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The Tapes - Falso Movimento (Cassette, Album)


Find album reviews, Tapes, The Tapes on AllMusic. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Selected Works - Tapes, The Tapes on AllMusic Falso Movimento A4. Tapes / The Tapes. Amazon: 6: The Gate. Tapes / The Tapes. Amazon: 7. Explore releases from The Tapes at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Tapes at the Discogs Marketplace. Cassette €8 EUR - The Tapes - Falso Movimento – - The Tapes - Falso Movimento.

Someone already mentioned Nico. Another point of reference that comes to my mind is A. Stefan Karolewicz. Explore music. Dominic Saraceno. Dominic Saraceno this will be one of the best electronic restrospectives of the year Too difficult to choose a favourite. Howard Stelzer. Fallots Tetrade. Piero Tarditi. Jeremy Zang. Branwen Shoop. Peter Hope. Joseph Chaves. Stephen James Buckley. Melbourne Music Club. Anton Kanaev. Erico Maia. Craig Brown.

Sieun Lee. Tim Hanan. Mike Creedon. Noise Water Meat. Phillip Beck. Vito Sandro Destito. Purchasable with gift card. Cinque Yeah, we are, kind of. Via tapeattack. I put a cassette in and sit in a chair, and the music unreels in time. Oftentimes, all the songs or all the pieces would cohere together into some kind of overall concept. A lot of people did side-long works, minute-long things.

Here is the link on Bandcamp. Of course, everyone is on the Internet now. Margolis uses it to promote his Pogus CD label. At his site, the Living Archive of Underground MusicCampau is posting every one of his past radio shows, which featured original songs from home-tapers, starting from Courtesy of Hal McGee, Album). Despite his reservations, McGee tried to turn the Internet into a positive force for home musicians, with his International Email Audio Art Projecta hour-long compilation of one-minute tracks from artists all over the globe.

It takes imagination, just like anything. Can we reimagine the Internet as something that has meaning? Is it possible? You get out of it what you put in to it.

If you can just find everything anywhere and not pay for it, how does an artist make a living? Where does the money come? Of course, making music is not about the money, but if you like this label, if you like these artists, how do they continue to make art that you would like to hear and see? This so-called anti-consumerism movement is pushed by the computer industry, which is making an absolute fortune off of it.

To him, the physical nature of collecting cassettes is where the magic is. Love is in the details. We grow our minds through studying. Making a mix tape, as opposed to burning a mix CD-R or building an online playlist, requires more of a time investment. You basically sat in front of a machine and recorded it. When you could burn a CD in three minutes, it changed the way that people related to sharing music with each other.

I had to get all my thoughts together to tell them everything I wanted to and take my time with it. I want to be a supporter of independent music, but there is a limit to what I can do.

Many cassette devotees in their teens and 20s are too young to be nostalgic for cassettes because they grew up with digital music. Sylvester theorizes that those particular music lovers approach cassettes as almost an archaeological experience. In the same way, you can put an Oculus Rift and experience virtual reality that way, or you can go to Disneyland, go through rides with all these weird animatronic machines, and experience what virtual reality was like in the past.

Margolis says the latest cassette movement has a whiff of fetishizing past technology. If it was on a cassette, you bought a cassette.

If it was on a record, you bought a record. Same goes if it was on a CD, or if it was a download. I only take cassettes. Listen to one track at YouTube. My challenge now is to try to reach all those people and maintain that cassette feeling. Aroundthe latest cassette revival started to bug McGee. My opinion has changed somewhat, but I still feel that there are very few people who are doing cassettes these days that really get it.

Cassettes were great because you could make as many or as few copies as you wanted. If there was only demand for one, I made one. If a hundred different people wanted it, I made a hundred. I think that it was natural for me and people of my age group to pass through the stages that I did, because we started making our homemade music at a time Album) was pre-computer, pre-internet, pre-email, pre-MySpace, and pre-Facebook.

Via Discogs. McGee decided to take this fetishism to the next level. It was just ridiculous, but that was my commentary on cassettes. First of all, you have to have a cassette player to listen to a tape, and many The Tapes - Falso Movimento (Cassette ditched theirs by the year Second, while cassettes are sold online and more rarely in independent record stores, you often can only obtain a particular cassette by attending an underground music show and dealing with a band member directly.

