labels.

Field Promo Appointments Roulette has added to field promo men. They are Jon Matthews, regional promo manager for the southwest, in- cluding Texas, Tennessee and Okla- homa, and Mike Kelly, regional promo manager in several territories. Among these are film and television ventures.

Fields and Bernstein had worked together in earlier efforts that included concerts with Tony Bennett, Judy Garland and shows at the New- port Jazz Festivals.

Fields had been running his own talent office recently, which business he will maintain. Bernstein left last week for a Euro- pean tour with the Rascals whom he manages. Initial release will be an album utilizing the TV series title and featuring songs Bua has sung on the show, plus four originals.

Ross will produce sessions which Claus Ogerman will arrange and orches- trate. Announc- ment of the program was made last week 25 at a press conference and party here at the Biltmore Hotel.

In addition, the group will be featured in full-page color ads which will appear in over a dozen national magazines and they will be heard on various radio commercials, being prepared by the lo- cal companies.

The Yellow Payges will also make personal appearances throughout the country — on behalf of local Yellow Pages directories, both at phone company internal functions and at public press, charitable, civic and social affairs. This aspect of the campaign will begin immediately and the advertising commences May 1st. And it was revealed that UNI, a division of the giant entertainment complex MCA has ear-marked its greatest artist promotion campaign ever for the same Yellow Payges.

Another boost comes indirectly from the huge conglomorate Gulf and West- ern, through its vast Merson Musical Instrument division. She will be getting married and moving to California. A new PR di- rector for the company will be an- nounced next week.

The foursome, who per- formed at the party, topped a 45 city- 45 day tour for Dick Clark and last year hit over U. Ac- cording to Don England, vice presi- dent of sales and distribution, Ziegler will be handling the Southern Region, Costello will be covering the Western Region, Craigo will be in charge of the sales for the Midwestern Region, and Van Gorp will handle sales in the Northeast Region.

Sales Programs Each of these men will be respon- sible to England for the total sales and distribution functions within his region.

He will also be responsible for the formulation and the execution of locally conceived sales programs in the areas of both records and audio products. Ziegler, Costello, Craigo and Van Gorp will also be co- ordinating the field promotion effort with Columbia's Regional Promotion Managers in their respective areas. Ziegler joined Columbia Records in He was with the Detroit branch of the company and rose through the ranks to his most recent promotion.

Costello has been with Columbia since Prior to his present position, he was regional sales manager. Prev- ious to joining Columbia, Costello was with a firm that handled Columbia Records promotion. Craigo came to Columbia after grad- uating from Trinity College in Hart- ford. He started as a district sales manager and, prior to his present promotion, was a regional sales man- ager.

Van Gorp joined Columbia in as a district sales manager and went on to become a regional sales mana- ger in his region.

Prior to his coming to the company, Van Gorp was in the music industry for ten years. Box Carbondale, III. Promotion directed by Brite Star Stahlman Bldg. Mountain Lion Yonah — Rogers Light and lively sound makes for good listening. Jones, P. Should be well received. Good chart movement can be expected.

Watch for it. Shown in the photo are from left to right Chet Atkins, who was one of the charter members of the chapter; past presidents Buddy Killen, Bill Denny, and Eddy Arnold and Harold Bradley, who became the first president when the chapter was formed in Allison as professional manager of Russell-Cason West.

Allison, former leader and drummer with the Crickets, has recently been in- volved in writing, Album) produc- tion, and various publishing firms. In Feb. Over the past several months he has been working on special assignment for the cor- poration with particular emphasis, on the development of promotion techniques in the country field. Hall and Linda Manning. A good time was had by all! The group will make concert and tele- vision appearances which will take them to Amsterdam, Holland and Liverpool, England before returning home via Canada where they will be playing six dates throughout the pro- vinces.

Groom said that the enlarged operation of his Longhorn Ballroom, in Dallas, was taking so much of his time that he could no longer devote the effort needed to the record busi- ness. Saran Publishing Company and Longhorn Publishing, which were also housed in the Longhorn Record Build- ing were moved to the ballroom and will continue in operation. Vern Stovall, who has been with Longhorn for sev- eral years has moved to Monument Records.