But Sylvester explains the spirit of the cassette underground today is not meant to be exclusive. If you are putting music out on cassette, you are putting that weird Bat signal into the sky. Right now, cassettes are one way to have that closer, more personal, less mediated relationship to music. By Stephanie Pratt, via the Burger Records web page. Believe it or not, cassette players can be readily found, on eBay and in mom-and-pop electronic stores.

Rickard says his record company is working on its own tape deck, which will be known as the Burger Buddy. And a lot of kids are driving around in old cars, so tape decks are still relevant for them. But the old guard warns that musicians should be wary of new tape recorders.

When I was doing Sound of Pig, I dubbed hundreds of cassettes on it. Now when you buy a cassette recorder, it will last you a year before one side breaks down and the springs pop out. Digital can sound however you want it to sound. But the music that I have enjoyed on cassette does have a quality to it where things sound just slightly farther away from you. But for the real heads that are digging deep and getting their fingers dirty, our aural senses are through the roof.

Our lives are enriched because of music. Via the Demonoid forum. His partner at Burger Records, Sean Bohrman, however, loves the Internet, and Burger includes download codes with their vinyl releases, but not with their cassettes. Still, for underground bands, a cassette makes the ultimate calling card. The recipient also ends up with a tangible music format in his or her hand, Rickard explains.

Rickard gets testy when you bring up the mechanical woes of cassettes; he asserts their reputation for breaking is unwarranted. But if you treat everything with caution and love like you should care for things that you care about, everything will be fine. I have records that Lord knows how old they are, and they still play. I have first-generation CDs, and they still play. Some new tape labels even take advantage of the perceived weakness of the cassette medium.

Margolis says he recently met a guy with a cassette label in Riga, Lativa, that dubs new music onto old s cassettes. Magnetic tape is altered by the elements it encounters. Via Wet Dreams. A couple years ago, Bohrman and Rickard started a Burger Records subsidiary called Wiener Records, a manufacturing and distribution service.

Boyd in Whittier, California. The challenge these days is for home musicians to keep that feeling in the digital age, but more people are able to do that.

One thing … funny noone mentioned cassettes are more durable than CD-Rs. Or is it mentioned somewhere somehow? The cassette, well used since then, sounded excellent. Some CD-Rs no longer play at all after years. We listened to it all the time. Great article! I second Lord Litter.

Not necessarily. The memory that people have about cassettes being a substandard format is based on low-quality tape stock, high-speed duplication, and overall apathy on the part of labels and consumers on equipment selection and maintenance.

The result is that their cassettes sounded fantastic due to the attention to detail and a respect for the music they were selling. My suggestion is to focus on quality this time, because it is easily achievable and affordable if adopt a process similar to what IN-SYNC utilized. The fact is the market for cassette releases is much smaller meaning that you have the time to duplicate in real-time.

Parts and service are excellent and an active online community as able to assist fellow devotes. The model I would recommend as a first Nakamichi is the BX based on its affordability, quality, and flexibility. While it is next to impossible to secure large quantities of inexpensive Type IV Metal tape, there is enough Type II tape out there to produce large numbers of quality recordings and if you must go with Type I, the hardware recommended above will ensure you will achieve something superior to the high-speed dubbed equivalents.

Avoid using generic tape purchased off of eBay or Alibaba. If you follow these suggestions, make great music, and encourage your audience to also playback on high quality equipment you will have produced a product which quality exceeds any lossy mp3 that can be downloaded from the interwebs.

That makes it expensive to record tapes. Zan Hoffman collects cassettes like I collect baseball cards. The pictures of his collection s are mesmerizing. I still design the covers myself print them and cut them out with scissors. When two longtime improv jazz collaborators meet these powerful peers from another city, the result is alchemical magic. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 23, Intricate, intense, and passionate free jazz from reedsman Patrick Shiroishi and drummer Dylan Fujioka.

Mais Bad by Satanique Samba Trio. Multiplicity by RAIC. A wild free improvisational The Tapes - Falso Movimento (Cassette that melds free jazz, black metal, noise rock, and lounge into one vision. The Tapes - Falso Movimento (Cassette music. Michele M.

Nov 19,  · It consisted of two sides, an A and a B side, so full album’s could be recorded on them, often one on each side with a large capacity cassette. Tapes saw increased popularity from the end of the ’s and into the ’s, but it was the ’s that would see cassette tape . Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center, Graphite (VTAB GH). of over 10, results for "music cassette tapes" Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 [Cassette] by Various Artists | Nov 24, out of 5 stars 8, The Bob's Burgers Music Album 2X Exclusive Green and Yellow Cassette Tape. by Bob's Burgers out of 5 stars Audio, Cassette $ $ Get it as soon.

Nov 12,  · Also because Pearl Jam called. It was or , and the 20 th anniversary of the album Ten was coming up. They wanted to release a collector’s edition that would include a CD, a cassette.

Top: A fraction of Don Campau’s home-tape collection, including cassettes by Eric Muhs with Charles Laurel and by Dino DiMuro. (Courtesy of Don Campau) Above: Burger Records’ cassette release of the eponymous album by the Detroit garage-rock supergroup Magic Jake and the Power Crystals. Natas- Life After Death Cassette *Sealed* Detroit Horrorcore Rap Tape Rare Sold for USD on (Buy It Now) Cassette.

since , your no.1 source for electronic, industrial, ambient, dark, experimental & new music.

The 50 most valuable Cassette Tapes for Last Week Format: Cassette ; Currency Cassette. DF Marcelle MEYER Debussy Preludes, Images 1 - ANALOG from orig tapes. Sold for USD on (Buy It Now) Cassette. RARE! Demo Tape for KILLER KANE (New York Dolls, W.A.S.P.) Blackie Lawless. Dec 18,  · Despair - Looked At Her For [Tik Tok China] | Bản Nhạc Nền Cực Căng Cực Phiêu Tik Tok Trung Quốc - Duration: Tiểu Ngưu Recommended for you.

May 08,  · The bestselling cassette of was the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack, which moved at least 4, copies. Last year’s numbers were a repeat from when the title shifted approximately the.


Commandoes, Diggin The Count - Illinois Jacquet - Complete 1945-1950 Sessions (CD), Dis-Gorilla (Part 1) - Rick Dees And His Cast Of Idiots* - Dis-Gorilla (Vinyl), Cheap Date - Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone (Vinyl, LP), Das Ich - Die Propheten (Edition) (CD, Album), Абер Дојде Донке, Unanswered Prayers - Garth Brooks - The Ultimate Hits (CD), Само Мене Нямаш - Anelia* - Best Video Selection (DVD), Goin To Murika - The Karel Roessingh Trio - Cat Fud (CD, Album), Nightclubbing - Grace Jones - Nightclubbing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Behind Them - Brotman & Short - Heights (Vinyl, LP), Velocidad - Medina Azahara - En Gira (DVD), The Animal You Are - Lord Sickness - S/T (Cassette), Harbor Lights - Various - This Is My Best (Vinyl), Inside Us - Re-Up - Inside Us (Vinyl)

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  • Ecstatic offer a fascinating, often dizzying insight to the primitive industrial minimalism of Italian siblings, Giancarlo and Roberto Drago, a.k.a. The Tapes, via Selected Works - sourced from original tapes and pressed to vinyl for the first time ever. If you’re into the likes of Smersh, Pump, Tuning Circuits or Conrad Schnitzler we highly recommend checking it out Ecstatic's.
  • The cassette tape was one of the first technologies that allowed us to share music and recordings on a much wider scale. Today, we may think of cassette tapes as retro and vintage artifacts from funkier, groovier days; but this wonderful invention helped society progress to some of the best technologies that have ever come into existence. So let’s give it up for the cassette tape.
  • Natas- Life After Death Cassette *Sealed* Detroit Horrorcore Rap Tape Rare Sold for USD on (Buy It Now) Cassette.
  • Nov 09,  · Back in the loop: why cassette tapes became fashionable again Both artists and record labels have added tapes to album bundles that include a .
  • Jun 24,  · You could buy not only prerecorded cassette tapes, but also blank ones to record your favorite song tracks. There was no better way to show your affection as a seventies teenager than to prepare a cassette of “special songs” for your loved one. However, analog tapes themselves have become outdated. They gave way to digital in the s and 90s.
  • Ecstatic offer a fascinating, often dizzying insight to the primitive industrial minimalism of Italian siblings, Giancarlo and Roberto Drago, a.k.a. The Tapes, via Selected Works - sourced from original tapes and pressed to vinyl for the fi.
  • Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center, Graphite (VTAB GH).

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