Glaser Publications, Inc. The existing struc- ture is being renovated to house the expanding organization which includes Glaser Publications, Inc. Open Records of Phila- delphia, Pa.

O-R has just purchased an office build- ing at 3il2 N. Broad Street in Phila- delphia, and is currently building new offices which will also house Cald- well Publishing and Cal-Bil Produc- tions. Blue Echo Music had three new singles carrying songs published by the firm released last month, ac- cording to president Ray Griff. WWVA reports an excellent response to its valentine contest. Winners were awarded Olympic clock radios. Disks may be obtained by writing to Brite Star at Stahlman Bldg.

Miss Hupp, who will report directly to president Earl Rothgeb, will concen- trate on booking and promotion in the deep South and West. Hamil- ton is very popular with Canadian country fans. His singles and albums have consistently chalked up good sales here. Watch charts for action. This set should be the first of many for Billy. Ac- companied by the Jordanaires, Wilma has come up with a package guaranteed to please her many fans.

This album spotlights them at their best, singing a host of devotional tunes with deep reverence. Moving LP. Always an appealing performer, Mitchell delivers the goods with style and spirit on his latest LP, and he could have a nice-selling item on his hands. The material is all good and includes num- bers by such top-notch tunesmiths as John D.

Could move well. Amongst them were the Speaker of the House of Commons, Dr. Philips is pressing the stereo only album, for which all record com- panies, artists and copyright owners are donating their royalties to the fund. Chet Atkins is one of a stellar posse of RCA artists currently visiting or expected. Atkins is here primarily for the opening of the Nashville Room in West Cromwell Road March 5th, the latest venue for the presentation of top country and western talent in authentic surroundings for the price of a drink.

Mary Reeves, widow of Jim Reeves, was also in town for the event, which was attended by three hundred members of the public, who were able to buy drinks for the occasion at pre- war prices, making scotch ten cents a tot. Jerry Reed is another RCA artist here for promotion, and Peggy March was here to routine four num- bers specifically aimed at the British market. The label is also involved in arranging a visit later this month by famed Argentine folk singer Atahualpa Yupanqui, who will undertake TV and concerts as well as promotional ap- pearances.

RCA pop publicist Chris Williams is setting up a transatlantic telephone link for March 24th between the Waldorf Hotel here and the Screen Gems office in Hollywood to enable the British national and trade press to talk with the three remaining Monkees.

Cox works with the Caravan group. Ralfini has also fixed a deal with Manfred Mann, lead- er of the group of that name, to pro- duce a new outfit called The Gas for MGM, and a single will be released later this month.

They were discovered by Australian- born EMI recording manager Dave Mackay during a Belgian visit, and have signed a deal with the Grade Or- ganization and a publishing pact with Ardmore and Beechwood. Pye has signed veteran vaudeville old-timer Randolph Sutton, now aged The disk was produced by Nems managing di- rector Vic Lewis, who signed the singer shortly after she arrived here to study languages.

Ness 1. Brunn, vice president of the international division of RCA. The occasion was an RCA press reception in honor of the maestro, who is in England to conduct three concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra. Also honored at the gathering was pianist John Browming, who is performing in Britain, too. With him at the gathering are 1. Ron White, director of popular repertoire and marketing services; Mrs.

Blain; and L. Wood, international director-Records, E. She will also appear at various South American festivals. Pincus is also going to Milan' and Rome where he is acquiring scores from recently completed films.

During the first week, Chilean artists and material will compete, and the winners will then, enter an inter- national phase of the contest. The total program will involve three steps, the first of which has just been completed. This includes the doubling of space at the head office in Oshawa, Ontario, plus additional staff. With the acquisition of the added space. Stone of Canada Ltd. Stone currently handles Pickwick tapes, and the ITCC line of cartridge tapes has been added to its catalog during the past month.

Robert J. Stone, pre- sident, is presently negotiating for further lines to be included in the tape cartridge catalog. Another operation in the first phase office of the State Secretary changes from government to government, whereas the CRTC, a non-political Commission, has no allegiance to any one particular governing power. This would involve the session being cut in Canada, by Canadian ar- tists and using Canadian copyrights.

It was further suggested that because of the immense power of the broadcast medium, a more Canadian view toward airing domestic product could add significantly to the economy of the country.

It was also revealed that there are those in the government who are in favour of imposing a much higher im- port duty on masters coming into the country. Many Canadian record pro- ducers are opposed to this type of res- triction. The last thing we should be considering is any kind of restriction of foreign product.

The tour begins in Vienna on March 9 and in- cludes a number of concert dates in Amsterdam and throughout Germany, concluding March Seeking to reproduce the same musical quality that he has. The addition to the staff of Dallas Harms, former enter- tainer and well known producer, has also been announced by Sound Record- ing Services. Stone has also signed a licensing arrangement with Brunswick Records for the release of product by world famous entertainer and musician, Jackie Davis, in both the United States and England.

The initial release in the U. Negotiations are currently underway with six independent British labels for manufacture and distribution in Cana- da. As announced earlier in January of this year, Beacon Records became the first British company to sign with Stone in the current expansion cam- paign. Three Beacon releases are cur- rently on the market in Canada. Step two in the overall expansion program of Stone of Canada Ltd.

Also planned is the addi- tion of stereo component equipment, including cartridge machines, turn- tables, amplifiers, etc. Plans include both broad- cast and written media interests, Album). Located at Via Bor- gogna, 2, the new offices brings Phono- gram to the center of the town.

Pre- viously, all units of the company were located at a Phonogram pressing plant some distance from the heart of the city. According to Alain Trossat, gen- eral manager, the new facilities are needed in view of expansion and re- organization of the company. After many years and many requests from different impresarios artist agen- cies, radio and TV responsibles, at last Cliff Richard has been convinced to visit our country.

We have to once again applaud the dynamism and enterprise of EMI Italiana General Manager Stephen Gottlieb who, as in the case of the participation of Mary Hopkin in the San Remo Festival, has been able to convince Cliff Rich- ard of the extreme interest, both for him and for the record firm, of a short visit in our country. The popularity of Cliff Richard is con- firmed by the great number of radio and TV transmissions to which he has been invited.

He will be the protago- nist of a personal 15 minute TV show where he will present the top hits of his repertoire. The Fifth Dimensions, who were a great sensation on the stage of the Midem's Gala, is expected in Italy the end of April in order to take part in a series of 7 different TV shows which will strongly help the promo- tion of the group in Italy. Announce- ment has been given by Belldisc Italiana who has just released their first single sung in Italian.

The album includes a great poetical 40 minute ballad which represents a new method of musical and poetical expression. Gigliola is expected in Ru- mania for some TV shows. Thanks to her previous successful debut on the French TV screens, Gigliola has been invited again to Paris where she will stay March 21st, 22nd and 23rd. A new star is introduced on the Ital- Name of the young artist is Anna Minguzzi. Buenos Aires - tel. Actual releases from Nordisk Poly- phon Akts. He is contracted for a summer tour this year around Sweden with Miss Falt- skog.

Arne Lamberth, a Swed- ish trumpet player and band leader, living in Denmark for many years, has recorded it on a Polaj, single b. Sun, Mr. Shapiro, vice president in charge of business affairs for Gulf Pacific Industries has announced that final agreements have been made between Gulf Pacific In- dustries and their affiliate publishing company, The Mandeville Group of Music Publishers, with individual foreign licensees.

First single is expected in April backed by heavy promotion. Britain Cont'd from P. Vicki Wickham produced Miss White and Mr. We need a young, dynamic salesman well related to the record business and who has a basic knowledge in drawing and graphic arts. Attractive commissions. Knowledge of Spanish would help. Please write to: MR.

MEX P. Box Mexico 3, D. Roger is employed by the studios of Bill Armstrong Pty. Roger Savage told Cash Box that he hopes to spend some time actually working in some of the top studios in America and England. In London recently a new three year contract was finalized under which Festival Records Pty. It is certainly unusual for a renewal to be signed while the existing contract still has a couple of years to run. It is a tribute to the job that Festival have done.

This is the result of the excellent national promotion and marketing accomplished by the Fes- tival company and consequently we are delighted to be able to continue this association. The album is built around that famous wedding in Greece. It is one of the few albums that is enjoying action in both the pop and classical markets simultaneously.

This makes it something of a rarity. All titles were composed by the Gibbs boys. RCA of Australia have announced their intention of switching all singles to stereo in the near future and gradu- ally phasing-out the mono single. This decision is in line with the policy of the parent American company. The new stereo singles can be played with good results on either stereo or mono playback units.

RCA will be the first company here to issue all singles in stereo form. Astor records recently threw a trade party to welcome Horrie Dargie to his newly-appointed post of national pro- motion manager for the company. Dargie is a well-known identity in the popular music field and has had vast experience as a performer, and later as an administrator.

The function was hosted by Neville Smith. Former English producer Alan Free- man, now settled in Australia, is get- ting a lot of work and turning-out some nice product. Australian singing and RCA record- ing star Gita Rivera has decided to settle in Rome for a couple of years where she has received offers of film, television and club work.

According to the announcement of Japan Record Association, total turn- over of records in is over Four popular artists from various countries have appeared in Tokyo at about the same time.

Astrud Gilbert has made her second appear- ance, and a Latin pianist, Pepe Jaramigo, who made his first Japan tour three years ago, is touring again for over a month. It is the first time that an exclusive tape maker releases repertoire of a fam- ous international label.

This cancerous condition, often viewed by the trade as the best technique available for knocking off locations, as well as for calming the waters at those already on the route, has chopped a sizable chunk off the industry's gross annual product.

This, unfortunately, can only be effective where every territorial operator cooperates and no gypsy renegades watch from across the river for the right time to swoop down.

There is one way, though, that the profit loss in lo- cation relations can be minimized. That bothers him. But a straight four quarters for him, six for you type of deal, is much more businesslike, without the rigamarole of advances, front money, etc.

It takes a salesman with a sound knowledge of the business to set deals that will be beneficial to both parties, not just to the tavern. Our people have to learn how to speak about this business.

This is not the fault of the operator who might have a dif- ficult time making ends meet. But it is a shame when any operator, and we mean any operator, can put longer figures on his profit ledger by demanding prop- er consideration from his locations through a larger collection take. This trade needs more money flowing through its ranks to keep trade lively and productive and to have something to set aside for its valued em- ployees for the future as well as offer better salaries now.

All aspects conformed to the rules and regulations of the U. Billiards Sanc- tioned 8-Ball Tournaments. Len Schneller, director for these U. Billiards Tourneys and sales manager for the same firm, has pre- pared a letter that will be mailed to all sanctioned locations participating in the contest inviting them to partici- pate in next tourney.

The championship playoffs had competitors from 64 locations battling across the felt at the Newburgh VFW post. Lake Placid Meanwhile, efforts to organize the first 8-Ball tournament in the Adiron- dack Mountain resort region continues under full steam. The tournament, which will comprise 64 locations, sanc- tioned under the U. Billiards sys- tem, will commence the first week of March and climax in a grand playoff match June Tables for the event will be supplied by U.

MOA has sent out through the mails approximately personal invita- tions to members and non-members. LaHart and his fellow operators found very little difficulty rounding up the 64 locations for the event. In addition to a total selection of new chart hits up and coming singles and little LP's, Galuppi carries a large line of golden oldies.

The remainder is devoted to small retail establish- ments in the territory. Manager Jane Ray has been in the record business some 22 years, most of which was spent working with the old telephone music service which was very popular in the Albany area. Parks Show in Chicago to inspect the coin operated amusement equipment on display in search of ides for their chain of golf driving ranges and putting courses, found Nutting Associates' Computer Quiz game much to their liking.

Hailstone accepted the invitation and after opening his exhibit at the Convention, learned his unit was the only coin-operated piece on the floor. Scoring Bonuses Abound in Miss-0 Wms. The pintable offers five different ways for its players to advance points, Mystery eject pockets that advance point-scoring values depicted through playfield artwork of a rack of billard balls and four top bumpers A-B-C- D which activate a bonus center horseshoe when all four are lit.

The overall cabinet look is very attractive and is certain to lure many a pinball fan over for a few plays. Williams factory sales execs an- nounce that amusement operators should be able to inspect the new single-player at their local dealer be- ginning this week.

Hosting the service session for the distributor was its president John Bilotta. The distributor will also hold a meeting of coin table operators Wed. Landry, a vice president of Philip Morris U. One states flatly that for every min- ute we spend smoking, we lose a min- ute of our life! I can assure that there is no way they can substantiate that claim. Once these qualifications are reviewed by a committee and they find the potential recipient is worthy of the award, then and only then, will they receive it.

Album) commercial, he says, is obvi- ously in direct conflict with the pub- lished stance of the same agency, which is the purported authority for the commercial. No matter which side you are on, the rules should be the same for every- one. This is properly a matter to be considered by the congress. He adds that Philip Morris commercials are devised, created, produced and programmed under intensive regula- tion.

We expect fair regula- tion, fair supervision and fair con- trols. The major purpose of the meeting was to discuss several proposed programs designed to bring people through amusement park gates in and in future vears. The committee members present for the meeting included Richard L. Geist, Fred W. Pearce, Lawrence Stone, and Robert Blundred.

Harry Batt, Jr. Miss Dorothy Strong, the Chicago based Infoplan coordinator for the account, was also present. The program suggested at this meet- ing to attract more people to amuse- ment parks was one that could be used by IAAP members in the park season and one that would be.

Some of the ideas given top priority for use by members during the IAAP park season were the follow- ing: preparation of a fact sheet on the amusement park industry — its his- tory, its growth statistics, prominent personalities, value to community, etc. The Wurlitzer Company conducted both schools. Bilotta Enterprises, Inc. The Albany branch is at Broadway. Those student-technicians, includ- ing a few operators, who attended were: Harry E. Reiners, Bob Heli- fiker, Edward T.

Tellier, Sr. Haines who were also there for Ace Automatic of Geneva. The instructors for this group of classes were C. Ross and Jack Kuhn. Ross is the Wurlitzer Company service manager while Kuhn is Wurlit- zer technical writer. The school held by the Bilotta En- terprises, Inc. They are located in Scotia, New York. President John Bilotta hosted each of the groups for luncheon the day of the service schools in their respective ci- ties.

This afforded the group of oper- ators and technicians a chance to have a bull-session and discuss the various trials and tribulations of operating a route. Instructor for this session in Al- bany was H.

Among the topics discussed was that of sound. The fact was stressed that top-quality speakers should be installed rather than resorting to a cheaper and therefore inferior quality. This would ultimately ruin the fine quality of the engineered sound sys- tem. During the luncheon, Bilotta stres- sed the importance of maintaining good customer, as well as public, re- lations.

Be concerned about each and every one of your customers — I mean not only established ones but even those who come to you merely to ask ques- tions. Treat them right. Both groups were informed about John Bilotta 's newest venture.

Soul Nm! 45 The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild / Cloud Nine On Motown. $ THE TEMPTATIONS Greatest Hits GLP LP Vinyl VG+ Cover VG near + $ $ shipping. 8-Track Cartridge Rock Music Formats. House Vinyl Records. Recorded Music Wholesale Lots. Runaway Child (Running Wild) Keep On Truckin Way You Do The Things You Do I Wish It Could Rain Been searching for this album, as well as the Vol II album for years. Glad I was able to find both albums. Again, a bit pricey but well worth it. This is truly the Temptations Greatest Hits. It's the original Temptations and no one /5(32). Runaway Child Running Wild (Live From "The Temptations Show"/) Struck By Lightning Twice: Get Ready (Remastered) Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down - Live At London’s Talk Of The Town/ I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Live At London’s Talk Of The Town/ Runaway Child, Running Wild - Live At London’s Talk.

Mar 05,  · Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Must hear: ‘Runaway Child, Running Wild’ The Dream Syndicate: The Universe Inside () It warms our heart that we can include a release on this list of the best psychedelic albums. Apr 02,  · 6. Runaway Child, Running Wild - The Temptations 7. I'll Try Something New - Diana Ross & The Supremes + The Temptations 8. The Composer - Diana Ross & The Supremes 9. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby - Marvin Gaye What Is A Man - The Four Tops What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Apr 02,  · 6. Runaway Child, Running Wild - The Temptations 7. I'll Try Something New - Diana Ross & The Supremes + The Temptations 8. The Composer - Diana Ross & The Supremes 9. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby - Marvin Gaye What Is A Man - The Four Tops What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) - Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Look Up Child Lauren Daigle $ $ 45 (4,) The Dirt And The Stars Mary Chapin Carpenter $ $ 98 (Blue Album) [LP] Weezer $ $ 98 (1,) Total Freedom Kathleen Edwards The 20 Greatest Hits Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty ‎ $ $ 59 (1,) Homegrown Neil Young. Get the best deals on The Temptations Very Good (VG) Grading LP Vinyl Records when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices.

Runaway Child (Running Wild) Keep On Truckin Way You Do The Things You Do I Wish It Could Rain Been searching for this album, as well as the Vol II album for years. Glad I was able to find both albums. Again, a bit pricey but well worth it. This is truly the Temptations Greatest Hits. It's the original Temptations and no one /5(32).


Tying My Own Noose - Happy Hands Club - Parking Lot (CD, Album), Stay Out Of The Light, Running Up That Hill (Disco Version) - Levy 9 - Running Up That Hill (Vinyl), Petite Filles Amour - Jacqueline TaГЇeb* - Lolita Chick 68 (CD), Cant Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Road Trippin Through Time (CD), Berlin - Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Insen (CD, Album), Deed I Do - The Cleftones - For Sentimental Reasons (Vinyl, LP), Juice Newton - Well Kept Secret (Vinyl, LP, Album), Trapped Like Rats - Headless Rats - Off With Their Heads 8 Track Ep (Cassette), Shirleys Girl Friend - Joyce Grenfell - Requests The Pleasure (Vinyl, LP, Album)

9 Replies to “ Runaway Child, Running Wild - Temptations* - Greatest Hits II (8-Track Cartridge, Album) ”

  • Soul Nm! 45 The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild / Cloud Nine On Motown. $ THE TEMPTATIONS 25TH ANNIVERSARY GREATEST HITS 2X LP W/ INSERT "MY GIRL" ML2. $ $ shipping. Watch. 8-Track Cartridge Rock Music Formats. House Vinyl Records.
  • Apr 06,  · Detroit, Michigan was a fertile breeding ground for industry and the arts during its best days. The Domingos first got together in with charter members.
  • Aug 18,  · Go ego trip’n again tonight Tell the same lies they work all right Back in , I was going out a lot and I really related to this song. I had the cassette of Whenever We Wanted by Mellencam.
  • Jack Loetz, Vice-President administration, told the distributors that sales were up 75 percent this year over last year. This includes 8-track cartridges, 67 up and percent, cassettes. • R&B • & C&W • up percent. Four-track is down 60 percent, said Loetz. Records were up 30 percent, mostly in albums.
  • Dec 28,  · A positive message and a positive message. This song peaked at #1 in the Billboard in Rascals co-leaders Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati .
  • Greatest Hits II (shown as Temptations Greatest Hits Vol. 2 on the label) is a greatest hits album for The Temptations, released by the Gordy sequel to the first Temptations greatest hits LP from , Greatest Hits II collects several of the lates hits that followed the release of the first compilation. Included here are the final collection of David Ruffin-led singles Genre: Soul/Psychedelic soul.
  • PARTY MIX REQUEST LISTS: *Note: Due to the size of this page, it may take a little while to load completely. You may also request a playlist from us by calling or e-mailing us at [email protected] CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO PARTY MIX & OLDIES LIVE HOME PAGE.
  • Jun 12,  · Check out Boz's jazzy 90's remake of "Lowdown" here I never heard anything from Boz until he released his now classic "Silk Degr.
  • EPISODE SONIC YOUTH INTRO MONTAGE: "Bull In The Heather" - from 'Experimental, Jet Set, Trash and No Star' ()"Theresa's Sound-World" - from 'Dirty' ()"Kool Thing" - from 'Goo' ()"Expressway To Yr Skull" - from 'Evol' ()"Chapel Hill" - from 'Dirty' ()"Get Into The Groove(y)" - Ciccone Youth - from 'The Whitey Album' ()"Flower" - from 'Bad Moon Rising' (

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